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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink New Year (English Translation)

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Ema: Happy New Year.
Miwa: Happy New Year, Ema-chan.
Rintarou: Happy New Year, Ema.
Ema: (Papa and Miwa-san came to Sunrise Residence on New Year’s Day.)
Ema: (Hikaru-san and Natsume-san arrived earlier too. The lounge is even livelier than it was at the Christmas party.)
Miwa: First of all…
Miwa: Suba-chan, Io-kun, Ema-chan, Yuu-chan, Fuu-chan and Wata-chan. Please all line up in that order~!
Ema: ……?
Rintarou: We’re giving out New Year’s gifts.
Wataru: Yay! New Year’s gifts ♪ New Year’s gifts ♪
Yusuke: Wataru… You’re getting too excited.
Iori: Don’t you look pretty happy too, Yusuke?
Yusuke: S-Shut up!
Tsubaki: Hey, hey. Why’s an adult like Subaru being included?
Subaru: H-He’s right… I don’t need any gifts.
Miwa: In this family, everyone’s a kid until they finish their studies.
Miwa: You got New Year’s gifts until you graduated from your voice acting school, didn’t you, Tsukkun?
Tsubaki: Did I…? Hmm… Now that you mention it, I suppose I did ★
Miwa: So you shouldn’t be shy about getting them either, Suba-chan!
Subaru: Umm… Is that okay?
Rintarou: Okay, Ema. Here’s yours.
Ema: Thank you, Papa….nine as well?!
Kaname: Ahaha, she’s really surprised!
Ema: So if two of them are from Papa and Mama… Who are the other seven from…?
Ukyo: They’re from the working adults in this family.
Masaomi: It’s natural because we’re decent adults.
Ema: Ahh… Thank you very much. Umm… So these are from Masaomi-san and Ukyo-san…
Kaname: Mine is this shiny one ♪
Hikaru: There’s one from me too. You gave one too, right, Louis?
Louis: Yeah.
Ema: (Oh? That means there are only two left…?)
Azusa: Natsume and I gave some… Did you forget, Tsubaki…?
Tsubaki: Uh…
Azusa: Haa.
Tsubaki: Huh? When did you all make arrangements to prepare New Year’s gifts anyway?
Natsume: There was no arrangement. We do this every year.
Tsubaki: Is that so?
Natsume: That’s right. Would you normally forget?
Tsubaki: Oh dear. I’m shocked to hear that from Natsume, the person most likely to forget.
Natsume: What’s that supposed to mean?!
Ema: Hehe.
Ema: (They always get on so well.)
Natsume: …What are you laughing at…?
Ema: (…Uh…)
Miwa: Oh? Fuu-chan isn’t here. Do you know where he is, Ema-chan?
Ema: Fuuto-kun had a concert on New Year’s Eve and he got back this morning. I think he’s still sleeping in his room…
Miwa: Ah, I see. I’ll give him his New Year’s gift later then…
Miwa: By the way, there’s something I’d like you to wear, Ema-chan!
Ema: Eh… This is a furisode kimono?!
Miwa: That’s right. I’m sure it’ll suit you, Ema-chan~! Put this on and we’ll all go to the shrine together!
Miwa: So just wait a minute, all of you. Ah, you come with me, Lou-kun!
Ema: Huh? Huh?
Ema: (I was unable to say no… Miwa-san helped me get dressed and Louis-san did my hair… I’m kinda embarrassed though…)
Miwa: Yes, you really are cute~! You look so charming. Don’t you think so too?

The next part depends on who you are closest with.
Masaomi: Yes, I think she looks very cute.
Miwa: Don’t you want her to be your wife, Maa-kun?
Masaomi: M-Mom!

Ukyo: She’s right. I think it really suits you.
Miwa: It’s unusual for Kyo-chan to compliment someone. Good for you, Ema-chan!
Ukyo: Mom… Please don’t say anything unnecessary.

Kaname: Yeah. You look good in Japanese clothes too, little sis. Cute girls look good no matter what they wear.
Miwa: Then how about you ask her out right now?
Kaname: Are you serious? Sure, I will ♪
Ema: H-Hey! You two!

Hikaru: Hmm, you look quite different.I almost didn’t recognise you.
Miwa: You and Hi-chan look like real siblings when you’re standing together!
Hikaru: Siblings is fine, but how about a couple next time?
Ema: H-Hikaru-san…?!
Hikaru: It was a joke ♪

Tsubaki: Whoa! You look seriously cute ♪ Hey, can I give you a hug?
Miwa: Okay. Go, Tsukkun! Mom says you can.
Tsubaki: Yay ★
Ema: H-Hey! You two!

