Cosplay 101: Choosing Your Character

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Deciding which character to dress as is the first step to creating a costume! Whether you are just getting started with cosplay or you are a veteran, it can be challenging to decide which costume to work on. There are so many options, at least for us, it’s always a hard decision to make.

We always start by making a list of potential charachters and then ask ourselves some question to narow down that list.

1. What’s your current favorite series, book, show, or movie? What are your all-time favorites?
The first thing you should think about is what series you want to cosplay from. This is a pretty simple question, but you could also go for one of your older favorites.

2. What character is your favorite? Which character’s design is your favorite?
Sometimes, we feel a strong connection to a character and immediately want to recreate them, but sometimes, it takes a little more digging. It’s possible that your favorite character isn’t one you would want to cosplay as.

3. Would you feel comfortable in this costume? Does the character have other outfits or fanart designs?
It’s important to know the outfits of your character. Are you willing to wear something like that? If you love everything about the character, but you don’t love booty shorts, then it may be time to look at an alternative outfit or a different character.

4. Is this costume within your skill level? Or, could you make parts of it and buy other parts? How expensive would the costume be overall? 
Next, think about whether or not you can reasonably make the costume. Would you need to work with unfamiliar materials? Is their gravity-defying hair something you could learn to mimic, or would you need to commission someone to style a wig for you? You could buy things online, but that can be very expensive.

5. How much time would it take to pull this costume together? Is there a deadline coming up?
These questions can help you decide when you can complete and wear the costume. Bigger projects may take some planning ahead to make sure you can finish in time. For quicker costumes, you may be able to commit a week before the convention and still get it done!

6. Is anyone else cosplaying from this series?
This is the last question on this list for a reason, it’s usually the least important. Of course it’s fun to cosplay in a group every single time, but that’s not always possible. Some people are to shy to do a cosplay alone.

That’s it for this list, we hope it’ll help you in deciding the character you want to cosplay as!

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