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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Maniac 9 (English Translation)

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Road toward school
Yui: Ugh…  How could I be so dumb?…
Yui: (Why would I only remember I left tomorrow’s homework in the classroom after I’d already gotten home?  Good grief…)
Yui: (Thanks to that stupid slip-up, here I am stuck walking back in the middle of the night all by myself…  This is the worst.)
Yui: Maybe I should’ve tried to ask Reiji-san to come with me…
Yui: …But I guess he’d pretty much be guaranteed to call me a moron seven different ways and then finally just tell me–
Yui: “Why should I have to waste my time like that?”
Yui: …..sigh.  I’d better just hurry…

Yui: Ahh, here it is!  Thank goodness…
Yui: (Now I just have to head back home, but…  the well-lit roads will take me way out of my way…)
Yui: …I guess I’ll take a shortcut.

Back street
Yui: (I just found this little shortcut recently.)
Yui: (If I hurry and run on through, the manor is just on the other side!)
Punk A: Huuuh?  Check it, there’s a chick hanging out around here at this time of night~
Punk B: Ohh, sweet.  Looks like she’s high school age!
Yui: …!
Yui: (Oh, geez… I didn’t notice until now, but… there’s a bunch of guys standing around in the dark here!)
Punk C: Hey, pretty lady!  You’re free, right?  Come hang out with us!
Yui: I’m not free at all…!
Punk A: Yeah, right~  C’mon, that’s a lame excuse for a joke.
Yui: No–  Let go of me!
Punk B: Ha ha!  “Let go of me~” she says!  That’s real cute~
Punk C: C’mon, honey, let’s go have some fun!
Yui: ….Ngh!
Yui: I said no!
Punk C: What the!?
Yui: (I– I did it again… how can I be so strong…!?)
Punk A: The hell is with this chick and her muscles?
Punk B: All right, you pissed me off now!
Yui: I– I’m sorry…!
Punk C: Hey, wait!
Yui: (I’ve got to just hurry and get out of here…!)

In front of Sakamaki Manor
Yui: …..phew… haa…. haa…
Reiji: You’re late getting back.
Yui: Reiji-san!?  What are you doing out here?
Reiji: I had an unpleasant premonition.
Yui: Huh…?
Reiji: But it seems you’ve managed to get back safely… …or not.
Yui: Wh–?
Reiji: I smell blood.  You’ve hurt yourself, haven’t you?
Yui: Huh?  ….Oh.
Yui: (There’s a scrape on my hand… when did that happen?)
Yui: (I was so focused on getting away I didn’t even notice…)
Reiji: …and I also detect the scent of other men.
Yui: !
Reiji: It’s a filthy… rotten smell.  …they were the ones who hurt you, yes?
Yui: Probably…
Reiji: How could you let some other man inflict pain on you?
Yui: I’m sorry…
Reiji: Give me your hand.  I’ll see to the wound.
Yui: Huh…!?
Reiji: …?  What are you hesitating for?  Hurry up and hold out your hand.
Yui: B– But…

Choose Are you planning to suck my blood? (M choice)
Yui: You aren’t planning to drink my blood, are you…?
Reiji: Do you want me to?  Is that supposed to be some kind of enticement?
Reiji: If so, I’m afraid your talent at seduction is sorely lacking.  That failed to excite me in the slightest.
Yui: T– that’s not what I meant at all!  I was just asking a question!
Reiji: Well, I am ever so sorry to disappoint.
Reiji: But the mere thought of drinking blood from a wound touched by such filthy men disgusts me.  Out of the question.
Yui: I… I see…  That’s fine, then…

Choose Are you planning to put poison on my scrape? (S choice)
Yui: You aren’t going to put some kind of poison on my scrape, are you…?
Reiji: ……….
Reiji: Goodness.  Now that you mention it, that sounds quite amusing.  I’ll have to give it a try.
Yui: ……!?  I– I’m sorry!  Please don’t!!
Reiji: Heh heh…  I believe there’s a saying: “Confine your tongue lest it confine you.”  For your own health, you’d do best to remember it.
Yui: Yeah, I guess you’re right…

Reiji: Now hurry up and give me your hand.  If you insist on wasting any more of my time, I’ll have to take measures.
Yui: …!  H… here.
Reiji: Heh heh…  You should have just obeyed to begin with.
Yui: (When Reiji-san says things like that, you really do never know what he’s going to come out with next…)
Reiji: This will sting a bit.
Yui: … ngh…
Reiji: There, all disinfected.  Now I have only to bandage it up.
Yui: I don’t think really needs bandages… it’s not that big a wound or anything.
Reiji: It will heal faster this way.
Yui: …Thank you.
Yui: (Did Reiji-san come out here specifically because he thought I might be hurt?)
Yui: (If not, he wouldn’t just happen to be carrying around first aid supplies like this, would he?)
Yui: (So he was worried about me…  Oh no, I… I’m a little bit happy…)
Yui: …Wh– Ow!  Reiji-san, that hurts!
Reiji: Yes, that’s because I’m taking great care to wind the bandages so tight that blood won’t pass through and your hand will rot and fall off from the wrist down.
Yui: …!?
Reiji: There.  Finished.
Yui: Um… it really does hurt.  You can’t just leave it like this…
Reiji: At the least you can deal with it for one hour.
Yui: Wha…!?
Reiji: If multiplied by a hundred or so, that would be equivalent to the amount of anger I’m feeling right now.
Yui: !
Reiji: Now come along, we’re going back to the manor.
Yui: …..all right…
Yui: (Reiji-san… was actually furious this whole time……)
Yui: (I’ll have to be more careful from now on……)
Reiji: Oh, and.
Yui: Y- yes!?  Was there something else?
Reiji: Once we’re inside, I insist that you bathe immediately.  You reek.
Yui: …..All right, I will…  I’m sorry.
Reiji: And in the morning make sure to send that uniform out to the cleaners.
Yui: Huh!?  But we have school tomorrow…
Reiji: So?  Obviously you can just go naked.
Yui: W- What…!?
Reiji: Do you have a complaint?
Yui: N– no!  I’m sorry…
Yui: (He really is incredibly angry…)

Reiji-san took off the bandages for me after precisely an hour.  My hand, which had gone numb from the lack of blood, is finally starting to recover.
…though when I think about how this numbness is proof that Reiji-san worried for me, it almost seems like a little bit of a shame for it to go away.
Something flutters strangely in my chest whenever I think about him…
–but it seems almost as though someone is watching and snickering to themselves as my feelings slowly change.
Could it be that Reiji-san is actually kind and gentle at heart?
…..No, there’s no way.

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