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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Ecstasy 3 (English Translation)

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Yui: I was wondering what you were doing at this place…… What, are you imitating humans?
Reiji: – By order of your beloved husband, we brothers assemble regularly, and gather around the dinner table.
Reiji: I am making preparations for that.
Yui: Nfu. As always, Karl likes making rules of which I don’t understand the meaning, huh.
Yui: What do you think the reason behind it is?
Reiji: Well. I would say, due to him meddling with us, our hatred for one another will be fuelled.
Reiji: This is how I would interpret it. Cordelia.
Yui: If that isn’t mostly correct! Since that person awfully hates familial and brotherly love.
Reiji: – That’s your fault, is it not?
Yui: Oh, are you saying I’m the root of all evil?
Reiji: He. I’m not saying that, but…
Yui: Nfu. It’s okay to say it that clearly. I had such a good relationship, Richter and Karl were……
Yui: – torn apart.
Reiji: Indirectly, right?  In the end, their relationship was broken by a woman of your caliber.
Reiji: …… Right from the start…… Wasn’t it?
Yui: ……kh……
Reiji: Oh my. If I have hurt your feelings, I apologize.
Yui: Your way of speaking against me, the devil’s daughter, has no effect.
Yui: I’ll have to punish you, won’t I.
Reiji: Ha? Punish me…… Are you going to use this girl’s body as a shield like you did before?
Reiji: You are someone who doesn’t have anything to compete with herself, aren’t you.
Reiji: I am a little disappointed.
Yui: kh……!
Reiji: ……
Yui: (kh…… Throwing down the food Reiji-san made an effort to prepare……)
Yui: I don’t want to be told that from someone who imitates human things like “cooking”.
Reiji: He, so that is your answer, isn’t it?
Yui: What are you saying!?
Reiji: In other words,  you are saying you have neither charm nor strength, are you not?
Yui: kh……
Reiji: Oh, did I hit home? Despite that, please do not oppose me.
Reiji: From my point of view, Cordelia, rather than a woman like you who has nothing, I still prefer the girl inside of you.
Yui: (Reiji-san……!)

Choose That’s embarrassing
Yui: (That’s embarrassing……)
Yui: These words are annoying. I definitely won’t tell him that.
Reiji: What is that suddenly?
Yui: Nfu. I’m just talking to myself.
Yui: (kh……! You’re awful!)

Choose Thank you…… (Correct choice)
Yui: (Reiji-san…… Thank you)
Yui: Tch. She says “Thank you”. Don’t joke around.
Reiji: Well, of course, this is just talk about the result of comparing the body and the inside as good as I can.
Reiji: So please do not become conceited.
Yui: (kh! I-I understand that, but even if you tell me that…… I’m still happy)

Yui: Well, for now, that’s what I’ll do for you. More importantly, I’m hungry now.
Yui: Originally, I was going to suck your blood, but I know that blood from within the family tastes bad.
Yui: I’ll put up with the food you cooked.
Reiji: Although you have been making fun of  imitating humans the whole time, you are going to eat food?
Yui: Nfu. Well, I thought maybe it isn’t so bad once in a while, you know?
Yui: Well, prepare it for me. That’s an order.
Yui: (…… Cordelia, are you planning to throw it down again?)
Yui: – Well, I wonder how that is?
Yui: (kh……! Reiji-san! Reiji-san! There is no need to do that!!)
Yui: Yelling is useless. Look, my servant is obediently standing in the kitchen……
Reiji: – I apologize for letting you wait.
Yui: What!? You’re really fast……
Yui: (kh……!? What is that……? It looks like food you’d give to animals……)
Yui: kh…… What is the meaning of this?
Reiji: This is what you wished for, Cordelia.
Yui: kh……!!
Yui: (kh……!!)
Reiji: ……
Yui: – I’m tired of annoying you……!
Yui: (Reiji-san…… Are you okay!?)
Reiji: Hn…… hehe……hahahaha.
Reiji: You are a sore loser, Cordelia.

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