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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Maniac 5 (English Translation)

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Ayato: …eheheh…hehe.
Yui: (…? I wonder why Ayato-kun’s laughing…?)
Ayato: Oh, Titless. Good timing.
Yui: What are you doing here?
Ayato: Just now, I saw something hilarious.
Ayato: Ehehe…Ahhh, just thinkin’ ’bout it’s makin’ me laugh. Hehehe…
Yui: (I can’t help but wonder what it is…)
Ayato: If you’re curious, wanna go see? It’s such a rare spectable, you should burn it into your mind.
Yui: …? Mmhmm, I get it.
Ayato: C’mon, follow me.
Ayato: Look there, veeeeerrry quietly.
Yui: Alright.
Reiji: Fufufu… It is smelling good…
Yui: (That’s Reiji-san! …huh? It can’t be… is he cooking!?)
Reiji: Nn…Mmm, wonderful. This is truly Al Dente.
Yui: (Al Dente? Reiji-san’s making pasta…!?)
Ayato: Heheh…it’s funny, right? Him making such a serious face going ‘Al Dente’ ehehehe.
Yui: Wa- Wait, Ayato-kun, lower your voice…!
Ayato: What’s with you? If something’s funny, then you should laugh, right?
Ayato: Isn’t it a human saying that holding back laughter’s like poison to the body?
Yui: Even still, I disagree. I think it’s nice that Reiji-san’s cooking so seriously…
Reiji: Oh, is that so?
Yui: ……!
Ayato: Damn, we’ve been spotted!
Reiji: Exactly, the two of you are not going to get away. …go sit and repent[1] over there.
Yui: U- Understood… I’m so sorry.
Ayato: Are you kiddin’ me? Who the hell’s gonna quietly sit and repent!?
Reiji: It is a punishment, of course you are going to be forced to do something you dislike.
Reiji: Did you honestly expect any different when you are caught peeping and laughing at someone?
Ayato: Well, it’s not my fault you’re doin’ something that looks so lame… See ya!
Yui: Ayato-kun!?
Reiji: Good grief, as always Ayato is quick to run off.
Yui: (H- How cruel…!) Leaving me alone while you run away like that’s just mean, Ayato-kun…!)
Reiji: …well then. Shall I administer Ayato’s half of the punishment to you as well?
Yui: Eh!?
Reiji: Do you have any complaints?
Yui: (That is… no matter how you look at it, that’s just unreasonable…right?)

Choose Go catch Ayato
Yui: Umm, Reiji-san. Would you mind waiting for a bit?
Reiji: Is there a reason why I should?
Yui: Well, I’m going to catch Ayato-kun because I don’t want to take his half of the punishment.
Reiji: Sigh… I am thoroughly amazed by your audacity. It is simply not possible for someone like you to catch Ayato.
Yui: …ugh…
Reiji: Your resistance is futile. You should simply sit there quietly in fear.

Choose Resignedly accept it (Correct choice)
Yui: …understood… I’ll take Ayato-kun’s half of the punishment.
Reiji: Fufufu… I expected you to obediently say that.
Reiji: Perhaps it is just in your nature.
Yui: …? What do you mean?
Reiji: The characteristics of a servant, of course. If it were to be polished, you would undoubtedly shine as an exceptional servant.
Yui: (Umm… I wonder if… that could really be considered a praise…?)

Yui: …then, what is the punishment…?
Reiji: Indeed… Shall we use this?
Yui: (A fork…!? W- what is he going to do with it…? Either way it looks painful…!)
Yui: (No way… I’m scared…)
Reiji: Now… close your eyes.
Yui: Huh!?
Reiji: Make haste!
Yui: O- Okay!
Reiji: …open your mouth.
Yui: (My mouth…? What is he…)
Reiji: Please be quick.
Yui: …y…es…
Reiji: …fufu.
Yui: Mmph!?
Yui: (S- Something was put in my mouth! Could it be…!?)
Yui: Spaghetti… Carbonara…?
Reiji: That is correct.
Yui: Mmm… It’s delicious.
Reiji: That is only natural. I devoted myself into making it, after all.
Yui: (Huh…? Reiji-san seems to be happy. Hee, I didn’t know he could make this type of expression…)
Reiji: Now, you may go.
Yui: Eh? What about the punishment?
Yui: (Surely it can’t be just me receiving one mouthful of carbonara…?)
Reiji: If I wasted my time in such a manner, then the carbonara I have prepared through great effort would be spoilt cold, would it not?
Reiji: Therefore, I simply do not have the time to bother with you.
Yui: Huh…
Yui: (…he left.)
Yui: (But Reiji-san’s carbonara was really delicious… It definitely tastes like something he’s grown accustomed to making…)
Yui: (Could it be that he likes carbonara…? That’s unexpected… but I think it’s kinda cute.)
Yui: (Fufu, I was able to learn a new side to Reiji-san. This turned out better than I expected!)

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