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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Almost Valentine (English Translation)

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Mahoko: Argh, I’ve had enough!
Ema: …What’s wrong, Maho-chan?
Mahoko: Everyone in class is just irking me right now.
Ema: Oh, because of that, you mean.
Ema: (Everyone in class, boys, and girls alike, were growing antsy.)
Ema: (It’s almost Valentine, after all.)
Mahoko: “Because of that?!”
Ema: It’s next week, isn’t it?
Mahoko: Well, it’s not like I don’t get it…so.
Ema: Huh?
Mahoko: Don’t “huh” me! Who are you giving chocolates to this year?
Ema: (Chocolates…)

1: Give
2: Don’t give

1: Give
Ema: I’ve…thought of giving…
Mahoko: Seriously? Who is it? It’s one of your brothers, isn’t it?
Ema: Y-yeah…
Mahoko: Come on, tell me!
Ema: Promise to keep it a secret?
Mahoko: Of course!
Ema: (I want to give chocolates to…)
1A: Masaomi-san
Ema: I was planning to give to Masaomi-san…
1B: Kaname-san
Ema: I was planning to give to Kaname-san…
1C: Hikaru-san
Ema: I was planning to give to Hikaru-san…
1D: Tsubaki-san
Ema: I was planning to give to Tsubaki-san…
1E: Subaru-san
Ema: I was planning to give to Subaru-san..
1F: Yusuke-kun
Ema: I was planning to give to Yusuke-kun…
1G: Fuuto-kun
Ema: I was planning to give to Fuuto-kun…

Continue for choice 1
Ema: But it’s not just the usual giving…
Mahoko: But you’re gonna make the chocolate, right?
Ema: Of course, because…
Mahoko: Don’t tell me. Put all your love in it!
Ema: L-love…?
Mahoko: You want to go and buy the ingredients after school?
Ema: Sure, I guess…?
Ema: Who will give chocolates, to, Maho-chan?
Mahoko: Oh, the usual. My dad, my brother…Sasakura, maybe?
Ema: Okay.
Mahoko: I’m actually kinda jealous that you have someone special to give chocolate to. Having someone you love, mutual or not, just makes it more fun!
Ema: Yeah, I…suppose.
Mahoko: But anyway, I’ll help you make your Valentine’s a success!
Ema: Thank you, Maho-chan!
Ema: (I hope he’ll like them… I’m going put all of my feelings in it!)

2: Don’t give
Ema: I might not give chocolates this year…
Mahoko: Really? There should be someone among your brothers that you could give!
Mahoko: They’re all great people, so they could all have some!
Ema: I guess…
Mahoko: Though I wanted to know if you had someone special in mind, too…
Ema: (I hope I can think of someone to give chocolates to next year.)

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