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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Christmas Party (English Translation)

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Ema: (It’s Christmas today.)
Ema: (Ukyo-san and I have finished preparing. All we have to do now is carry the food to the table.)
Ukyo: Thanks for your hard work. I was able to get things done quicker thanks to you. You were a great help.
Ema: No problem. Preparing for things like this is fun. I’m glad I could help.
Ukyo: Hehe. We haven’t even got the party started yet.
Ema: I know! You should relax and enjoy the party today too.
Ukyo: Yes, I will.
Wataru: Kyo-tan, big sis! Hurry up~! All the others are already waiting~!
Ukyo: Shall we go then?
Ema: Okay.
Kaname: Now that little sis and Kyo-nii are here, shall we have a toast, Masa-nii?
Masaomi: Eh? I’m going to do it?
Kaname: Of course.
Masaomi: Umm, alright then. I’ll say something simple…
Masaomi: This is the first Christmas since our family has grown.
Masaomi: I’d especially like Ema-chan to have lots of fun at the Asahina family Christmas party.
Masaomi: Everyone have fun, but try not to overdo it.
Masaomi: Alright then, cheers!
Everyone: “Cheers!”
Masaomi: Haa. Making speeches really isn’t my style…
Ema: That’s not true. Times like this remind me that you really are the eldest.
Ukyo: That’s right. You should at least act like the eldest on occasions like this.
Masaomi: …Ahaha.
Masaomi: Right, you did the preparations for the party with Ukyo, didn’t you, Ema-chan? Thank you very much. The food looks tasty.
Ema: (This has nothing to do with him being the eldest, but Masaomi-san effortlessly thanks people at times like this…)
Ukyo: There’s a lot of food, so she was a great help.
Ema: But it’s worth it when you’ve got lots of family together. You all eat well too.

Ema: Come to think of it, Fuuto-kun has a Christmas concert today, doesn’t he…?
Ema: …By the way, I don’t see Fuuto-kun anywhere…

Kaname: Fuu-chan has to work again today.
Kaname: It seems that he had Christmas concerts scheduled for yesterday and today.
Louis: He said he might be able to come home early today though.
Ema: I see.
Ema: (I hope everyone will be here…)
Kaname: Oh? Are you missing Fuu-chan? I’ll cry if you say something like that.
Ema: You’re always saying things like that, Kaname-san…
Ema: Was everything alright with your work, Louis-san?
Louis: Yes, I was allowed to leave in the afternoon today.
Ema: I’m glad.
Louis: Anyway, seeing as we’re having a party… Can I do your hair later?
Kaname: Eh? That’s not fair, Lou-chan. I want to touch her hair too. Is that okay, little sis?
Ema: No way.
Kaname: Eh? But it’s Christmas. Isn’t it alright for people who are in love to flirt a little?Ema: So it’s alright when two people are in love? Unfortunately, you won’t get any love from me.
Louis: Chii-chan is stricter than I thought…
Kaname: You’re so mean, little sis…
Louis: Don’t you think those two seem like they’re in love…?
Ema: (Hmm…? That’s Tsubaki-san and Azusa-san…)
Tsubaki: Azusa ♪ Merry Christmas ★ Let’s have a toast to our holy night ♥
Azusa: Tsubaki… Can you stop saying the same thing and hugging me every year?
Tsubaki: It’s no big deal. Christmas is for lovers to enjoy, right? Just for you, I made sure I wasn’t working!
Azusa: …Don’t say the kind of thing that’d make people misunderstand.
Tsubaki: What are you saying, Azusa? I know you arranged your schedule for me ★
Azusa: I wouldn’t say it was for you… Haa… Oh, never mind.
Ema: (…I don’t know about whether they love one another, but I’m glad Tsubaki-san and Azusa-san were able to get the day off.)
Ema: (Umm… I guess these guys are really into the food?)
Iori: Come here, Wataru. I’ll serve you some cake.
Wataru: Yay! Thank you, Iorin.
Yusuke: Whoa, the cake! The decoration on it is amazing…! Where’d you buy it?
Subaru: …Didn’t you bake this cake yourself?
Yusuke: She made your birthday cake, right?
Ema: I baked the cake myself… But Louis-san did the decorating.
Yusuke: Louis-nii is amazing…
Subaru: Come to think of it, he made some amazing sandcastles on our vacation…
Ema: (Everyone seems to be enjoying the party in their own way.)
Ema: (Ah, right…)

1: Let’s have a game tournament.
2: I want to say something.

