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Midnight Cinderella Walkthrough: Louis Howard Main Story

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  • Normal Ending: Sweet
  • Good Ending: Honey + 13500 Grace (Enough to pass the last check)
  • Secret Epilogue: Honey End + 20,000 Grace

Common Route

Part 1

Chapter 3

“Are you coming too?” (Honey)
“Can you leave like this?” (Sugar)
“Are you worried about me?”

Chapter 6

“I do intend to-”
“I will return” (Honey)
“I have to return” (Sugar)

Part 2

Chapter 4

“Thank you for today” (Honey)
“You were amazing” (Sugar)
“Sorry about your foot”

Chapter 7

“I worry about you”
“You look a little pale” (Honey)
“You seem to be in pain” (Sugar)

Part 3

Chapter 1

“What are you doing here?” (Honey)
“Is something wrong?”
“Do you need something?” (Sugar)

Chapter 5: Royal Challenge
Special: Camisole Dress with Blue Rose Print (Beauty +50) – 300 Coins
Normal: High-Waisted Skirt with Ribbon (Beauty +20) – 100 Coins/3500 Bells

Chapter 7

“I idon’t know anything about you” (Honey)
“I want to know you better” (Sugar)
“How could I not wonder?”

Part 4

Chapter 2

“Hmm? What?”
“Oh, I just spaced out a little” (Honey)
“No problem. I’m fine” (Sugar)

Chapter 5: Royal Challenge Need 2500+ Grace
Prize:  White Floral Necklace (Beauty +30)

Chapter 6

“You look so distraught” (Honey)
“You look so sad” (Sugar)
“You look so distressed”

Part 5

Chapter 5

“You really were kidnapped?” (Honey)
“You really were an orphan?” (Sugar)
“You really are of common birth?”

Chapter 7

“You’ve been a great help to me”
Thank you, Louis. Truly” (Honey)
“I am in your debt, Your Grace” (Sugar)

Part 6

Chapter 3

“Louis, why won’t you look at me?” (Honey)
“You never look at me” (Sugar)
“Louis, look at me!”

Chapter 7

“What’s this about, Louis?” (Sugar)
“You needn’t apologize”
“I wanted to talk to you too” (Honey)

Chapter 10: Royal Challenge
Special:  Braided Bangs with Loose Waves (Beauty +80) – 400 Coins
Normal:  Simple Side Ponytail (Beauty +25) – 150 Coins/ 5000 Bells

Part 7

Chapter 3

“How is your wound?”
“I’m sorry about all of this” (Sugar)
“Does your arm hurt?” (Honey)

Chapter 7

“How did you know that?” (Honey)
“Unfortunately” (Sugar)
“Who told you?”

Part 8

Chapter 1

“Thank you for everyting” (Honey)
“I’m so glad you were here”
“You’re always bailing me out” (Sugar)

Chapter 6

“You noticed us” (Honey)
“How did I do?”
“What did you thinkg?” (Sugar)

Chapter 10: Royal Challenge
Special:  Lace-Up Sandals and Silver Hair Clip (Beauty +80) – 400 Coins
Normal:  Ribboned Hat and Loafers (Beauty +25) – 150 Coins/ 5000 Bells

Part 9

Chapter 3

“Louis, I told you-” (Sugar)
“You surprised me!” (Honey)
“Leo’s going to see us!”

Chapter 7

“Feeling embarrassed?” (Honey)
“Are you pouting?”
“You’re so cute” (Sugar)

Chapter 10: Royal Challenge Need 6500+ Grace
Prize: Lucia and Cage (Beauty +30)

Part 10

Chapter 2

“What face is that?” (Honey)
“What are you talking about?” (Sugar)
“What does my face look like?”

Chapter 7

“Are you, Louis?”
“What just happened?” (Sugar)
“I’m fine!” (Honey)

Chapter 10: Royal Challenge
Special:  Dress with Cornflower Blue Ribbon (Beauty +100) – 500 Coins
Normal:  Lavender Dress (Beauty +50) – 300 Coins/ 8000 Bells

Sugar Route

Part 12

Chapter 0: Royal Challenge Need 13500+ Grace
Prize: White Teddy Bear (Beauty +60)

Sugar End

Chapter 0: Royal Challenge
Special:  Peach Dress with Tri-Colored Roses (Beauty +180) – 900 Coins
Normal:  Prussian Blue Dress with Pearls (Beauty +100) – 500 Coins/ 20000 Bells

Honey Route

Part 11

Chapter 5

“Where are you going?”
“I’m taking you to your room” (Sugar)
“Don’t go” (Honey)

Chapter 7

“You know me too well”
“He’s in grave danger” (Sugar)
“I just wanted to protect him” (Honey)

Chapter 10: Royal Challenge Need 13500+ Grace
Prize: Pale Pink Dresser (Charm +60)

Part 12

Chapter 2

“A suitor?” (Honey)
“Even if it wasn’t you?”
“You’re the only one for me” (Sugar)

Chapter 10

“You need to start protecting us” (Honey)
“I don’t want you leaving me”
“Don’t handle things by yourself!” (Sugar)

Honey End

Chapter 0: Royal Challenge
Special:  Frilled Turquoise Dress (Beauty +180) – 900 Coins
Normal:  Navy Blue Dress (Beauty +100) – 500 Coins/ 20000 Bells

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