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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Ecstasy 1 (English Translation)

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Reiji: ……kh…… What on earth do you think this place is?
Yui: Oh, isn’t that Reiji. You finally came, huh.
Reiji: Do not say “You finally came.” I would like you to answer my question.
Yui: Nfu. If you ask me what this place is, I’ll have trouble answering. I don’t know the places in this school well, you know.
Yui: (Didn’t I tell you to not come here?! This is Reiji-san’s science room……)
Yui: – Ahh, annoying. The girl inside of me yelling is awful. Please do something about that.
Reiji: That is to be expected, since she knows the importance of this room.
Reiji: Also, do not take out teacups as you please to enjoy the tea.
Reiji: If I had to say what I would like you to do, it would be stopping these actions.
Yui: Nfu. It’s because you have a very nice tea-set. The tea leaves aren’t bad, either. That way, there’s only one thing to do, right?
Yui: Ahh, I wonder how many years it’s been since I had tea passing through my throat and enjoyed that feeling.
Reiji: Are you listening to what I’m saying?
Yui: I am listening. You don’t want me to drink tea here, right?
Reiji: Exactly, I do not want you to. My research findings and important collection are lined up here.
Reiji: I also do not want you to accidentally take something in.
Reiji: Furthermore, the cup you have in your hands is something especially rare, even for my collection.
Reiji: I would like you to stop touching it without permission.
Yui: – Hmm. In other words, you are worried that this body might accidentally drink a bad poison from your hobby, aren’t you?
Yui: Actually, you don’t care if this tea set breaks. Am I wrong?
Reiji: kh……
Yui: Nfu. You’re lovely. For Beatrix’s son, you are a really promising child.
Yui: (Reiji-san……!)

Choose Thank you (Correct choice)
Yui: (……Thank you!)
Yui: I don’t like that. This girl is telling you “thank you”.
Reiji: kh……I…… Not really. I simply did not want her to waste my medicines.
Reiji: I did not worry about you.
Yui: Hmph. Be more honest.
Yui: (I wanted to say it with my own mouth……)

Choose Hurry up and help me!
Yui: (Rather than being worried, hurry up and help me! Reiji-san)
Yui: Oh no. This girl is telling you to hurry up and help her.
Reiji: ……Why is it that I have to help you?
Reiji: Please tell her that my interests do not correspond with that.
Yui: – That’s what he said.
Yui: (……kh…… I guess I was a bit too self-centered……)

Reiji: Anyway, I would like you to leave this place at once. I am busy.
Yui: But I’m not busy. I’ve got time. Keep me company with some tea, too.
Reiji: I refuse.
Yui: Hmmm. You’ve only been saying annoying things since before. All right.
Yui: In this case, I will make sure you don’t forget the positions of you and me.
Yui: (Eh……!?)
Reiji: kh……!!
Yui: (That’s Reiji-san’s cherished cup!! You broke it! Th-That’s awful……)
Yui: Nfu. How is that?
Reiji: How?   Is that your way of teaching the difference between our positions?
Yui: Exactly. I’m doing what I wanted to do. That’s how it is, how it always is.
Yui: As I said, you don’t know what I’ll do on a whim. For example this……
Yui: I might hurt this girl’s body with the shards.
Yui: (Wh-What are you doing!! Stop……!)
Reiji: kh……!!
Yui: Look, I made a small wound on her wrist…… If I put in a little more strength, there’ll be blood coming out, huh?
Reiji: – Stop!
Yui: Nfu. Is that how you behave when making a request to your superior?
Reiji: kh…… Please stop this. Cordelia-sama……
Yui: That’s right. Kneel. Lower your head before me.
Reiji: kh……
Yui: (Reiji-san…… Why are you going that far for my body……?)
Yui: –Nfu. That’s a good question. The girl inside of me asks “Why are you that worried about my body?”.
Reiji: ……That’s…… That is because that body belongs to me.
Reiji: I may do with that body as I please, but…… I will not allow you to do what you want.
Reiji: That is all there is to it.
Yui: I see. Nfu, I understood it well. Is that enough, little lady inside of me?
Yui: (Reiji-san……)
Reiji: Well, let us continue drinking tea. I will pour in, Cordelia.
Yui: Oh, what a twist of fate is this? Although before, you were telling me to leave immediately.
Reiji: Hehe, I have changed my mind.
Reiji: As I am doing this…… I thought to invite you to my special blend of tea.
Yui: ……Nfu, I see.
Reiji: What do you see?
Yui: Your idea is to experiment on me. I guess that is alright, I’ll accept.
Reiji: – Well, there you are.
Yui: Thank you…… Mhh…… Haa, what a nice taste.
Yui: This might be some magic tea really inviting my death, huh?
Reiji: Well……
Yui: – When talking about us vampires, it’s said that death is the start of festivities, isn’t it?
Yui: Even while we are scared of it, we are always longing for that moment.
Yui: Eternally wandering the darkness of the night, is a luxury for strong people.
Yui: Karl-Heinz, too…… He always wanted to die.
Yui: Even giving you this girl…… Karl did it with that purpose.
Reiji: The change of generation surely is achieved by more than killing the current head of the family–.
Reiji: I see. That was father’s true intention, wasn’t it?
Yui: – Karl has always wanted to die. But, if the partner killing you is not the one you chose yourself……
Yui: Because… That person is… stronger…… than anyone…… Right…… My…… Karl……
Reiji: Good night, Cordelia. Have nice dreams.
Yui: “Reiji-san!?”
Reiji: I’m finally able to see you.
Yui: “What is this? I can’t move my body…… But my voice……”
Reiji: Yes. You can’t do more than simply utilize an opening in your now sleeping body.
Reiji: It is obvious that you can’t move your body.
Yui: “Reiji-san! I…… How can I be freed from this situation?”
Reiji: I can’t say anything but “there is no way”.
Yui: “That……!”
Reiji: Just wait a little while. I have an idea.
Yui: “kh…… If she treats my body as she likes in the meantime…… I feel like I would disappear……”
Reiji: Are you scared?
Yui: “Yes…… Right now, I’m really scared. Although we’re able to talk like this, I can’t even move a finger……”
Reiji: Please calm down. There definitely is a way, so……
Yui: (Reiji-san……?  Reiji-san is coming closer to me while I’m lying on the floor. What?)
Reiji: …… *kiss*……
Yui: (Our lips…… Are touching……? Is that… A kiss……?)
Reiji: – This is a promise, Yui. I will definitely free you.
Reiji: Because your body belongs to me…… Of course your life, too.
Reiji: Without a doubt, I will kill you with these hands. Yes, definitely.
Yui: (Can I believe that? I…… He says that he’ll free me from this reality that seems like a nightmare……)
Yui: (No, I believe it. Reiji-san…… You will definitely save me)

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