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Mystic Messenger Guide: Christmas DLC Seven Route

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18:10 – Resting now!

Selection 1
Heya Yoosung! (Yoosung)
It’s Seven~~ (707)

Selection 2
Give me a ho~~ too. lolol (707)
Yoosung Kim has melted. +1 point. (Nothing)

Selection 3
Take a breather with me… Take a breather and take a head spinner! (Nothing)
I guess you’re still busy. You know that you have my full support, right? >.O (707)

Selection 4
I’m sorry sorry sorry too…x100 (Nothing)
While Seven defends the Eath, please defend the event, Yoosung! (707)

Selection 5
Yoosung Kim (lv. 13) will most likely do well in any given task. (Nothing)
Yoosung Kim (lv. 13) still doesn’t know what suffering is. (Nothing)

Selection 6
Seven, activate your Yandere mode!! (Nothing)
Seven, active your nice guy mode!! (707)

Selection 7
I don’t remember saying I’ll go lol (Nothing)
I’m preparing for a trip to the moon with Seven? (707)

Selection 8
Yoosung, tell me some of your Christmas stories. (Nothing)
And the one who kicks off to the tangent is 707070707 (707)

Selection 9
So what if it isn’t? Anything Seven has to say is super entertaining lol (707)
Dd you see penguins at the South Pole? (Nothing)

Selection 10
I assume the penguins taught you the mating dance? (707)
That’s like a blockbuster movie… (Nothing)

Selection 11
Should I go instead of Seven? I can’t be sure, but… (Nothing)
That’s up to him~ Let’s not force it onto him and accept his decisions. (707)

Selection 12
Well, I don’t know. Everyone has their own stories. (707)
^^ (Nothing)

Selection 13
Merry Christmas! (Nothing)
Good luck! (Nothing)

19:23 – 707 and Xmas

Selection 1
Did you hear anything for Seven? (707)
Hello~ How is the event going? (Nothing)

Selection 2
I guess this was a work-filled Christmas for you this year… (Zen)
I hope you finish work soon and spend the rest of the day with Zen’s DVD! Have hope! (Jaehee)

Selection 3
I want to see all of Zen’s performances on DVD with you, Jaehee. haha (Jaehee)
I want to study Seven’s space ship this Christmas… (707)

Selection 4
Seven doesn’t seem to like Christmas that much from what I can tell. (707)
I think Seven’s heart… has traveled far out into space for Christmas. (707)

Selection 5
Maybe he’ll be a bit different this Christmas? (707)
Probably to see me? (707)

Selection 6
I wonder what kind of person would suit you, Zen. lol (Nothing)
I want to be Seven’s light… I always felt that he needs light. (707)

Selection 7
I’m thinking about whether I should go! (Nothing)
Cheer up Zen T_T (Nothing)

Selection 8
Cheer up till the end! (Nothing)
Bye~ (Nothing)

Selection 9
He’s smart.
The side that he hides beneath his wide smile. (707)
How quirky he is! (Nothing)

Selection 10
Not yet. Good luck with practice. (Nothing)
Yup! I did. Don’t worry 🙂 (Nothing)

Game Branch

When you pressed the caution, did the chats change? The first one became titled Reached the goal, time to head over over to Secret Endings. If not, then you are still good on using this until the end!

21:00 – From the outer space

Selection 1
No human, but an alien is here. (Nothing)
Me! Someone who wants to see Seven! Me! (707)

Selection 2
The icon of hope and dreams! You mean Santa Claus? (Nothing)
I don’t really like Santa. (707)

Selection 3
Naughty children want presents too. (707)
Not everyone cen get a gift from Santa.
Santa didn’t give oyu a present? That’s harsh T_T (Nothing)

Selection 4
What is it? (Nothing)
What secret?
Thank you. (707)

Selection 5
Just as I’ve felt your sincerity, I’m sure the Seven on earth felt it too. (707)
When I meet the Seven on Earth, I’ll tell him. (707)

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