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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Whose Room? (English Translation)

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Ema: (Hikaru-san and Natsume-san joined me today. It’s great to have them together like this.)
Hikaru: Well, I’ll be going now. My deadline’s close.
Natsume: I got work tomorrow, so I’ll go, too.
Ema: I need to buy some things, so may I go with you?
Hikaru: …Right now? How about we stay with you until you’re done shopping? Right, Natsume?
Natsume: Sure.
Ema: But…you can’t…
Natsume: Don’t worry. C’mon.
Hikaru: Where are we headed?
Ema: We’ve run out of milk and eggs, so the supermarket. I’m really sorry that you had to accompany me.
Natsume: I just said don’t worry.
Hikaru: You could’ve just asked Yusuke to do this. He’d do anything you tell him.
Ema: (I don’t think so…)
Hikaru: Ah!
Natsume: Wh-What is it?
Hikaru: There used to be a ramen shop here!
Natsume: Now that you mention it, the cafe next to the house is gone, too.
Natsume: As expected, things change a lot around here… which I guess is fun.
Ema: (Ah…they both lived here before, long ago…they must have a lot of memories…)
Ema: Um, I’ve been wondering…
Hikaru: Hm, about what?
Ema: Won’t you two return to the house with me?
Hikaru: Oh…
Natsume: Someone’s using my room, though…
Ema: …Someone?
Natsume: Who else but you?
Ema: Eh?! The room I’m using used to be yours?!
Natsume: …You mean you didn’t know?
Ema: This is the first I’ve heard!
Natsume: A little before I left, Tsubaki used that room for storage…
Natsume: And just before you moved in, he had to clear all his stuff out. Azusa helped a bit, too.
Ema: (That’s just like Azusa-san…)
Natsume: So if I did return to the house, will you let me sleep in my own room?
Ema: (Uh…)
Ema: (Share a room with Natsume-san…?!)
Hikaru: Are you stupid, Natsume? That won’t happen.
Ema: H-he’s right! That room’s too small for two!
Hikaru: Ema…that wasn’t what I meant.
Ema: Huh? Oh…
Hikaru: A man shouldn’t share a room with his sister! Why don’t you just stay at Tsubaki’s or Azusa’s?
Natsume: Why do I still have to stick with them? I’m not a kid anymore!
Ema: Where is your room, then, Hikaru-san?
Hikaru: It’s on the fourth floor. Tsubaki has stuff there.
Ema: Ah…
Hikaru: At first, Tsubaki used Natsume’s room for storage. Now that you’ve moved in, Tsubaki transferred his stuff to mine.
Ema: (Tsubaki-san must have a lot of things…)
Hikaru: Oh, I just had an idea!
Hikaru: Natsume, you go ahead and stay in Ema’s room.
Natsume: Okay?
Hikaru: While she stays at my place!
Ema: Eh?!
Natsume: Huh?!
Hikaru: We’ll return Natsume’s room to him, and you can live with me.
Natsume: Hey, who’s gonna let you do that?
Hikaru: I don’t need anyone’s permission. Besides, she doesn’t mind.
Natsume: What was that?
Ema: W-Wait, calm down, both of you!
Natsume: Hey…
Hikaru: Hey…
Hikaru & Natsume: Keep quiet. Stay quiet.
Ema: (How did it come to this…! What should I do…?)
Ema: A-Ah!!
Ema: We’ve arrived at the supermarket! I’ll go shopping, then.
Ema: Thank you so much for accompanying me here!
Hikaru: …! Wait, I’m still coming with you.
Natsume: …Me, too.
Hikaru: Oh? Didn’t you say that you have work tomorrow, Natsume? Shouldn’t you head home?
Natsume: Hey, you’re the one with the deadline.
Ema: (They’re still looking after each other… it’s sort of complex… haha…)
Ema: (In the end, the two of them carried the groceries, and we all headed to the house.)
Hikaru: So, we all ended up here…
Natsume: I can’t go back to my place now.
Hikaru: So, can I sleep over at your room, Ema?
Natsume: Hey, I was supposed to ask.
Hikaru: Absolutely not. I’m sleeping with her.
Natsume: Don’t say it like that!
Hikaru: Oh, what were you thinking about just now?
Natsume: …Ggh.
Ema: W-wait, do you both really want to…
Hikaru: Yeah.
Natsume: So, who do you want to stay with you?
Ema: (I can’t just tell them that…!)
Hikaru: Well, who?
Ema: …The living room.
Hikaru: Hmm?
Ema: …We could all sleep…in the living room.
Hikaru: …Eeehh?
Natsume: That’s not happening.
Ema: (I suppose…)
Ema: I’m very sorry to tell you, but there’s someone who’s already sharing the room with me.
Hikaru & Natsume: Huh?!
Ema: (He’s a squirrel, though…haha…)

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