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Mystic Messenger Guide: Christmas DLC Yoosung Route

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18:10 – You’re my Christmas gift

Selection 1
Of course! Yoosung’s been working so hard. (Yoosung)
Omg are you doubting Yoosung right now?

Selection 2
+_+ (Yoosung)
Aww, you’re embarrassing me, Zen…

Selection 3
Dont’ be jealous, Zen~ Be happy for us! (Yoosung)
Don’t be like that to my Yoosung ^^*

Selection 4
I’m sad that I can’t go help T_T
Hnng! I wanted to praise Yoosung~! (Yoosung)

Selection 5
Just wait a bit more~ I’ll be there soon. (Yoosung)
I want to meet you so badly.

Selection 6
Yoosung is a gift for me too. (Nothing)
I can’t wait till I open up my present… my Yoosung… hehe

Selection 7
Don’t hurry too much~ I don’t want you to get hurt. See you soon ^^
How cute ^^ See you soon. (Nothing)

19:23 – Chemistry

Selection 1
Hello, Jumin. I can almost hear your voice saying that.
Am I Yoosung’s mentor? (Yoosung)

Selection 2
Yoosung will decide on his future on his own. (Yoosung)
Hi Jaehee! Everything’s going well on our side?

Selection 3
How much is the salary?
;;; (Nothing)

Selection 4
There are things you can’t buy with money~
You cannot systematize love. (Yoosung)

Selection 5
You an Elizabeth the 3rd are attracted to each other. It’s the same thing.
Whenever I see Yoosung, I feel my whole day light up. (Nothing)

Selection 6
Where can I go see Yoosung? (Yoosung)
Jaehee! Run away!

Selection 7
Cheer up, Jaehee…
Let’s start wrapping things up! (Nothing)

Game Branch

When you pressed the caution, did the chats change? The first one became titled Reached the goal, time to head over over to Secret Endings. If not, then you are still good on using this until the end!

21:00 – Watch me

Selection 1
Christmas is almost gone…
I’ll go find you. Don’t worry! (Nothing)

Selection 2
You’re the one who put the most effort into this. I’m proud of you. (Yoosung)
You were such an adult today.

Selection 3
It’s a Christmas you’ll never forget. (Yoosung)
Actually doing some work is very gratifying.

Selection 4
Are you gonna keep talking about Rika…? You’re with me! (Yoosung)
Maybe that’s something for V to figure out?

Selection 5
Everyday with you will feel like Christmas to me. (Yoosung)
Thank you for gifting me such a wonderful Christmas, Yoosung.

Selection 6
Be responsible for me! (Nothing)
You’re so cute Yoosung lolol

Selection 7
I’ll be waiting. (Nothing)
Okay… Come.

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