Cosplay 101: Circle Lens Guide

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Circle lenses are slightly different from normal cosmetic contact lenses – they cover about the same area of the eyeball or slightly more, but the design extends further, making your eyes appear larger. For cosplay, this means that your eyes stand out more — perfect for cartoony or anime looks. Circle lenses also tend to be more dramatic rather than natural-looking. All of this results in a great effect when used in cosplay!

As a disclaimer, please go to an eye doctor and get your prescription ahead of time, and if you are concerned, ask your doctor for guidance! Only wear the lenses for up to 8 hours (or whatever the packaging says), and if you feel discomfort, remove them immediately. Your eyesight is important – more important than matching the eye color of a certain character.

Buying Circle Lenses

Circle lenses have to ship from overseas, so plan accordingly. Shipping might take quite a while, so be sure to order any lenses you need early – especially since the color might end up being incorrect. The good news is they last a year after opening — and several years if you keep them sealed — so you can order them early with no issues!

Find photos of people with a natural eye color like yours. Circle lenses can look very different on someone with a natural light or dark eye color. Most circle lenses also seem to be designed for darker eyes. If you do have a lighter eye color, most contact lens sites will have reviews and photos, but if not, a simple search will do the trick.
Circle lenses DO come in prescription and astigmatism-friendly options. The caveat is that these additions may be more expensive. But the good news is there is likely an option for your particular needs.

Wearing Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses might seem scary, but it’s actually pretty simple! After washing your hands and rinsing your lenses (more on that later), use your index finger to hold the lens, then look to the side while pulling your lower eyelid down. Try to put the lens on the whites of your eye – that way you might not have that instinct to blink since it’s not aimed at your iris. Once it’s made contact with your eyeball, blink a few times to get it situated, and then you’re done!
If you feel like something is in your eye, there may be a tear, scratch, or lint on the lens, so remove it and inspect before continuing. Throughout the day, if you feel your eyes getting a little dry, use some re-wetting drops to ease the discomfort.

Contact Lens Storage And Care

The most crucial note whenever working with contact lenses is cleanliness – wash your hands before you touch your lenses or your eyes. When you first open your lenses, you usually are instructed to soak them in contact lens solution for at least 8 hours. No matter how excited you are to wear the lenses, it’s very important to follow this step!

Use a contact lens solution for rinsing and cleaning contact lenses before you put them on, and before you store them. It might be handy to have a small bottle with you on conventions.

Finally, store your lenses in a case meant for contact lenses. Most online shops will send a free case with each pair you order, but there are tons of cute contact lens cases online too. It is best to replace the cases every 3 months, and the lenses themselves will usually have an expiration date of one year after removing them from the container.

We hope this guide has been helpful for you. I you have any other tips, feel free to share them with u in the comments below.

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