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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Approach (English Translation)

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Tsubaki: Hm~, what a boring program. Kana-nii, can I change the channel?
Kaname: Sure.
Tsubaki: And Ema? Are you watching this?
Ema: No. You can watch the program you like.
Tsubaki: Thanks ★ Though, it’s not like I have anything that I would like to watch…
Tsubaki: Around this time, is there a interesting program on? …….Eh, oh! This, let’s watch this one!
Kaname: Hee, a special edition about Valentine, huh.
Ema: (Speak of which…it’s going to be the season soon.)
Kaname: Hey, hey, Imouto-chan’s homemade chocolate will be given to me, right?
Ema: Eh….?
Tsubaki: Wh-What are you saying, Kana-nii! If it’s homemade of course she’ll give it to me!!
Ema: Ehhh…..!?
Kaname: Even though it’s Tsuba-chan, I won’t surrender.
Tsubaki: Me, too, I won’t surrender, not in the least!
Kaname: Hmm, you’ve said it. But Tsuba-chan, you’ll get a lot of chocolates from your fans, right? Are they not enough?
Tsubaki: Kana-nii too. From those voluptuous parishioner ladies, you got an unbelievable amount every year, right? Those are enough, right?
Ema: Wha, wait….! Both of you!!
Ema: (Why it suddenly turns into such a stormy atmosphere…!?)
Kaname: Well, no matter what we say, the one who gets to decide is Imouto-chan though?
Tsubaki: Ema will give it to me, right?
Kaname: Eh, you’ll give it to me, right?
Ema: Eh…!?
Tsubaki: …Right?
Kaname: …Right?
Ema: T-That kind of thing, I can’t decide right here and now…!
Kaname: …I see. What a pity.
Ema: (Are they going to leave it as it is…?)
Kaname: Me, I feel like helping out with cleaning after tonight’s dinner.
Ema: Eh…? Why so suddenly?
Kaname: There’s no ulterior motive. It’s just,  for the sake of Imouto-chan who always does her best in doing the household chores, I’m thinking of doing anything that I can.
Tsubaki: What points are you trying to earn here, Kana-nii!!
Kaname: What are you talking about~?
Tsubaki: Then, me too!! I’ll help making the food!!
Ema: Tsubaki-san, can you cook…?
Tsubaki: Not at all ★
Ema: (Though he said it while brimming with self-confidence…)
Tsubaki: Ah, then, then! Shall we have a date? ♪  Let’s go to Ema’s favorite amusement park!
Kaname: Rather than going to a childish amusement park, how about accompanying me driving while seeing the nightscape?
Tsubaki: Wait a sec, Kana-nii! The one who invited Ema in the first place was me.
Kaname: It has nothing to do with who invited her first or later, right.
Tsubaki: In the first place, I’m the one who likes Ema, so don’t bother us!
Kaname: Ah, I might not be able to overlook that, though? Because I really like Imouto-chan, you see!
Tsubaki: If it’s me, I can immediately mention 10 good points of Ema~♪
Tsubaki: About how cute she is, about how gentle she is, about how considerate she is, about how slim she is, about how in spite of their slight plumpness, her legs are quite sexy….
Kaname: Hey, hey, what’s with those 5 things. I have the same opinion.
Kaname: To add, about how thick her lips are, about how her skin is so white, about how pretty her nape is….
Tsubaki: I extremely agree… but, to be told by Kana-nii makes me kind of irritated!
Ema: Wa, wait! Please stop it, both of you! I-It’s embarrassing, so…!
Kaname & Tsubaki: Be quiet!
Ema: ….!!!
Tsubaki: …Then, the one who can seduce Ema until her heart throbs can be the winner? The real power of a seiyuu, shall I show it to you? (=voice actor)
Kaname: Won’t the winner be the real adult?
Ema: (So, somehow, the verbal fight is steadily becoming even more vulgar…. Wh-What should I do……?)
Ukyo: Kaname!!
Azusa: Tsubaki!!
Ukyo: Stop being unreasonable!
Azusa: You’re troubling Ema.
Ema: Ukyo-san, Azusa-san…!
Kaname: Gah, Kyo-nii!
Ukyo: As soon as I look away from you guys, you troubled Ema.
Tsubaki: Azusa, sorry. Azusa is the only one for me! If you won’t get angry at me, I’ll hug you~♥
Azusa: Haah…are you stupid?
Ema: (Thank goodness these two came…as expected, I like it better seeing these brothers being friendly with each other.)
Ukyo: …Ema-san’s homemade chocolate will fall into my hands, correct?
Ema: Eh…!? U-Ukyo-san?
Azusa: …Won’t you give it to me?
Ema: W-Wait, even Azusa-san!!?
Ema: (Somehow I had an inkling that Valentine’s will be quite an uproar…)

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