1: Let’s have a game tournament.
Ema: How about we play a game together?
Kaname: Good idea~ What shall we play? A dare game?
Tsubaki: A dare game…?! You always think up such indecent stuff, Kana-nii ★
Azusa: …You’re not much better for calling a dare game indecent either, Tsubaki.
Tsubaki: Huh? Why?!
Ema: W-We’re not going to play a dare game! We’ll do a party game…
Louis: …A card game would be good.
Ukyo: We used to play them a lot before. How about we play one for old time’s sake?
Tsubaki: Alright, let’s do that~ ♪
Ema: (I hope everyone will enjoy it.)

2: I want to say something.
Ema: Umm…
Masaomi: Hmm? What’s the matter?
Ema: There’s something I’ve been wanting to say. It’s about my parents…
Louis: Chii-chan…?
Ema: I was really hurt when I found out Papa wasn’t my real father… I felt as if I was alone.
Ema: But you all looked for me when I was gone, and gave me a warm welcome when I returned…
Ema: I… I was really happy. I really wanted to say thanks, but I couldn’t find the right opportunity…
Ema: I’m sorry for saying this while we’re having fun at a party…
Tsubaki: You dummy. Were you that bothered about it?
Ema: Huh?
Azusa: He’s right. We’re family, so it’d be natural for us to support you when you’re feeling sad, right?
Ema: Tsubaki-san, Azusa-san…
Ukyo: You’re a member of the Asahina family. You should’ve realised that by now.
Kaname: Well, I can help you if you want to be more than family, okay?
Subaru: Wha…!
Yusuke: D-Don’t say such ridiculous things, Kana-nii!
Ema: You guys…
Iori: Hehe. Even if you want to be alone, I suppose everyone might not let you go now, will they?
Wataru: I’ll always be by your side, big sis!
Ema: (I want to say thank you, but I’m too overwhelmed… Tears came out instead of words.)
Ema: (Everyone laughed at me for being an idiot again…)
Ema: (But their smiles were the greatest Christmas present.)

Continue (good relation with Fuuto)
Ema: (It’s already this late…)
Fuuto: I’m home.
Wataru: Fuu-tan! Have you finished working?!
Fuuto: Yeah, pretty much. I found some annoying people outside, so I brought them in.
Hikaru: What do you mean “annoying”?
Fuuto: It’s true, isn’t it?
Ema: Hikaru-san, and Natsume-san too!
Hikaru: I’ve come to see you.
Fuuto: Crossdressers are creepy.
Hikaru: Fuuto!
Fuuto: Ah, you’re so noisy.
Tsubaki: It’s you, Natsume ★ You’re pretty late.
Natsume: Ah… I was going round the shops and checking the end of year sales for our games.
Azusa: I see. Game makers are busy around this time. You’ve been working hard.
Natsume: Well, I can’t really help it. Anyway, I’m hungry. Got any food?
Tsubaki: There’s some super tasty food @user made. But it seems a waste to give it to you, Natsume.
Natsume: What’s that supposed to mean?
Azusa: Okay, okay. Let’s eat together peacefully.
Wataru: Hehehe, now we’re all together! That’s great, big sis!
Ema: Yes, it’s fun having everyone here!
Ema: (The party we had all together was so lively that everyone smiled the whole time.)
Ema: (The party went on until late on Christmas night…)

Continue (bad relation with Fuuto)
Ema: (It’s gotten late, but Fuuto-kun still isn’t home yet…)
Ema: (I hope the whole family can get together next year.)

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