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One Piece Drinking Game

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Drinking Game

  • Drink every time someone says that they’re going to be the Pirate King.
    x2 if it’s not Luffy
  • Drink every time Zoro gets lost.
    x2 if it’s seemingly impossible
  • Drink every time someone explains their power.
    x2 if it’s during a battle
  • Drink if someone does something physically impossible with their powers.
  • Drink at every new Devil Fruit the show introduces.
  • Drink every time a part of Luffy gets stretched.
    x2 if Luffy’s not stretching himself
    Mercy Rule:
    named attacks don’t count
    Suicide Rule: everything counts
  • Drink every time Nami’s money fetish comes up.
  • Drink every time Usopp suddenly has a “can’t go on that island disease”.
    x2 if he’s totally ignored
    x3 if he claims it will kill him
  • Drink at every being dead joke Brook makes.
    x2 if he says skull joke
    x3 if he does the yohohoho laugh
  • Drink every time Brook asks to see someone’s panties.
  • Drink every time someone shouts out the name of their attack.
    x2 if it involves the name of their Devil Fruit
  • Drink every time Zoro drinks.
  • Drink every time Usopp lies.
  • Drink every time Usopp trembles.
  • Drink every time Zoro and Sanji argue.
    x2 if Sanji calls Zoro mosshead
  • Drink every time Name gets pissed.
    x2 if she hits someone
    x3 if she hits Luffy or Zoro
  • Drink every time Sanji lights up a cigarette.
  • Drink every time Luffy calls something a mystery …
  • Drink every time Chopper does his happy dance.
  • Drink every time Franky yells SUPER.
    x2 if he does his pose
  • Drink for every unique laugh you hear from a character.
  • Drink every time someone screams.
    Mercy Rule: only when it last longer than 5 seconds
  • Drink every time Sanji prepares something special for Name and/or Robin.
    x2 if the others complain about it
  • Drink every time Shanks is shown drinking.
    x2 if the whole crew is drinking

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