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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Asahina Kyodai (English Translation)

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Ema: (After having dinner together, Hikaru-san returned to his apartment…)
Ema: (At any rate, in many ways he’s such a great person.)
Kaname: Ah, Imouto-chan.
Tsubaki: Are you heading back to your room soon?
Ema: Yes… ah, huh?
Ema: Aren’t you supposed to take Hikaru-san home…?
Kaname: Yeah, that was the plan. But in the middle of it, Hii-chan said that it’ll be fine there, so I dropped him there, and so I just now returned here.
Ema: And Tsubaki-san?
Tsubaki: Aah, I went to the convenience store and on my way back I coincidentally met Kana-nii ★
Ema: Is that so?
Kaname: What do you think? Hii-chan is such a great person isn’t he?
Ema: Whether he’s great or what… if anything, he really surprised me.
Tsubaki: Ahaha! Certainly, Ema’s face back then was very amusing♪
Ema: Tsubaki-san, that’s kind of rude…
Tsubaki: But, even amongst us brothers, he’s indeed unique.
Kaname: Certainly. In the context that, he’s probably the one who has the strongest personality.
Ema: (…Though I think, all the brothers, their personalities are too strong…?)
Kaname: If we’re using those who ran away from home as a standard, we’re actually pretty strong too, huh.
Tsubaki: Calling them those who ran away from home is just too rude, Kana-nii!
Ema: (Ah…speaking of which…!)
Kaname: Hm? Imouto-chan, what’s wrong?
Ema: About Hikaru-san, why didn’t you tell me about him from the beginning?
Tsubaki: Hmm… it’s not like we were trying to hide it from you, everyone simply completely forgot all about it ★
Ema: …But, in benefit of it you got to have fun seeing my reactions.
Kaname: Sorry, sorry.
Ema: Uhm…there’s really no other brother left, is there……?
Tsubaki: …! Ahahahaha!
Kaname: Ahahahaha!
Ema: Wha, you’re laughing too much, the two of you! It’s just, after Natsume-san and then Hikaru-san appears, if there’s a second time then there might be a third time, is what I think!
Tsubaki: …Hahaa, hahaha! How odd~!
Kaname: It’s okay, you’ve met all of us now.
Ema: …Really?
Tsubaki: Really.
Ema: Then that means….
Ema: In addition to the eleven people who live in this mansion, with Hikaru-san and Natsume-san counted in you guys are thirteen siblings, right?
Kaname: You missed one person.
Ema: …Huh? So there really is another person that I haven’t met!?
Kaname: That’s not it.
Ema: …?
Tsubaki: If we count Ema in too then we’ll be 14 siblings, right?
Kaname: That’s exactly right.
Ema: Ah….!
Ema: (Is that so. I completely….)
Kaname: There’s 14 siblings in the Asahina family. That is all, so you can be relieved.
Ema: (Saying it so casually, that I’m part of the family makes me really happy….)
Ema: (Nevertheless…)
Ema: (I…am surrounded by siblings with various kinds of occupations, age gaps, and personalities, huh. Today, I’ve come to fully understand it…)

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