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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Shuu Dark 1 (English Translation)

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Yui: (I’m constantly with Shuu-san every day.)
Shuu: … … … …
Yui: (Though because he’s always listening to music, I can’t interact with him at all.)
Shuu: … … … …
Yui: (It looks like he doesn’t even pay attention to me.)
Yui: (Though, this is a lot better than if he tried to bother me…)
Yui: (But it’s a little depressing like this…)
Yui: Shuu-san?
Shuu: … … … …what?
Yui: Shuu-san, you guys are vampires, right?
Shuu: You’re asking that question now? Are you stupid?
Yui: S-sorry…
Shuu: … … … … …
Yui: (Ah…I can’t seem to converse with him….it looks like it’s better if I don’t talk.)
Yui: Well…since you guys are vampires, can you turn into bats and fly?
Shuu: … … … …hah?
Yui: Also, do you guys hate garlic and turn into ashes under the sun?
Yui: That’s why you guys come to Ryoutei Gakuen at night, right?
Shuu: … … … …
Shuu: You…really are an idiot.
Yui: You actually called me an idiot…
Shuu: I can eat garlic without dying, and even if I can’t turn into a bat, flying is no problem.
Shuu: If you want to kill me, it’s too bad, because I also won’t turn into ashes if I walk under the sun.
Shuu: I’m not that easy to kill, got it?
Yui: I don’t want to kill you…
Shuu: Hm…? Well, whatever. It doesn’t matter anyway.
Shuu: The vampire legends are nothing more but boring stories that you humans thought up.
Yui: Ah…
Shuu: Can you stop asking pointless questions and wasting my time?
Yui: Sorry, it wasn’t my intention to bother you.
Yui: (It really is hard to converse with this person.)
Yui: Ah, Shuu-san, class is starting.
Shuu: … … … …
Yui: H…he fell asleep?
Yui: Shuu-san, please wake up! You need to go to class!
Shuu: … …you’re so annoying.
Yui: Ah, sorry….but class will start very soon.
Shuu: That has nothing to do with me. The soloist is going to perform now, so don’t bother me.
Yui: I said you can’t sleep!!
Yui: If you sleep you’ll get held back!
Shuu: That has nothing to do with you. Even if I get held back or have to quit school, it’s none of your business.
Yui: But…
Shuu: You’re so boring. Can you just leave?
Yui: How can you say that…
Yui: (But maybe if I managed to prevent him from getting held back, the whole family will feel grateful to me and let me leave.)
Yui: (Okay, here I go.)
Yui: Shuu-san! I still think you should go to class! I’ll drag you over there if I need to!
Yui: (As expected, I can’t drag a person by myself…)
Shuu: What are you doing? You’re a very weird person.
Yui: Shuu-san, I beg you, please stand up!
Shuu: You’re such a weird woman… …you want me to go to class that badly?
Yui: Well, yes. I hope that someone I’m living with will do well.
Shuu: To feel responsible for this kind of thing…you’re such an annoying person.
Yui: I don’t care if you think that I’m annoying. Cutting class is not okay!
Shuu: Then…
Yui: So you agree to come to class?
Shuu: If you kiss me, then I suppose I can go to class.
Yui: What?
Shuu: You didn’t hear me? I’m not going to say it again. It’s too troublesome.
Yui: I heard you the first time!
Yui: (But…he actually said to kiss him…!)
Yui: Don’t you think that that’s kind of weird?
Shuu: You don’t accept?
Yui: Obviously I don’t accept!
Shuu: Then I won’t go.
Yui: What do you mean, you won’t go? Please stop refusing…
Shuu: … … … …
Yui: (He’s just staring idly at the moon…if I don’t kiss him, he really won’t go to class…)
Yui: (But…how can I just suddenly kiss someone that I don’t like?)
Shuu: If you aren’t going to kiss me, you can leave. I’m going to sleep here.
Yui: Shuu-san…
Yui: (If I just leave him like this, Shuu-san will really cut class…what should I do?

Choose …I understand… (Correct choice)
Yui: Okay, I understand…as long as I kiss you, you’ll return to the classroom, right?
Shuu: Then hurry up.
Yui: O-okay…
Yui: (I’ve already made up my mind to kiss him….)
Yui: Shuu-san, please close your eyes.

Choose As it turns out, I can’t…
Yui: (That’s imossible, after all….)
Shuu: So does that mean I don’t have to go?
Shuu: This was just to remove the guilt that you put on me.
Yui: Eh….
Yui: (But, this would be my first kiss…)
Shuu: You’re not going to do it?
Yui: I, I’ll do it…. close your eyes.

Yui: Then…I’m going to kiss you now…
Shuu: If you’re going to kiss me, can you hurry up?
Yui: O-okay…
Shuu: … … … …
Yui: (I guess it really wasn’t okay to just kiss his cheek…)
Yui: Shuu-san!?
Shuu: …you’re very bad at kissing.
Yui: What!?
Yui: Ah…he left…
Yui: (He actually upheld the agreement…)
Yui: Though…isn’t he a bit too indifferent? And he even said such rude things too!
Yui: But…he doesn’t seem to have that much interest in me. If it’s like this, maybe they’ll let me go earlier…
Yui: Ah! It’s me who’s late now!

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