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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Ecstasy 2 (English Translation)

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Reiji: To summon me in a place such as this, what is it that you need from me?
Yui: It’s boring. I want you to accompany me.
Reiji: It is unfortunate to hear that you are bored, but I do not have that leisure time to be with you. I refuse.
Yui: Oh my, heartless. But, I guess it’s your charm.
Yui: To think this body is not enough to satisfy you. That’s quite a shame.
Reiji: I am not the kind of man to get along so easily with, Cordelia.
Yui: Nfu~ Oh well. You are the son of Karl and Beatrix after all…
Yui: You have the power that can’t compare over my sons.
Reiji: Such as that is enough to seduce me, Cordelia.
Reiji: Well then, how shall we start this? Oh well, if it isn’t so much trouble, let’s just play.
Reiji: ….?!
Yui: Nfu~ Got you!
Yui: (O-Oh my god! Reiji-san is forced to wear handcuffs!)
Reiji: For me to wear handcuffs, what are you planning to do?
Yui: Well then. What do you want me to do? Depending on your answer, I’ll try my best not to be so terrible.
Reiji: What do you want to do? These are kind of things you easily settle for. Please release me.
Reiji: Unfortunately, even if I do like playing this sort of game, I prefer not to be the one played on.
Yui: Nfu~ Then, you’ll come to like it once I’m done.
Yui: (Cordelia! What are you planning to do with that whip?!)
Yui: What….I was planning, is to beat this child until he cries out.
Yui: (…!! No way!)

Choose Stop! (Correct choice)
Yui: (Stop!)
Yui: How cute. I will stop once this child starts screaming.
Reiji: There’s no need to worry. Being whipped like this.
Reiji: Is too cheap to keep one satisfied.
Yui: (I know…It’s going to be painful, Reiji-san…)

Choose Please run away!
Yui: (Please run away!)
Yui: You’re saying that this child should should run away?
Reiji: Run away? I can handle…this. I am no fool.
Yui: (Even if you say such things… It’s hard to watch…)

Yui: If you say it that way, I’ll do as you wish… I’ll give you a whip.
Yui: (Nn…Stop!)
Reiji: Ngh…
Yui: Your expression did not change… I do not like it.
Reiji: Ngh…Ha…Going far to that extent. It only felt like an ant-bite when that was grazed against my cheek.
Yui: Tch…I wonder when will that patience ever grow thin?!
Yui: (Stop! Please don’t do that!)
Yui: Nfu~ You’re bleeding? How about now? I wonder when will you bow down for forgiveness?
Reiji: It’s not effective at all. As mentioned earlier, you seem to come and despise me.
Yui: Ngh…I do not like it!
Yui: (…! Jesus…! To strike him with an open hand!)
Reiji: Ngh… Fuu… My, My. You are the kind of woman I come to hate.
Reiji: Even with my strength gone , I will never fall to be a good obedient servant under your thoughtless and arrogant hand.
Yui: What is that?!
Reiji: Ha, Wouldn’t that be true? And for pointing a fact this way, you seem to have grown furious.
Yui: Tch!
Reiji: Fufu. Therefore, it is useless no matter how many times you try. Because I have exceeded this sort of pain long ago.
Yui: …I like that very much. So, the idea of administering you the most painful wouldn’t do any good at all…
Yui: How about this…
Yui: (W-What are you doing!? Stop it! D-Don’t take off your clothes!!)
Reiji: When you can’t compete in strength, you use the power of Seduction.
Yui: Nfu~ This is a woman’s weapon, isn’t it?
Yui: However, this body isn’t mine, so it wouldn’t be so effective at all…
Reiji: Your original body has been reduced into ashes. It’s an ugly excuse.
Reiji: For the appearance you are wearing now belongs to a true lady.
Yui: Excuse me!?
Reiji: If the lady within you is a real woman, I wouldn’t mind what kind container she chooses to enter.
Yui: Ngh…!! This…! Cease your insolent talk!
Reiji: Ngh…
Yui: (Stop it! Stop it!!)
Yui: I will not stop! To definitely….Distort this face!!
Yui: (…I-I… Here, do I have to sit here and watch this!?)
Yui: –Of course, you are here with me after all… You have no place!
Yui: Disappear! Get out!
Yui: ….!!!!
Reiji: Ngh… Do not listen to her. It’s alright, Yui.
Reiji: You’re the one who belongs here. Sounds good?
Yui: Insolent…Tch!!
Yui: (God…!! I…Just watching this…It’s very unlikely for me to endure… )

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