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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Magazine (English Translation)

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Ema: (I’m done with cleaning up after dinner, so… let’s read the magazine that I borrowed from Maho-chan.)
Ema: (Ah, this clothing is cute…! Maybe I should try visiting the store next week~)
Ema: (Ah…it’s Fuuto-kun! A special featured page of Fuuto-kun’s idol group, huh. There are interviews too.)
Ema: (It somehow makes me interested… I know Fuuto-kun’s usual attitude, more or less. Uuhm…what’s written here…?)
Fuuto: Hmm? Are you that interested in me?
Ema: …..!!? Fu-Fuuto-kun!? Since when have you returned!?
Fuuto: I said “I’m home” just earlier. But because a certain someone is pretty into the article about me, it seems like she doesn’t notice it.
Ema: ……!!
Ema: (Ce-certainly, I didn’t hear anything… was I that concentrated while reading it…?)
Fuuto: Ah, this one. The one where I was photographed for the promotion of our new song, huh.
Louis: That one is, the one where I did Fuuto-kun’s hairstyling…?
Ema: ……!!? Louis-san!? S-since when have you been here!?
Louis: I too, just came here earlier, but Chii-chan was, looking at the magazine with all her might….
Ema: (I even didn’t notice Louis-san’s presence!?)
Fuuto: What the, you seem pretty crazy for me.
Ema: I, it’s not like I’m crazy for Fuuto-kun or anything…!
Louis: But, Fuuto-kun at that time, was very cool.
Ema: (Certainly… the Fuuto-kun in this photo, he looks so cool…)
Fuuto: After receiving Louis-nii’s hairstyling, obviously they’ll be able to take a good photo.
Fuuto: Actually, I always want Louis-nii to be the one to do my hair, but Louis-nii is also busy, so we rarely can match our schedule…
Louis: At that time, it just happens that I have some free time in my schedule… when I got to touch Fuuto-kun’s hair after a while, I felt so happy.
Louis: …Chii-chan, can I look at it a bit more?
Ema: Yes, it’s fine. Here you go.
Louis: …Chii-chan too, let’s look at it together?
Ema: Eh…together…?
Louis: Beside me…we can look at it together, right?
Ema: (Looking at a magazine together is kind of embarrassing, but…)
Fuuto: Wait, go over there a little bit! I can’t look at it this way, can’t I?
Ema: O, over there is…!? Could it be, you want to look at it too?
Fuuto: What, I can’t?
Ema: That’s not it, just…
Fuuto: Then, it’s fine, right. Though, from the very beginning you don’t have any right to refuse me.
Ema: (Wha…! As always Fuuto-kun is such a-!)
Ema: (But, having Louis-san and Fuuto-kun at both of my sides somehow makes me feel nervous…!)
Louis: …At that time, the styling time is, not too long, right.
Fuuto: Ah, that’s right. Because the previous work pressed our time, Louis-nii can just use the rolls to do it.
Louis: If only there’s more time… I can make something more elaborate…
Fuuto: Hmm, in such pressed time you can do something of this quality. As expected of Louis-nii, huh.
Louis: …Thank you.
Fuuto: …Hey, you. Quickly flip to the next page.
Ema: Eh!? I, I haven’t read all of the page though…
Fuuto: You, your reading speed is too slow.
Ema: Wha…! It’s just normal!
Ema: You can remember the content of the interview, that’s why you can read it so quickly!
Fuuto: Haa!? Even though it’s your own dunce at fault here, you’re blaming others for it?
Ema: !!! …That way of speaking is too cruel!! Isn’t that so, Louis-san!
Louis: ………..
Ema: …Louis-san?
Louis: …Next time, should I try to roll the hair tips a bit more…
Louis: Ah, swept back hair that shows the forehead is the new trend isn’t it…a mature-ish Fuuto-kun too, might not be so bad…
Ema: (…Wha, he seems engrossed with things related to hair, so he doesn’t listen to anything that I said!)
Louis: …Next, not only Fuuto-kun, but I want to try styling the hair of the other members too…….
Fuuto: Haa!? You can’t.
Ema: Eeh…?
Fuuto: For Louis-nii who has real ability in styling, you won’t need to set the hair of those guys!
Ema: (Calling the other members ‘those guys’…)
Fuuto: To be frank, it won’t do justice for you to do it only when you have time. Louis-nii should get a more high-level job. That’s what your arms are for after all.
Louis: ….Thank you, Fuuto-kun.
Fuuto: In exchange of that, if I become more popular, Louis-nii’s name will surely be spread too.
Louis: Yeah. If it’s Fuuto-kun, higher and higher, you can go to the top. I’m looking forward to it.
Ema: (Louis-san and Fuuto-kun, they continue their conversation just the two of them… These two are such good friends, huh.)
Ema: (…Maybe it’ll be better to read the magazine when I’m alone. Spending time together with family members like this, is as fun as I expected.)

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