Cosplay 101: Wig Guide

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One of the best ways to changing the way you look for a cosplay, is to wear a wig. But this isn’t for everyone, it can get very warm and itchy while wearing one at a convention. So maybe it’s your first time cosplaying, go for a charcter with the same haircolor and hairstyle as you. It’ll be a lot easier that way. But if you’re willing to go all-out with your cosplay, continue reading.


When choosing any type of cosplay prop, you should balance cost, accuracy, and effort before deciding which to buy. Many basic styles are available to purchase and don’t require much modification. If your character has (relatively) normal-looking hair, it should be pretty easy to find something that is the right shape and color. Try to pick something as close to the character as possible to make modifications easier (for example, for a character with short hair, start with a short wig, not a long wig).
You may soon realize that your character requires a little more effort. High ponytails and updos, gravity-defying styles, slicked-back ‘dos, or multi-colored looks all require special additions of their own. Luckily, options for wigs have greatly expanded in recent years, and it’s easier than ever to find what you need (instead of having to make it yourself).


Standard wigs – These are wigs that are made to be worn down. This is the simplest wig type to find and style, and most characters with normal-looking hair will require a standard wig. Be sure to note if the wig has a skin top and where it is located for the best results.
Lacefront wigs – Lacefront wigs are more expensive, but are key to characters with a swept back look (think Elsa from Frozen).
Specialty wigs – These range from pre-parted pigtail and ponytail wigs to wigs meant to be spiked up for that Dragon Ball Z look.
Wig accessories – Wig accessories can help you recreate some styles more easily. For example, instead of using a pre-parted pigtail wig, you can buy a shorter base wig and add clip-in pigtails. You can do the same with clip-in buns and even clip-in bangs.


Cosplay wigs these days are so much more accessible. With a wider selection of styles and colors, it’s simpler to find a wig close to your character’s hair. That being said, almost every wig looks better with a little styling rather than wearing it straight out of the bag. Spend the extra 10 minutes to make your wig look better, even if the style seems perfect, and you’ll notice the difference it makes.

Trim the bangs to fit your face. Most of the time, wig bangs will be a little too long. Trim them to fit your face and they will look so much better!

Thin out too-thick wigs. If your wig makes your head look like a mushroom, you may benefit from trimming the bulk.

Add a little styling product. Depending on your character’s style, you may want to add some hairspray, tease the wig to make it bigger in some places, or add a little product to make the bangs spiky.

Style curls and waves. There are a few methods to curling a wig, and luckily they are all pretty simple! Some wigs are heat resistant so you could just use a curling iron, with others you’ll need to be a bit more careful.


For those of you who have had itchy, sweaty, miserable wig experiences, listen up! The quality of the wig you buy matters, but we have a few hints that could help you too.
Consider wig caps absolutely essential to cosplay. They will hide all your stray hairs and keep your hair organized and hidden away underneath your wig. There are two styles: mesh and nylon. Either way, try to get a wig cap that will blend under your wig – don’t wear a black cap underneath a white wig!

Another tip we have for wearing a wig comfortably is arranging your hair evenly under your wig cap. This will ensure that the wig sits evenly and comfortably on your head.Some wigs are too heavy and will try to slip off your head – ponytail wigs are especially guilty of this. The remedy is simple – sew a few wig clips at the front of your wig, where the wig meets your forehead. This will keep your wig in one place! Or, if you don’t want to buy that, you could just use the good old bobby pins, they’re not as strong but will do the job if you use enough of them.

One final note – be sure you adjust your wig so it fits comfortably, but not too loosely, on your head. Many quality wigs will have hooks on the backside of the wig itself. We hope this has helped you with choosing and styling your wig, if you have any tips for us tell them in the comments below.

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