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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Journal Coverage (English Translation)

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Ema: (Huh? What’s with that crowd of people… I wonder if there is a photoshoot or something?)
Hikaru: Hey, hey, won’t you take a shot more from the left side? I’m more confident with my figure taken from the left.
Kaname: Hey, Miss Assistant over there… you’re cute. Why are you helping out with this photoshoot? Aren’t you supposed to be someone who needs to get her picture taken as well?
Ema: (Kaname-san and Hikaru-san!?)
Ema: (Th-Those two, what are they doing in this kind of place…!?)
Ema: (But, they really stands out…! When I think that I’m their family, it makes me kind of embarrassed! If only I can pass through and pretend that I didn’t notice them….)
Hikaru: Oh my, Ema?
Ema: (Whoa… I was found out right away….)
Kaname: Heey, Imouto-chan♪ Over here, over here!
Ema: (…I-Ignore them, ignore them!)
Kaname: Huh? Can’t she hear us? Imouto-chaaan!
Hikaru: Come on!! Why are you ignoring us, Ema!
Ema: P-Please don’t call out my name!
Kaname: What, so you heard us after all.
Ema: …Ah.
Hikaru: You should come here too~ Let’s have our photo taken together!
Ema: Ph, photo…!?
Hikaru: Yeah. They take snapshots of magazine readers. When I was in the middle of shopping with Kaname, that Mr. Editor and Mr. Photographer over there greeted us.
Kaname: They’re from “SYLPH”, a fashion magazine for women. Imouto-chan, do you know about it?
Ema: I-I sure know! It’s a famous magazine intended for adult celebrities….
Kaname: Hmm, is that so.
Hikaru: Oh my, Kaname, you didn’t know?
Kaname: Yeah. Hii-chan, did you know?
Hikaru: But of course. I read it sometimes.
Kaname: Hee. As expected of an okama.
Hikaru: Heey. I’m not an okama, you know?
Ema: (To have the staff of that famous magazine greeted them…. Well, they’re indeed creature of beauty, huh, these two….)
Ema: (…Though there’s some problems with their personality, it won’t be reflected in the photos.)
Kaname: Ah, Mr. Photographer. This child is our little sister. I would like to have a picture of us taken.
Kaname: Here, here, you’re in the middle, ‘kay ♪
Ema: Eh, w-wait a second! Kaname-san!!
Kaname: It’s fine, it’s fine ♪
Photographer: Alright, then I’ll take the picture. Please smile!
Photographer: I’ll take another one, here I go.
Hikaru: It’s okay~, take pictures of us more and more ♪
Photographer: But, you guys are such a beautiful siblings! To have such amazing big brother and big sister like them, I’m kind of envious to you~.
Ema: (Eh, could it be by ‘you’, he’s referring to me!?)
Ema: (He feels envious!? Then, right here and now, please swap position with me, won’t you!?)
Kaname: Ahh, that photographer, he just doesn’t understand. Even though the beautiful one is Imouto-chan. Right?
Ema: ……………Hah.
Photographer: Alright, all-OK! Thank you very much~!!
Kaname: The magazine will be released two months later, they said.
Hikaru: I’m looking forward to it!
Kaname: Imouto-chan, you can boast about it at school, you know?
Ema: Ha, haha….
Ema: (I definitely won’t do that….)

What happens next depends on your relation with Kaname I believe. Option 2 is when you’re on his route or close to it.

Option 1:
Kaname: By the way, what will Hi-chan do after this? I have work, so I’ll have to leave soon.
Hikaru: I plan to continue my shopping spree. That’s right, Ema should accompany me ♪
Ema: A, alright. I’m fine with it, but….
Hikaru: Then, it’s decided ♪ See you again, Kaname.
Kaname: Yeah, see you again. Then, see you at home, Imouto-chan.
Hikaru: Ema. Can I go look over there?
Ema: … Hikaru-san, you really have a good stamina. I’m a little tired here…
Hikaru: Why, even though you’re younger, you’re pretty sloven, huh. I understand. I’m just going to take a quick look, so you can wait here.
Ema: Yes, I’m sorry…
Hikaru: I’ll be back soon, so don’t move, okay?
Ema: Okaaayy.
Ema: (… Phew. Shopping with Hikaru-san is fun but consumes a lot of my stamina.)
Ema: (Or rather, where does that power come from?)
Ema: (…Hm?)
Ema: (I wonder why… that man who looks this way…. It seems he keeps staring at me…? Or is that just my feeling….)
Ema: …………!
Ema: (W, why…? That man, why is he approaching me!? N, no… what should I do…!)
Hikaru: Hey, mister. Why did you stare at my little sister since earlier?
Hikaru: If you don’t want me to cut off your fingers right here and now, get out of here right away. Okay?
Ema: H-Hikaru-san…!!
Hikaru: Come on, let’s go.
Ema: W, whoa…!
Hikaru: ………………
Ema: (H-Hikaru-san… he seems angry….)
Ema: U-Uhm… Thank you for helping me out….
Hikaru: Aah, enough already…!
Ema: I, I’m sorry…! I didn’t plan to trouble Hikaru-san, but….
Hikaru: …That’s not it. Not only did the old man make me irritated, but I also feel irritated about myself.
Ema: …Eh?
Hikaru: I’m sorry for leaving you alone. …I’m sure you were scared.
Ema: (Ah… is he bothered by it…?)
Ema: I’m alright.
Hikaru: Though you say it thoughtlessly….
Hikaru: If I didn’t notice it, what would happen? …Just thinking about it makes me feel unpleasant.
Ema: Yes, but. You noticed, didn’t you?
Hikaru: ……!
Ema: Because you noticed it, I was saved. That’s why, it’s fine already.
Hikaru: Hh… really, you… rather than saying that you’re softhearted, it might be better to say that you’re… stupid?
Ema: Eeh!?
Hikaru: Hehe, well, it turned out well.
Ema: (Hikaru-san was really worried about me. Somehow, it kind of make me happy.)
Hikaru: Hm, but still. Starting from next time…
Ema: ……?
Hikaru: Even if you say “I’m tired” while crying, I’ll take you to walk with me. I won’t let you go.
Ema: Eh…Ehhh…!?
Hikaru: Hahaa! You’re blushing bright red. Well, to change the mood we’re going to continue the shopping spree. Come on, let’s go!
Ema: (Really, Hikaru-san is such a…!)

