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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Fuuto Event 8: New Year (English Translation)

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Ema: (Seems like Fuuto-kun is asleep. He’ll probably be in a bad mood if I wake him…)
Fuuto: …Who is it?!
Ema: Sorry, Fuuto-kun. You were sleeping, right?
Fuuto: Of course I was. Last night I did live countdown broadcast. You know I just came back this morning, right?
Ema: Y-Yeah.
Fuuto: If you understand that then…
Fuuto: Hm?
Ema: ….?
Fuuto: Oh, is that a kimono?
Ema: Y-Yes. I had Miwa-san help me put it on.
Fuuto: Hmmm. Not bad I guess.
Ema: Huh?
Ema: (Was he complimenting me just now…?)
Fuuto: I mean, anyone could look decent in those clothes, is what I really meant to say.
Ema: What…!?
Fuuto: I feel bad for the kimono since it has to been worn to your fitting.
Ema: (To say something like that on New Years Day morning…)
Fuuto: Hm, what is it? Did you come here specifically for me?
Ema: Um…I suppose that’s true but…
Fuuto: Haha, I see. So you wanted me to say you look beautiful, right?
Ema: Huh? N-No way! Not at all!
Fuuto: If that’s not it then why else would you come visit me dressed like that?
Fuuto: Or could it be that… you wanted to be undressed by me?
Ema: T-That’s definitely not why!!
Fuuto: Haha! Well, I suppose it is rare to see you dressed up like this. So I’ll let the fact you woke me up slide.
Ema: T-Thanks…
Fuuto: So? What did you really want?
Ema: R-Right. I’m really sorry but I had to check with you about this.
Fuuto: What is it?
Ema: I’m visiting the shrine with everyone for New Years. And Miwa-san was wondering if you wanted to come along.
Ema: Besides, I also thought it’d be fun if you came along as well so…
Fuuto: …….
Ema: (Huh? He’s giving an awful dazzling idol smile. I would’ve thought for sure he’d say no. Does that mean he’ll come?)
Ema: U-Um, Fuuto-kun? If you’re coming you should probably get changed and head to the living room…
Fuuto: I’m not coming!!
Ema: I-I see…
Fuuto: It’d be packed full of people so who knows what would happen. I figured even someone stupid like yourself would get that!
Fuuto: You know who I am don’t you? I’m different from your plain self!
Ema: (Thats right. If Fuuto-kun is seen in a crowd it’d become a huge fuss…)
Ema: (I wanted to go together so its really unfortunate…)
Ema: …I’m sorry, Fuuto-kun.
Fuuto: *sigh* Well, its fine.
Ema: Then since you can’t come, why don’t I buy a souvenir for you?
Fuuto: A souvenir?
Ema: Yes. How about good luck charm? You have exams this year, right? In that case I’ll get an academic charm!
Fuuto: Huh? Fine do as you please. Though I’d prefer something I could eat.
Ema: But the charms at the shrine are pretty effective. Besides, I’m hoping for success on your exams as well!
Fuuto: …It doesn’t matter anyway since I’d pass even if you didn’t want me to.
Fuuto: Well, you’ll buy it anyway won’t you?
Ema: Yep. Anyway, I’ll be heading out.
Fuuto: Yeah, Yeah. See you.
Ema: Oh, that’s right! Fuuto-kun.
Fuuto: What is it? Why are you still here?
Ema: Happy New Year. My best regards for this coming year. Is all I wanted to say.
Fuuto: What? That’s it?
Ema: T-Thats it!
Fuuto: Don’t worry. I’ll watch you to make sure you don’t do any troublesome things this year.
Ema: (T-Troublesome things?! Jeez, he already has a foul mouth!)
Ema: (Still, I don’t want to argue in he start of the new year. So I’ll endure it for now…)
Ema: T-Thanks.
Fuuto: Oh? How obedient of you.
Ema: I guess so.
Ema: I’m hoping this year will be a good one.
Fuuto: …In order for it to be a good year you should “make” it a good year not “wish” for it. That’s what I do.
Fuuto: Well, if you’re with me it’s sure to be a good year no matter what.
Ema: How are you saying that with a straight face?
Fuuto: How? Isn’t that obvious?
Ema: (…Haa.)
Fuuto: You better hurry up or you’ll be left behind.
Ema: Anyway, I’ll be leaving this time.
Fuuto: Have a safe trip! Well, I’m sure you will as long as you don’t pull a bad luck fortune.
Ema: (Ugh…!)
Ema: (But, I’m glad I was able to tell him about New Years. I hope this year I’ll be able to get along with everyone as well.)

After this you can get another event or this:

Ema: (First I’ll pray for something…)
Juli: You spent quite a long time making a wish, considering you only put 100 yen in the offertory box…
Ema: Jeez. Don’t say things like that.
Juli: What did you pray for?
Ema: For our whole family to live together happily!
Juli: I think I’ll go and pray too.
Juli: I’m going to pray that “The Asahina brothers who keep making a move on Chii receive divine punishment”!
Ema: ……
Ema: (He’s saying such scary things even though the year has just begun…)
Ema: (Everyone else seems to be praying and drawing fortunes.)
Juli: Hmm, it looks like it’s almost time.
Ema: Yes, let’s go back.
Miwa: Were you able to complete your prayers, Ema-chan?
Ema: Yes!
Miwa: I’m glad you did. Shall we go then?
Ema: (I’m glad we all came to the shrine together. I hope this year is another good one!)

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