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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Triplets’ Birthday (English Translation)

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Ema: (Oh right, it’s Tsubaki-san, Azusa-san, and Natsume-san’s birthday tomorrow! Should I buy a present…?)

1: Buy
2: Don’t buy

1: Buy
Ema: (Who will I give it to…?)

1A: Tsubaki-san
Ema: (I’ll get for Tsubaki-san…Okay, I’ll go to the mall later!)
1B: Azusa-san
Ema: (I’ll get for Azusa-san…Okay, I’ll go to the mall later!)
1C: Natsume-san
Ema: (I’ll get for Natsume-san…Okay, I’ll go to the mall later!)

At the mall
Shop assistant: Welcome!
If you buy something
Ema: (This should be okay. I’m excited to give it!)
If you don’t buy something
Ema: (Maybe I shouldn’t get a present, after all…)
When leaving
Shop assistant: Thank you for stopping by!

2: Don’t buy
Ema: (Well…I don’t really need to. I need to focus on today!)

The next day
Ema: (Today is Tsubaki-san’s birthday.)
Ema: (I should give him his present right away.)
Ema: Good morning, Tsubaki-san.
Tsubaki: Huh? Ema? Morning…why so early, though?
Ema: I’m sorry…I needed to give you something…
Ema: I have a present for you. Happy birthday!
Tsubaki: Eh? You mean…for me? Really?! I’m so happy!! I guess you really love me!!
Tsubaki: Hey, can I open it?
Ema: Go on!

Option 1: (hearts, get him the game software or the silver accesories)
Tsubaki: あっ、これ……前から気になってたんだ!さっすが Ema!
Tsubaki: Ah…I’ve had my eye on this for a while! Smooth, Ema!
Ema: Then it’s good that I got it!
Tsubaki: …The present’s great, but…
Tsubaki: You came here first thing to greet me! For that, you get a hug! Gyu!
Ema: (Really, Tsubaki-san…!)

Option 2:
Tsubaki: 俺に……? ありがとなー!でも、なんか気ぃつかわせちゃった?
Tsubaki: A present? Wow, thanks! But did you really have to?
Ema: It’s alright! I really wanted to give you one!

Tsubaki: I’ll take care of it!
Ema: Sure!
Ema: Well, I’ll be going now. I’m sorry again that it’s so early.
Ema: (I’m happy Tsubaki-san liked his present!)

Ema: (Today is Azusa-san’s birthday.)
Ema: (I should give him his present right away.)
Ema: Good morning, Azusa-san.
Azusa: …Good morning. It’s quite early, though.
Ema: I’m sorry, but I needed to give something to you…
Ema: It’s a present. Happy birthday!
Azusa: Eh…You remembered. Thank you…May I open it?
Ema: Of course?

Option 1: (hearts, get him the silver accesories)
Azusa: ……前から気になってたんだ、これ。僕が欲しいもの、よくわかったね。うれしい。
Azusa: …Did you know that I wanted this? I’m glad.
Ema: It’s good that I picked it!
Azusa: …I mean, I’m glad about the present, too…
Azusa: …But that you came here to do this first thing today…Thank you.

Option 2:
Azusa: 僕に……? ありがとう。もしかして気をつかってくれた?
Azusa: For me…? Thanks. Did you come across any trouble?
Ema: No, I really wanted to give this to you.

Azusa: So…you gave Tsubaki and Natsume, too?
Ema: Huh? I didn’t catch that…
Azusa: …No, it’s nothing.
Azusa: I’ll take care of it.
Ema: Okay.
Ema: Well, I’ll be leaving now. I’m sorry again if it’s too early.
Ema: (I’m happy Azusa-san liked his present!)

Ema: Natsume-san! Thank goodness, I can catch up with you…….
Natsume: Oh, it’s you. What’s wrong?
Ema: I’m sorry……. it’s a bit late to give it to you, but…….
Ema: Happy birthday! Here, a present.
Natsume: For me……?
Ema: Of course!
Natsume: I, is that so……!
Ema: Ah, could it be…… it’s bothering you?
Natsume: No! That’s not it! It’s just so sudden, so I’m a bit surprised……!
Ema: Yes!

Option 1: (hearts, get him the CD album)
Natsume: お……これ、前から気になってたんだ。俺が欲しいもの、よくわかったな。
Natsume: Oh…… this is, something that I’ve had my eyes on for a while now. You understand the things that I want well.
Ema: I’m glad you like it!
Natsume: …… While I appreciate receiving this present.
Natsume: You went through the troubles to give it to me makes me happy. Thank you.
Ema: It’s nothing…….
Natsume: …… I’ll be frank. I made a weird reaction earlier, that was…… because I was really happy…….
Ema: Eh……?
Natsume: I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t think that I’ll get a birthday present from you, so…….
Natsume: Really, thank you very much.

Option 2:
Natsume: サンキュ。わざわざ悪いな。
Natsume: Thanks. Sorry that you went through the trouble of preparing it.
Ema: It’s alright! I really wanted to give you one.

Natsume: Then, I’ll take care of the present.
Ema: Okay.
Ema: Well, I’ll be going now.
Ema: (I’m happy Natsume-san liked his present!)

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