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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Yusuke Event 10: Replacement Day (English Translation)

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If you get this event, you won’t be able to give anyone else but Yusuke their gift!

Mahoko: Ah, we’re finally finished this year!
Ema: Yep. But the closing ceremony took quite a while…
Mahoko: I know right? The principle talks way too long.
Mahoko: I’m going to head home early today.I’ve got lots of preparations to do in order to enjoy my winter break!
Mahoko: What about you, Hina? What are your plans?
Ema: I’m…
Mahoko: Oh…? Are you worried about Asahina’s supplementary exams?
Ema: What…?! N-No, well… Yeah I am.

This part doesn’t always come up for some reason, haven’t figured out why yet.
Mahoko: Oh come on now you don’t need to hide it.I’ve noticed lately that you’ve been keeping himcompany during his studies.
Ema: Are you dating? Or just studying together?

Mahoko: So are you planning on waiting for him today? Good luck!
Ema: What do you mean by “good luck”?
Mahoko: What else could I mean? It’s Christmas Eve today. Heheh~
Ema: What?! M-Maho-chan what are you saying…?!
Mahoko: I’m gonna get going then since I’d only be in your way!~ See you later, Hina! Have a happy New Years!
Ema: O-Okay. Same to you.
Ema: (Sheesh, why would Maho-chan go and say that…)
Ema: (But still, what should I do? I think I started to become a bit more concious about it now….)
Ema: (I-I’m just imagining things!)
Ema: (Anyway, I’m pretty sure Yusuke-kun’s exam should have ended by now…)
Yusuke: Huh? What are you doing here?
Ema: Ah, Yusuke-kun! Well… Um… how did you do on your supplementary exam?
Yusuke: The exam? Ah, that… It was a complete success.
Ema: Really? That’s great!!
Yusuke: You don’t need to get so happy about it!
Yusuke: And speaking of which, were you waiting for me?
Ema: Oh, yes…
Yusuke: Here?
Ema: Y-Yeah. And…?
Yusuke: Jeez! You really are an idiot!
Ema: Y-You don’t have to say that!
Yusuke: S-Shut up!
Ema: …Was it annoying for me to wait for you?
Yusuke: N-No…! It’s not that!
Ema: …But you seem pretty angry with me now.
Yusuke: I-I’m not! I’m not but… Ah, y-your hands! They’re really red!
Ema: Oh…
Ema: (Could it be that Yusuke-kun isn’t angry with me… but worried instead…?)
Yusuke: What are you gonna do if you catch a cold?
Ema: I know I’m sorry, but I was really anxious about your supplementary exam results. So I was really glad to hear you did well.
Ema: I guess I’ll head home then. Good job on all your hard work, Yusuke-kun.
Yusuke: W-Wait…!
Ema: …..?
Yusuke: Y-You really helped me with my studies. So in order to return the favor, I’ll treat you to something!
Ema: T-Treat me?!

1: Let him treat you (hearts)
2: Decline

1: Let him treat you
Ema: Is that really okay…?
Yusuke: Y-Yeah, that way we’ll be even.
Ema: Hehe, all right then. Thank you
Yusuke: So do you have any place in mind?
Ema: Actually, there was this cute cafe I’ve been interested in for a while now.
Yusuke: A c-c-cute…cafe?!
Ema: Yeah. Was that a bad suggestion?
Yusuke: N-No, i-it’s not. A-Anyway, Let’s head there then!
Ema: Okay.

2: Decline
Ema: It’s fine. You don’t have to do that.
Yusuke: ……
Ema: Don’t let it bother you, okay?
Yusuke: Okay, I won’t.
Ema: Good.
Yusuke: In that case, do you want to… walk home together?
Ema: I-Is that okay?
Yusuke: Yeah.
Ema: Thank you.

Continue for choice 1
Yusuke: …Here, hold out your hand.
Ema: Huh…?
Yusuke: Your hands are still red so give them here!
Ema: (Immediately, Yusuke-kun and I joined hands…)
Yusuke: W-What is it?! If you don’t like it just say so!
Ema: No It’s not that. I was just thinking how warm it is. Thank you…
Yusuke: T-Then d-don’t look at me so much.
Ema: Hehe…
Ema: (Yusuke-kun’s ears are completely red…)
Ema: (The inside of the shop is full with couples. I suppose it makes sense since it’s Christmas Eve…)
Yusuke: …Ugh.
Ema: (Maybe I should’ve chosen a different shop. Even Yusuke-kun seems overwhelmed by it too.)
Staff: Welcome!~ Today we’re having limited time service just for couples! Please enjoy it together.
Ema: Wow, that’s amazing! This parfait looks so delicious!
Yusuke: C-C-Couple…?!
Staff: Please enjoy.
Ema: Isn’t this great, Yusuke-kun?
Ema: …Y-Yusuke-kun?
Yusuke: I-I told you not to look at me so much!
Ema: Hehe…!
Yusuke: Why are you laughing…?!
Ema: I was thinking that today became a wonderful Christmas present. Thank you.
Yusuke: I-I told you I was just returning the favor! N-Now just stop talking and eat already!
Ema: You mean the both of us, right?
Yusuke: …Y-Yeah.
Ema: (We both ate the large parfait. It was very sweet and delicious.)
Ema: (I had lots of fun spending Christmas Eve together with Yusuke-kun.)

If you bought Yusuke a present
Yusuke: Come to think of it, isn’t it about time for dinner?
Ema: U-Um, Yusuke-kun!
Yusuke: Yeah?
Ema: Here, a Christmas present… It’s thanks for today. Will you accept it?
Yusuke: Wha–? Didn’t I just return the favor already?
Ema: Yes, but I want to give this to you.
Yusuke: Jeez…you turn a debt into a gift. There’s no need for you to always be so good-natured like that.
Ema: Hm?
Yusuke: Nevermind! …Thank you.
Ema: Of course.
Ema: (Thank goodness! Yusuke-kun seemed really pleased with it!)

If you bought a gift for someone else
Ema: Ah… I went through the effort of buying (Name of brother) a present but I didn’t have time to give it to him…
Ema: It’s a bit disappointing but I guess there’s no helping it.

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