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Be My Princess Party: Zain

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  • Secret Normal and Normal End: <0 Chemistry & 72000 Royal Factors (Both ends require BOTH amounts)
  • Secret Happy and Happy End: 70 Chemistry & 72000 Royal Factors (Both ends require BOTH amounts)

Episode 1



Mission: 3000 Royal Factors

Episode 2

Ask Zain to stay over as well.
Tell them both to leave.

Think of asking, but say nothing.
Ask him why.

Sweet Route:
 First Party Set (4 Gems)
Normal Route: Navy Heart Bag (2 Gem/4000 Cruz)

Episode 3

Ask him to teach me.

Go alone.
Ask Zain to take you.

Mission: 24000 Royal Factors

Episode 4

Go for it.
Zip it.

Is there something you want me to do?
Let’s have a picnic!

Episode 5

Don’t say anything.
Deny it.

Drop his hand.
Press your palm to his.

Episode 6

Why don’t we go get some now?
Let’s come back again soon.


Mission: 43000 Royal Factors

Episode 7

Turn him down.
Say nothing.

Fake anger.
Shake my head.

Sweet Route:
 Picnic Outfit (8 Gems)
Normal Route: Straw Hat (5 Gem/10000 Cruz)

Episode 8

Not with things like this.

Start to leave.
Stay and listen.

Episode 9

Alow me something that means something to you.
Show me that you trust me.

Take these and go!

Once you finish Episode 9, you will, be brought to a screen to choose the Happy or Normal Ending. Click through whatever ending you choose to see the requirements for the Regular and Secret versions of those ending.

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