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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Growth (English Translation)

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Ema: I’m home…
Masaomi: How about here?
Yusuke: Like I said, it hurts! You’re pressing too hard, Masa-nii…
Ema: (Oh… Masaomi-san and Yusuke-kun?)
Masaomi: I won’t know how it is if I don’t touch it, will I? Hmm… Ah, that’s good. There doesn’t seem to be any problem with your bones.
Ema: ……! What’s the matter, Yusuke-kun…?! Your lips are really swollen!
Yusuke: …It’s nothing.
Ema: It doesn’t look like nothing…!
Yusuke: Shut up…! I said it’s nothing, so it’s nothing!
Ema: …But…
Yusuke: Leave me alone. Are you done, Masa-nii?
Masaomi: Yes. But you should put some ice on it.
Yusuke: I know.
Ema: Hey, Yusuke-kun. How’d your injury get all swollen up like that?
Yusuke: ………………
Ema: No way…you got into a fight?
Yusuke: ………………
Masaomi: Near the train station earlier, he helped an old man surrounded by bad guys.
Ema: Eh…?
Yusuke: Wha…! Don’t say anything unnecessary, Masa-nii!
Masaomi: So Yusuke became their target and got hurt like this. I know you’re worried, but don’t be angry at him.
Yusuke: …You’re making it sound like I lost. I made sure I dealt with them…
Masaomi: No matter what the reason, I’m not happy you got involved.
Yusuke: Uh…
Ema: I see… I’m sorry, Yusuke-kun. I didn’t know anything…
Yusuke: It’s no big deal. It’s true that I was in a fight…
Ema: But…you’re a kind person.
Yusuke: Wha… T-That’s not true!
Yusuke: C-Come on! Masa-nii! You’re done, right?!
Masaomi: Yes. Don’t forget to put ice on it.
Yusuke: I know! See ya!
Ema: …Yusuke-kun left.
Masaomi: Yeah. He’s always been like that.
Ema: What do you mean?
Masaomi: He starts talking loudly when he’s embarrassed.
Ema: Hehe, I see…
Masaomi: It’s been a long time since he got into a fight.
Ema: …Yusuke-kun got into a lot of fights before?
Masaomi: Yeah, he was in a lot of fights during elementary and middle school. He’d get picked on because of his glare and his cheekiness.
Ema: So he wasn’t satisfied unless he accepted those challenges to fight…
Masaomi: Hehe, that’s right.
Masaomi: But… I suppose he has matured, since the fight he got into today wasn’t a reckless one…
Masaomi: Of course, it’s no good to hurt others or try to resolve things by fighting.
Ema: …You’re saying that, but you look kind of happy.
Masaomi: O-Oh? Do I? Ahaha, oh no…
Masaomi: I’m not happy about his reckless behaviour, but it makes an older brother happy to see his little brother growing up…
Ema: (Masaomi-san has always watched over the family like this…)
Ema: (When I see him like that, I’m really certain he is the eldest…)
Masaomi: It’s almost time for work, so I’ll be going.
Ema: Ah, you have work now. Good luck.
Masaomi: Thank you. Ah, Ema-chan…
Ema: Hmm? What is it?
Masaomi: Can you watch Yusuke for a while to make sure he rests?
Masaomi: I want you to stop him if he’s about to do something reckless. I’m sure he’ll listen if you’re the one telling him.
Ema: If I’m the one telling him…? What do you mean?
Masaomi: I meant what I said. He’ll be trouble, but I’ll leave him to you.
Ema: Haa…
Masaomi: I’ll be going then.
Ema: See you later.
Ema: (I hope Yusuke-kun’s injury gets better soon…)

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