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Mystic Messenger Guide: Christmas DLC Secret Endings

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18:10 – Reached the goal

Selection 1
You did such a great work!! I’m so happy for you! (Yoosung + Jaehee?)
We get to see lots of money this year… though it’s not ours lol (Nothing)

Selection 2
I am planning to go (Yoosung + Jaehee)
Depends on the time (Nothing)

Selection 3
Welcome… (Nothing)
Zen, are you angry about something? (Zen)

Selection 4
Stay calm, stay calm! (Nothing)
That sounds so annoying T_T (Zen)

Selection 5
It’s not good to have false hope (Nothing)
That’s right! Have hope! (Zen)

Selection 6
Zen, give me a ride on your motorcycle~ (Zen)
It’s dangerous to ride on a day like this! (Yoosung)

Selection 7
I also want to express my feelings… (Alt Selection)
Christmas is passing by like this…(Nothing)

Alt Selection

No (Nothing)

Selection 8
Wow, that’s cool! (Zen)
Fill the empty bowl with water. (Zen Break)

Selection 9
You two seem to hate each other… (Zen)
I heard that love and hate are two sides of the same coin…
Don’t do that, try to be friends (Yoosung)

Selection 11
We should get a drink together (Zen)
I enjoyed this year thanks to the RFA (Yoosung + Zen)
So the year passes by like this for the RFA…


Selection 12
Collect all the money!! (Nothing)
I’m going soon so wait for me!! (Yoosung)

Selection 13
That’s because it Christmas today. (Zen)
We’re getting old… (Zen Break)

Selection 14
Don’t smoke too much and be careful of your health. (Nothing)
Yup, bye! (Nothing)

19:23 – Successful event

Selection 1
Zen, how is your rehearsal going?(Nothing)
Yeah, you did so well! (Nothing)

Selection 2
I’m thinking about it.. (Nothing)
I plan to go!


Selection 3
I’m sure everyone’s doing something worthwhile!(Nothing)
I thought it was normal to take a break on Christmas… Everyone here’s so… lolol (Nothing)

Selection 4
Spending time with my cherished ones too!(Zen + Jaehee)
I have a celebrity I want to meet!(Nothing)
I… have something I want, haha. (Nothing)

Selection 5
Bye, Jaehee! (Nothing)
Good luck with the event~


Selection 6
I hope you get good news~ (Nothing)
Okay, bye haha


21:00 – Looks busy…

Selection 1
Zen would have hated that…

That would be so cute, haha. (707)

Selection 2
I think it’s be better for you to just go yourself… (Yoosung + Jaehee)
Maybe if you make a small one you’ll have enough time? (707)

Selection 3
Okay, I’ll be there so don’t worry.

It would be better if all of us could be there… (Nothing)

At this point, you will get one of three(?) ends:

  • Visual Novel Scenario 1: Opens with the MC still in her apartment and the phone rings.
  • Visual Novel Scenario 2: Opens with the MC at the event (Done in two endings)

For the Bad Endings Guide, go here.

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