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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Holiday Afternoon (English Translation)

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Ema: (W… what is this burnt smell…!? It’s coming from the kitchen…?)
Fuuto: I. Told. You! The fire was too strong!! Now it’s all charred!
Subaru: The one who said to grill it quickly was you, wasn’t it. That’s why I increased the heat…
Ema: (Subaru-san and Fuuto-kun…?)
Fuuto: There’s a trick to it, you know. Do you not understand such a simple thing? Hhh, this is why I don’t like sports-oriented people.
Fuuto: Not only your cooking skill, but that muscular brain of yours also need to be improved a bit, don’t you think?
Subaru: … You little…. Can’t you use that mouth of yours for something else?
Fuuto: Haa?
Subaru: You, you’re the type who wastes time by being sarcastic, definitely.
Fuuto: It has nothing to do with how I use my mouth to speak to whoever. And then, how about you stop acting like an older brother only at times like this? Aren’t you ashamed?
Ema: W-wait a second! Stooop!! It’s burnt, it’s burnt!!
Subaru: Whoa!?
Fuuto: …Seriously, when should be the time to have it burnt decently?
Fuuto: Or rather, you came too late, Nee-san.
Ema: Eeh!?
Ema: (That has to be the first thing he says….)
Subaru: My bad…. I just returned from practice, so I felt hungry. I was looking for something to eat, though.
Fuuto: But why is there nothing to eat? I don’t care about that idiotic sport maniac over there, but you should stop trying to starve me to death.
Subaru: Idiotic sport maniac…. What’s that supposed to mean, huh?
Fuuto: The meaning? Do I have to bother explaining it to you? This is why I don’t like idiots.
Subaru: ……..
Ema: (If it’s me or Ukyo-san, we can cook from things kept in the refrigerator…. But certainly, it might be hard for these two….)
Ema: To sum it up, the two of you were trying to cook something?
Subaru: Rather than saying the two of us… when I was about to cook something, Fuuto came, then he just kept complaining from the sideline.
Fuuto: I told you, yesterday my work ended very late. And then, even though I slept until just now, why did no one prepare my share of lunch?
Fuuto: There’s no way I’ll be able to eat the cooking that this sport maniac makes.
Ema: (Seems like he said something harsh….)
Fuuto: Come on, be quick. Don’t zone out, change place with the sport maniac already.
Subaru: My bad, but if you have time, then please…. I want to focus on strangling Fuuto.
Ema: I’m fine with it, but…. This, is… just, what did you plan to make?
Subaru: … eh? That’s, pancakes?
Ema: Pancakes!?
Ema: (This is not only about criticizing the charred part… the cause is certainly that they mistook the amount of milk needed…!)
Fuuto: …Eh. That’s supposed to be a pancake? I thought that those are ingredients for okonomiyaki. Because the aroma smelt like one.
Ema: Certainly, in this kind of charred state, we can’t tell whether it’s supposed to be pancakes or okonomiyaki.
Subaru: … My bad.
Fuuto: Hh…. this is why muscle idiots are…
Subaru: …In that case, can you make it?
Fuuto: Of course I can make it. I was told to cook in some variety shows, so of course I can make at least this much.
Subaru: If you say that, then won’t it be better if Fuuto was the one who made it from the start?
Fuuto: Why do I have to cook when I just returned home?
Ema: W, wait a second. Calm down, the two of you…! I’ll remake it, so please don’t fight.
Fuuto: That’s right, if only you came a little faster, then something like this won’t have to happen.
Ema: (Wh… why does he look all important!)
Fuuto: Make it quick. I’m starving too.
Ema: Alright, alright, please wait for awhile.
Fuuto: Hmm.
Subaru: … hee.
Ema: (To have them looking at my hands like that, makes it a bit hard to do it, somewhat….)
Subaru: …As I thought, they’re used to it, your hands I mean.
Ema: That’s because I’ve been doing this everyday.
Ema: Ah! If you want to wait for a bit longer, I can give it various arrangements… how does it sound?
Fuuto: I’m waiting so be quick about it.
Ema: (Telling me to be quick because he’s waiting… it feels like a big contradiction there, but, ah well.)
Ema: Thank you for waiting.
Subaru: ……!!
Fuuto: ……!!
Subaru: In such a small time, you can make three variants?
Ema: Yes. Plain pancakes, pancakes with slices of banana in it…and then.
Ema: This one is pancake containing mashed pumpkin. There’s whipped cream to make it sweet, so have it however you like.
Fuuto: Hmm…not bad. Ah, the one with pumpkin here is also so-so….
Ema: (Fuuto-kun, aren’t you eating way too fast there!?)
Subaru: It’s really…delicious.
Ema: That’s good. Next time, I’ll make it if you call me, so please don’t fight anymore.
Subaru: …Sorry.
Ema: Because it’s definitely better to eat with everyone!
Ema: Fuuto-kun too, from now on if you’re at home, you should at least eat with everyone else. Though I understand that it’s difficult, what with your work and all.
Fuuto: If Nee-san says that she wants to eat with me, then I’ll think about it, though.
Subaru: …Fuuto. You, you can say those kinds of lines without feeling embarrassed, huh. … the embarrassed one is the one who has to hear it.
Fuuto: Not really.
Subaru: If it were me, when push comes to shove… nah, impossible…. But….
Fuuto: …Fuh. If it’s a brain that’s 100% composed of muscle like yours, I think you won’t be able to say a clever line even after ten years had lapsed, yeah?
Subaru: Fuuto… once I’m done eating this, I’ll strangle you for real.
Ema: (Hh…though I think that their mood will lighten if they have their stomach full…. Until when will these two keep quarreling…?)

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