Be My Princess Party: Prologue

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Episode 1: My First Job…A Royal Ball?!

A. Allow him to show you around.
B. Politely Decline. (+ Keith, Wilfred, Joshua)

A. Don’t I know you from…
B. That crest… (+ Keith, Wilfred, Joshua)

Episode 2: A Miracle For Me?!

A. Your gown is beautiful. (+ Keith, Wilfred, Joshua )
B. It’s nothing.

A. Red wine. (+ Wilfred, Joshua )
B. White wine. (+ Keith )

Episode 3 Sneaking Out From The Party

A. Go after Glenn. (+ Keith, Joshua )
B. Stay with Roberto. (+ Wilfred )

A. Thank you very much. (+ Keith )
B. I’ll be fine on my own. (+ Wilfred, Joshua )

Episode 4 An Unexpected Visitor

A. Thank you again for before. (+ Wilfred )
B. Why did you come back? (+ Keith, Joshua )

A. Agree with Monsieur Pierre (+ Keith, Joshua )
B. Give your honest opinion (+ Wilfred )

Special Story The Opportunity Has Arrived

A. A spread about Joshua.  (+ Keith, Joshua, Wilfred )
B. A spread about Glenn

A. I have been feeling a little stressed. (+ Joshua )
B. I’m really fine. (+ Wilfred, Keith )


Episode 5 The Pure White Envelope

A. Why are you here, Prince Joshua? (+ Joshua, Wilfred)
B. I’m afraid this area is for staff only… (+ Keith )

A. Continue listening to them. (+ Keith )
B. Leave the conversation. ( + Wilfred, Joshua)

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