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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Masaomi Event 9: Matchmaking Day (English Translation)

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Ema: (Today’s the day of Masaomi-san’s date.)
Ema: (I know it’s wrong, but I still made it here with Kaname-san and Wataru-chan…)
Kaname: Hmm…dates don’t usually happen in open spaces like these. How careless.
Wataru: But Maakun’s having the date in the restaurant, right? In a private room, too!
Ema: If they have a room in the restaurant, that would be private…
Kaname: Yeah, I heard it from a waitress to check, so it’s more or less true.
Ema: When did you do that?!
Ema: …And when did you ask for that?
Kaname: I only asked her out of courtesy!
Kaname: Besides, I would rather hear you talk, Imouto-chan.
Kaname: Once I do, the other women wouldn’t matter to me.
Ema: I won’t tell you a thing, so good luck with getting those numbers.
Wataru: Oneechan’s smooth!
Kaname: I was cut off…
Kaname: Well, putting that aside, we need to find a way into that private room.
Ema: I’ve been wondering about something for a while now…
Kaname: Hm?
Ema: Why are you both in formalwear?
Wataru: Formalwear? What’s that, Kana-Kana?
Kaname: Those are clothes that you wear for fancy places. But this is honestly more of a disguise, Imouto-chan.
Ema: Huh?
Kaname: If we went in there with casual clothing, we’d be automatically suspicious.
Ema: (To blend with the crowd… Kaname-san really prepared for this. He can be really smart sometimes..)
Wataru: It’s Maakun!
Kaname: Oh, just the two of them went into the lounge! Imouto-chan, Wataru, let’s go!
Ema: Eh?!
Masaomi: We’re both busy, but thank you for taking the time to do this.
Masaomi: Huh? Oh, that isn’t…! Okay…
Kaname: Hmm, I can hear Masa-nii talking, but I can’t figure out what the girl is saying.
Wataru: Kana-Kana, Maakun’s date looks really pretty…
Ema: (Yeah, she is…she has a bright smile, and seems very mature…she would be a good partner for Masaomi-san…)
Kaname: Seems like it. But if Imouto-chan were her age, she’d be even prettier.
Ema: (Will Masaomi-san…marry her?)
Kaname: Imouto-chan?
Ema: …Oh, um, were you saying something?
Kaname: …No, nothing. Sorry about that.
Ema: ……?
Masaomi: Eventually, our escort and my own mother will explain the situation, but I should at least say something myself…
Masaomi: I’m very sorry, but I would like to keep this between us.
Ema: (Huh…?)
Masaomi: It’s embarrassing to admit, but there’s someone I already like. And as of now, she’s the only one I have considered.
Ema: (There’s someone he likes…?!)
Kaname: Hmm, Masa-nii has a girl he likes…
Wataru: Does that mean Maakun won’t marry?
Kaname: For now, at least.
Wataru: Okay, that’s great!
Kaname: Imouto-chan, you’ve been spacing out as of late. Are you okay?
Ema: I…I’m okay, sorry…
Kaname: We’ve got what we needed, and the date is almost ending. We should head home before Masa-nii finds out.
Ema: Yeah…you’re right…
Ema: (I can’t get Masaomi-san’s words out of my chest…)
Ema: (“Someone he already likes”…he was even a little cold in saying it…)
Ema: (And the pain in my chest…is growing…)
Kaname: ……

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