Azusa: Yes, it really suits you. You look beautiful.
Miwa: I’m surprised to see Akkun show an interest in someone apart from Tsukkun…!
Azusa: Mom… Putting it that way is rude to me…

Natsume: Hmm. I suppose it’s not bad, is it?
Miwa: Hey, Nakkun! Can’t you say something more thoughtful than that?
Ema: (No, that was enough… I’m actually surprised he complimented me.)

Louis: …Yes, you look cute.
Miwa: That’s right, she really does~
Miwa: You see lots of girls dressed up nicely at work, but Ema-chan is the best, right?
Louis: Yes, she is.
Ema: (…It’s embarrassing when he says it with such a serious look on his face.)

Subaru: …Huh?! M-Me?!
Miwa: It’s no good not giving a girl a single compliment!
Subaru: …I-It suits you.
Miwa: Say it in a louder voice next time!

Iori: Yes, you look really pretty. But you’re probably not used to wearing Japanese clothes, so tell me right away if you’re tired, alright?
Miwa: You didn’t just compliment her, you showed concern too…! You’re Mama’s greatest accomplishment!
Iori: You’re exaggerating, Mom.

Yusuke: ……
Miwa: Oh my. You’re all tense…! You must quite like Ema-chan’s furisode kimono.
Yusuke: Huh?! I-It’s not like that! Don’t just say whatever you like, Mom!
Miwa: Hey, your face is red.
Yusuke: S-S-S-S-Shut up!

(After this go to Fuuto’s event 8)
Rintarou: Yes, it really suits you, Ema.
Ema: (I’ve gotten dressed up, so I wish Fuuto-kun could have seen it too…)
Miwa: Alright, shall we go to the shrine then?
Ema: Ah, I’d like to go and ask Fuuto-kun whether he’ll come too…
Miwa: Eh? Ah…!
Miwa: Alright, go on then.
Ema: Okay.
Miwa: Do your best, Ema-chan. You can surprise him while he’s sleeping if you like.
Ema: ?!
Rintarou: M-Miwa-san?!
Miwa: Hehehe, I was joking ♪
Ema: (I don’t know whether I’d call Miwa-san lively or just bold…)
Ema: (I’ll go to Fuuto-kun’s room then.)

Wataru: You look pretty, big sis!
Miwa: Would you like to wear the same thing, Wata-chan?
Wataru: N-No!
Miwa: But you’d look brilliant like your big sister.
Wataru: I… I’m not a little boy! I’m not going to wear that kind of thing!

Rintarou: Yes, it really suits you, Ema.
Juli: Rintarou is right, Chii.
Juli: It’s good to dress like that sometimes. It really suits you.
Ema: Hehe. Thank you, Juli.

Continue for everyone except Fuuto
If you have a good relationship with Fuuto
(After this go to Fuuto’s event 8)
Miwa: Shall we go then?
Miwa: Right, Ema-chan. Can you wake up Fuu-chan and ask him if he wants to come to the shrine?
Ema: Huh… Is it okay to wake him up?
Miwa: It’s okay! It’s okay!
Ema: A-Alright.
Miwa: Thanks.

If you don’t have a good relationship with Fuuto
(After this part the event will end)
Miwa: Shall we go then?
Ema: Umm… Is it okay not to call Fuuto-kun?
Miwa: Yes, I think so. He probably won’t want to come.
Ema: (Now that I think about it… Fuuto-kun would probably think going out with all of us is annoying…)
Miwa: So let’s just go now.
Ema: Alright then.
Ema: (Just as you’d expect of New Year’s Day, there are lots of visitors.)
Miwa: Let’s split up for now and meet up here later.
Ema: Okay.
Ema: (What shall I do…?)
(Now it can split in other events)

No event
Ema: (First I’ll pray for something…)
Juli: You spent quite a long time making a wish, considering you only put 100 yen in the offertory box…
Ema: Jeez. Don’t say things like that.
Juli: What did you pray for?
Ema: For our whole family to live together happily!
Juli: I think I’ll go and pray too.
Juli: I’m going to pray that “The Asahina brothers who keep making a move on Chii receive divine punishment”!
Ema: ……
Ema: (He’s saying such scary things even though the year has just begun…)
Ema: (Everyone else seems to be praying and drawing fortunes.)
Juli: Hmm, it looks like it’s almost time.
Ema: Yes, let’s go back.
Miwa: Were you able to complete your prayers, Ema-chan?
Ema: Yes!
Miwa: I’m glad you did. Shall we go then?
Ema: (I’m glad we all came to the shrine together. I hope this year is another good one!)



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