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Be My Princess Party: Wilfred A. Spencer

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  • Normal End: < 100 Chemistry
  • Secret Normal End: < 100 Chemistry & 72000 Royal Factors
  • Happy End: 100 Chemistry
  • Secret Happy End: 100 Chemistry & 72000 Royal Factors

Episode 1

Show him the letter.
Help Monsieur Pierre.

Let Prince Wilfred order drinks.
Get something for yourself.

Episode 2

That’s impossible!
Are you serious?

The colorful watch.
The classic watch.

Mission – 3000 Royal Factors

Episode 3

If you insist…
I’m too full.

Talk about your student days
Talk about Monsieur Pierre

Episode 4

It’s about Monsieur Pierre.
Its about the weather.


Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Casual Polka-Dot Dress Set (3 Gems)
Normal Route: Strappy Pin-Heel Shoes (1 Gem/1000 Cruz)

Episode 5

I am totally fine!
I am tired, but I will be all right.

Hurriedly get up.
Pretend to faint.

Episode 6

Ask indirectly.
Take a moment to think.


Episode 7

The dresses…?
To remember propriety…?

Question him.
Run away.

Mission – 24000 Royal Factors

Episode 8

The dark tie.
The salmon tie.

Yes, I would like to hear more.
No, not now.

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Maxi Dress & Royal Hat Set (6 Gems)
Normal Route: Wide-Brimmed Royal Hat  (3 Gems/6000 Cruz)

Episode 9

Do you like them?
Do you hate them?

Just tell him.
Say that you need to talk.

Episode 10

The horn button.
The antique button.

Take out some candy.
Prepare some tea.

Mission – 43000+ Royal Factors

Episode 11

I love him…
Look at Wilfred.

I am a bit tired…
I’m fine.

Episode 12

Run after him.
Watch what happens.

That would be fine…
No, you can’t!

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Stylish Date Outfit (10 Gems)
Normal Route: Pink Ribbon Clutch  (6 Gems/12000 Cruz)

Episode 13

Go to see a movie.
Go to an arcade.

A sweet story.
A silly story.

Episode 14

Ask for help.
Look at the floor as you pass.

Not like this.
Explain what happened.

Once you finish Episode 14, you’ll be brought to a screen to choose the Happy or Normal Ending. Click through whatever ending you choose to see the requirements for the Regular and Secret versions of those ending.

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