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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Masaomi Event 10: Soon Christmas (English Translation)

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Kaname: It’s almost here.
Ema: What’s…almost here?
Kaname: You can’t be serious, Imouto-chan. I’m talking about Christmas, of course!
Ema: Oh…you’re right…
Ema: (He just started talking, and surprised me…)
Subaru: Almost that time of the year…
Kaname: Suba-chan, this is the best time for you to spend your evenings with the ladies.
Subaru: Wh-what are you talking about? Of course I won’t do that!
Kaname: No need to hide it!
Subaru: I’m not hiding anything!
Kaname: Hey, Tsuba-chan! Suba-chan says he has a Christmas date this year!
Subaru: Kana-nii…!
Tsubaki: Seriously?! You tell me all about her, Subaru-kun!
Subaru: Shut up, Tsuba-nii!
Ema: (They’re the same as ever. They get along really well. But Kaname-san is right…it’ll be Christmas soon…)
Ema: (And Ukyo-san mentioned preparing for a party, too… it’d be great if we all spent Christmas together..)
Masaomi: Ema-chan, is it okay if I ask you something?
Ema: Alright…what is it, Masaomi-san?
Masaomi: It’s…about Christmas…
Ema: Huh?
Masaomi: Every year, our hospital holds a party for the children who stay there.
Ema: Oh, that’s wonderful!
Masaomi: Yeah, and the staff give them presents. I was thinking of giving them sweets myself…
Masaomi: And, well…if you’d like, could we pick those together?
Ema: What? Um…with me?
Masaomi: I thought that girls would be better at choosing what sweets to give…am I asking for too much?
Ema: No, that’s not it at all…

1: It’s alright! (hearts)
2: I’m a little nervous…

1: It’s… alright….
Ema: It’s…alright with me…
Masaomi: Really? Oh, thank you, it’d help a lot!
Masaomi: Being sick is a horrible feeling, more so for the children.
Masaomi: I wanted to give them sweets if that could raise their spirits…
Ema: You’re seriously taking responsibility…
Masaomi: I can share what my heart is filled with. I’ll be okay.
Ema: I understand. Let me help you.
Masaomi: I’m glad that you can. We’ll go once I catch a break this week, okay?
Ema: Yes!
Ema: (I’ll do my best, not only but for the children, but for Masaomi-san, who is relying on me…)

2: I’m a little nervous….
Ema: Um…I’m a little nervous…I’m not very good with children…
Ema: And I have to help prepare for the party here…
Masaomi: …I see. I’m sorry for imposing. I can manage on my own. Thanks.
Ema: (I feel like I’ve hurt Masaomi-san in some way…)
Ema: (But there’s still the party…I’ll do my best!)

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