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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Triplets (English Translation)

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Ema: (I’m at the bookstore in front of the station… It’s about time to go…)
???: Hey!
Ema: (That voice…)
Natsume: Yo.
Azusa: Hey.
Ema: Oh, Natsume-san! And Azusa-san’s with him.
Ema: (Huh…it’s rare to see just the two of them…)
Azusa: Coming home from school?
Ema: Yes.
Ema: What about you two? And where’s Tsubaki-san?
Azusa: Ah.
Natsume: We’re actually waiting for him.
Azusa: The three of us we’re supposed to go together, but Tsubaki suddenly had work, so we’re just passing the time.
Ema: Oh. I just thought that it was rare for you to be seen together.
Azusa: Rare…
Natsume: Haha, not really.
Natsume: Azusa usually comes to me to complain or gripe about Tsubaki. It’s not so rare.
Azusa: That isn’t all, is it, Natsume? You’re making me sound narrow and bitter.
Natsume: …Isn’t that the point…
Azusa: He’s our brother, and the oldest of us three. Of course we talk about him like that.
Azusa: Ema. Everything Natsume said is wrong, so don’t pay attention to any of it.
Natsume: …And suddenly I’m the bad guy. You’re horrible, Azusa.
Azusa: Did you say something, Natsume?
Natsume: Eh? Nothing.
Ema: (If you listen to them carefully though, they seem to be really close.)
Azusa: Hm? Is something wrong?
Ema: Not really. I just noticed that you were very honest with each other. You really are triplets.
Azusa: Compared to our other brothers, at least.
Natsume: Including Tsubaki, the three of us have gone a long way. Sure we’re honest.
Ema: Can you tell me more while we wait for Tsubaki-san?
Azusa: More?
Ema: Yes. I want to know more about what you talk about.
Azusa: Is it that fun to watch?
Ema: Since I hardly ever see it…
Natsume: I don’t mind but…most of it is just Tsubaki getting us in trouble.
Ema: Huh? What do you mean?
Natsume: People always used to be mad at us.
Azusa: Because Tsubaki would pull pranks a lot.
Ema: …Pranks?
Natsume: Yeah. There’s this one time… on Masa-nii’s birthday, when we were in grade school.
Azusa: Ah, that…I remember.
Ema: …?
Natsume: Tsubaki filled the candles on Masa-nii’s birthday cake with gunpowder.
Ema: Gunpowder?!
Natsume: When the candle was lit, the wax ruined the cake.
Azusa: And Mom asked, “Who did this?!”
Natsume: Tsubaki wouldn’t speak up, and all three of us got in trouble.
Azusa: We didn’t get to eat the cake, and Natsume and I got punished for letting Tsubaki do that…
Azusa: Mom was really pissed.
Natsume: Other stuff he did included placing gelatin in the bath,switching the salt and the sugar, drawing on other people’s faces…
Natsume: And the one I can’t forget… putting a banana peel at my front door…
Azusa: I actually laughed a bit when I heard you slipped. And why do you even remember that. It’s like you have a vendetta.
Natsume: As if I’d ever forget!
Ema: Haha.
Ema: (Except for the gunpowder… they were all really amusing.)
Azusa: He did that all the way until high school.
Natsume: Oh…you mean what he did to Kana-nii’s present for his girlfriend?
Ema: Oh, he did that?
Natsume: And Kana-nii wouldn’t talk to him after.
Azusa: If you were gonna do that to his present, of course he’ll be mad.
Ema: It sounds just like him, though…
Tsubaki: Heya!
Tsubaki: Oh, and Ema’s here, too! Lucky!
Azusa: Ah, Tsubaki. You made it.
Ema: Hello. I met these two on the way home.
Tsubaki: So what were you talking about. I could here you laughing!
Natsume: Our past…with you.
Tsubaki: That can’t be all. Let me listen to the rest!
Ema: He meant that you’ve always been as you are since you were a child, Tsubaki-san.
Tsubaki: Huh? I don’t get it.
Azusa: He’s always been like this.
Tsubaki: Always been..Huh?
Azusa: Since Tsubaki’s here, we can go.
Natsume: Yeah, get home safely, Ema.
Ema: You too.
Ema: (No matter what they say, they’re still together. It’s good to be brothers.)

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