Option 2
Kaname: By the way Hii-chan, what will you do after this?
Hikaru: I’m thinking of continuing my shopping spree. What about you?
Ema: I’m going home. I have to do dinner preparation, so.
Kaname: Then, I’ll escort you until midway.
Ema: Thank you.
Kaname: Well then, see you again, Hii-chan.
Hikaru: See you again, Kaname.
Kaname: Then, I’m heading this way.
Ema: Kaname-san isn’t going home yet?
Kaname: I really want to go home with Imouto-chan, but, I’m going to work now~.
Ema: (Going to work now…. Although he’s wearing casual outfit…? Is it a suspicious job again…?)
Kaname: Ah, what’s with that face. You don’t believe me~? So cruel, Imouto-chan.
Ema: I’m sorry… I was just thinking, but it seems it’s expressed in my look.
Ema: (I’d better not meddle in too deeply….)
Kaname: I’m sorry that I can’t escort you until our home. Be careful on your way back.
Ema: Yes, I will. Thank you.
???: Huh? Isn’t it Kana-chan?
Kaname: … Ah, Ryuusei-san!
Ema: (Ryu, Ryuusei-san…? That appearance… Could it be that this person is a monk!?)
Ryuusei: Just right after I think that there is this cute girl that takes my fancy, turns out that the person who is with her is Kana-chan. What a surprise.
Kaname: Haha. Ryuusei-san too will be going to work right now?
Ryuusei: Yeah. By the way, who is this girl? Could it be, Kana-chan’s favorite girl?
Ema: Y-You’re wrong…! I-I’m his little sister.
Ryuusei: Little sister? So Kana-chan has a little sister?
Kaname: Didn’t I told you? My mother re-married….
Ryuusei: Aah, now that you mention it, you did say something like that. Hmmm…?
Ema: (I, I wonder why… it feels like he stares deeply at me…?)
Ryuusei: How do you do, I’m Ryuusei. You, you’re about 17 years old, right? You have such a mature look, but at the same time there’s an air of innocence about you, that it tickles male instincts.
Ryuusei: In five years, I’m sure many kind of men will all be crazy about you.
Ema: Uh… huh…?
Ryuusei: No, it seems right now you’re popular enough. Hey, do you have a boyfriend?
Ema: Eh…!
Ryuusei: Do you have one?
Ema: N-None…
Ryuusei: Hee, what a waste. The guys all around you, I wonder why they don’t try to snatch you away. That being the case…
Ryuusei: Next time, won’t you spend a night with me?
Ema: …Eh? Eh!?
Ryuusei: The hard bound flower bud, I wonder if I’ll be allowed to open it with my hand. The you who drives men mad, are supposed to bloom into a lustrous flower after all.
Ema: Eerh… u, uhm…?
Kaname: Alright, alright, Ryuusei-san, stop there. She feels troubled, you know?
Ryuusei: …Hm?
Kaname: …? Ryuusei-san?
Ryuusei: Hee. Kana-chan, were you angry?
Kaname: …
Ryuusei: It’s the little sister of the person who had fallen to rank second in our temple. I’ve become more and more interested in her.
Kaname: … Ryuusei-san. Weren’t you going to go to work?
Ryuusei: Hahaa, I was kidding ♪ Kana-chan, if you put on such a scary look, you’ll scare the girls and Buddha, you know?
Kaname: …Good grief.
Ryuusei: If I try to make a pass at you more than this, seems like Kana-chan’s face will turn into something like Ema-sama’s. That’s why, I’ll excuse myself now.
Kaname: Yeah, yeah. Please do just that.
Ryuusei: Though we part here, if you demand for it, I’ll accompany you to Nirvana anytime you like. Well then!
Ema: W, what an amazing person…. Although I can’t understand half of the things that he said….
Kaname: Well, I think it’s fine even if you can’t understand.
Ema: By the way, Kaname-san. There’s something that I’m curious about.
Kaname: Hm? What is it?
Ema: That person just now, he said that you “ranked second in our temple”, right?
Ema: What does that mean? As I thought, Kaname-san is a host, huh?
Kaname: I’m not a host~. I mean, it’s because Ryuusei-san ranks first, see?
Ema: E-Ehhhh!?
Ema: (Kaname-san’s temple, as I thought it’s an outrageous place…)

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