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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Yusuke Event 12: Confession (English Translation)

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Ema: Oh, Yusuke-kun.
Yusuke: Hm, what is it?
Ema: It’s a message from Ukyo-san…
Yusuke: From Kyo-nii?
Ema: Yeah.
Ema: (…huh?)
Yusuke: …What?
Ema: Oh, its um…
Ema: (I think I saw one of our classmates whispering about us.)
Yusuke: Huh?
Ema: I-It’s nothing. Um, so about Ukyo-san…
Ema: (I probably shouldn’t worry about it too much.)
Yusuke: …All right, I got it.
Ema: Good. Take care.
Yusuke: Yeah, thanks for the message.
Ema: (I suppose I should head home soon.)
Sasakura: Hinata-san.
Ema: Oh Sasakura-san. What is it?
Sasakura: I need to speak with you. Is this a good time?
Ema: Sure I guess…
Sasakura: Finally. I’ve been waiting for the right chance to finally talk to you alone.
Ema: Huh…?
Ema: (Everyone in the classroom began to leave. Soon it was just the two of us.)
Sasakura: You know…
Ema: Yes?
Sasakura: I’ve been thinking about you ever since you first entered high school…
Ema: ….!
Sasakura: That’s why when I finally got into the same class as yours, I was really happy.
Ema: Sasakura-kun…
Sasakura: I…I like you, Hinata-san! Would you like to go out with me?
Ema: …!!
Ema: (Um…go out with Sasakura…?)
Sasakura: So…?
Ema: I-I’m sorry…
Sasakura: …That was pretty straight forward. You don’t pull any punches, huh?
Ema: Ah…sorry.
Sasakura: Is there a reason?
Ema: (My reason for not going out with Sasakura-kun?)

1: I’ve never considered it
2: There’s someone else (hearts)

1: I’ve never considered it
Ema: I…I’ve never considered you as a boyfriend…
Sasakura: …Just as friends?
Ema: …Y-Yes.

2: There’s someone else
Ema: A-Actually, there’s someone else…
Ema: (When Sasakura confessed… Yusuke-kun’s face appeared in my mind…)
Ema: (Could that mean I’m in love wih…)

Sasakura: …I see.
Sasakura: So the rumor that you’re going out with Asahina must be true.
Ema: What?! What are you talking about?!
Sasakura: It’s been spreading around that you and Asahina are dating. That’s gotta be it right?!
Ema: Whaaat!
Ema: (So that’s why those students were glancing at us earlier…)
Ema: ….!?
Ema: Was someone listening to us right now…?!
Sasakura: S-Sorry! I didn’t realize how loud I was…
Ema: …No, it’s not your fault.
Sasakura: Jeez, why are you so kind all the time…?
Ema: Huh?
Sasakura: Nevermind, it’s nothing. So you really aren’t going out with Asahina?
Ema: No, I’m really not.
Sasakura: But you guys have really gotten along while you’ve been in the same class.
Ema: There’s actually a reason for it… But you need to keep it a secret.
Sasakura: …Sure.
Ema: The truth is… My father and Yusuke-kun’s mother got remarried. So we’ve become siblings.
Ema: So now we’re living together…
Sasakura: W-Whaaat?! S-Seriously?!
Ema: …Yes.
Sasakura: I see, it all makes sense now. I was pretty suspicious of all the excuses he was making.
Ema: I’m sorry for hiding it until now.
Sasakura: It’s all right, I’m sure it was Asahina who wanted to keep it a secret.
Ema: (Well that’s true but…)
Sasakura: But, living together? It must be pretty complicated.
Ema: …..
Sasakura: All right. Your secret is safe with me.
Ema: I really appreciate it.
Sasakura: But just so you know, I still haven’t given up on you yet…!
Ema: Huh…?
Sasakura: I failed to get my feelings across today, but there’s always tomorrow. So would it be all right if we still stayed friends?
Ema: …Of course.
Ema: (He probably wanted to make sure that things wouldn’t become awkward between us.)
Sasakura: I guess I’ll get going then. Thanks for hearing me out today. See you tomorrow.
Ema: You’re welcome. See you tomorrow.
Ema: (But the rumors of me and Yusuke-kun dating had begun to spread more and more…)
Ema: (As time passed, Yusuke-kun started to avoid me at school…)

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