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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Tsubaki Event 9: Audition (English Translation)

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Ema: (Brrr, it’s cold! It get’s really cold on these December evenings…)
Ema: (I’d like to make a delicious hot pot tomorrow. I should talk to Ukyo-san about it.)
Ema: Hm? That’s…
Azusa: This is the first I’ve heard of this. Why me?
Ema: (It looks like Azusa-san is on the phone. Has he finished work already?)
Azusa: I can’t accept this role. Why? Is that not obvious?
Ema: (I wonder what’s going on. I’ve never heard him sound so angry before…)
Azusa: I never auditioned for this role. No matter how much the producer persists I can’t–
Ema: (An audition…?)
Azusa: I have nothing further to say on this matter. I can’t agree to this. I’m sorry.
Azusa: Oh, Ema…
Ema: G-Good evening, Azusa-san. Did you already finish work today?
Azusa: Yes. I finished with my nightly recording. Did you just return now, Ema?
Ema: Yeah. I was a with a friend so I took a bit longer than usual.
Azusa: I see…
Ema: ….?
Ema: (He’s acting a bit strange. It must’ve been because of that call. I hope he’s okay.)
Wataru: Kyo-tan, I’m hungry! I wanna eat! Let’s eat already!
Ukyo: Settle down, Wataru. I’ll be there soon.
Ukyo: Ah, Ema-san.
Ema: Oh, did you need something?
Ukyo: Could you call Tsubaki for dinner?
Ema: Hm…? He already came home?
Ukyo: Yes. He returned just before this evening.
Wataru: Oh, I saw Tsu-kun by the elevator after school! But he said he didn’t want to eat dinner today!
Ema: Really? Is he feeling sick?
Ukyo: He didn’t come to the living room either. I suppose it’d be best if we didn’t call him then.
Azusa: …..
Ema: (I wonder if Tsubaki-san is okay?)
Ema: Do you know anything, Azusa-san?
Azusa: Hm? I’m not really sure myself…
Ema: (So even Azusa-san doesn’t know. What could possibly be wrong?)
Ukyo: I suppose we have no choice but to have dinner without him.
Ema: Yeah.
Ema: (I’m worried about Tsubaki-san…)

1: I’ll visit his room later (hearts)
2: I’ll leave him alone

1: I’ll visit his room later
Ema: Um, I’m going to visit Tsubaki-san after dinner. I want to know if he’s maybe feeling sick or something…
Ukyo: Shall I leave it to you then?
Ema: Yes.
Ema: (I know! When I visit him, I’ll bring a late night meal with me…)

2: I’ll leave him alone
Ema: (I probably shouldn’t bother him. If he is feeling sick, I’d feel bad if I disturbed him…)

Continue for choice 1
Azusa: Um, Ema.
Ema: Azusa-san? What’s wrong?
Azusa: Are you going to visit Tsubaki’s room?
Ema: Yes but…
Azusa: Um, about Tsubaki…
Ema: ….?
Azusa: Sorry, forget I said anything. I’m heading back to my room.
Ema: What was that about…?
Tsubaki: Who is it…?
Ema: Good evening, Tsubaki-san. It’s me, Ema. Are you okay?
Tsubaki: What do you mean?
Ema: You didn’t join us for dinner today. I thought you may be feeling sick or something…
Ema: Um, I prepared a late meal for you. So if you can…
Tsubaki: I know you made it for my sake but…I’m sorry. I’m not hungry.
Ema: (This is the first time he’s acted this way…)
Ema: I’ll leave it here then. Be sure to eat it if you get hungry later.
Tsubaki: I will…
Ema: I’ll see you later then.
Tsubaki: Wait, Ema.
Ema: ….?
Tsubaki: Sorry, but I want to talk to you for a bit. If you don’t mind, can you come in?
Ema: Is that okay?
Tsubaki: Yeah…
Ema: Thank you…
Tsubaki: Um, you see…
Ema: Yes?
Tsubaki: Do you remember when I told you about that mecha anime that motivated me to become a voice actor?

Flashback (from a previous event)
Tsubaki: Ema, hear me out for a sec…
Ema: Huh…?
Tsubaki: There’s this mecha anime I’ve always wanted to be in. It’s what motivated me to become a voice actor.
Tsubaki: I still have a long way to go though. And with Azusa moving ahead of me, I don’t know when it’ll happen.
Ema: Tsubaki-san…
Tsubaki: Don’t worry too much about it though. I just wanted to say that to you.

Ema: Yes, I remember. You told me about it when we played that video game together.
Tsubaki: Apparently a new series will be airing this year. So naturally, there was an audition for the main character…
Ema: Oh?
Tsubaki: I did my best for the audition but…
Tsubaki: Haha, well to put it bluntly… I completely messed it up.
Ema: (He seems really upset about it…)
Tsubaki: I’d understand if it was due to my lack of ability but…
Tsubaki: That wasn’t the case.
Ema: It wasn’t?
Tsubaki: It’s because the producer was persistent…
Ema: (Oh? I feel like I’ve heard this conversation before. An audition and the producer’s persistence…)
Tsubaki: He’d decided on giving the role to Azusa from the very beginning.
Ema: (Ah, that’s right. This must be about that phone call Azusa-san got earlier…!)
Tsubaki: Haha, what a joke right…?
Ema: Tsubaki-san…
Ema: (I’m not sure what to say to him…)
Tsubaki: I was shocked to find out that I messed up.
Tsubaki: But, to find out that Azusa was chosen from the very start made me feel even more pathetic. My head became a mess…
Tsubaki: I couldn’t properly face Azusa. I get overwhelmed by these frustrated feelings so I…
Ema: So that’s what happened…
Tsubaki: ….
Ema: I’m sorry for not being able to say much…
Tsubaki: No, I’m the one who should be apologizing. I’m the one troubling you by telling you this…
Ema: That’s not true…
Tsubaki: It’s okay. I’m starting to realize I truly do lack the ability to be a voice actor…
Tsubaki: I guess I’m really not fit to be one after all…
Ema: Don’t say that!
Tsubaki: Huh…?
Ema: Don’t think or say things like that. It’s not like you at all, Tsubaki-san.
Ema: Go ahead.
Tsubaki: What am I usually like?
Ema: Well…
Ema: The Tsubaki-san I know is always cheerful.
Tsubaki: Yeah?
Ema: You never regretted your efforts in order to achieve your dream. You treasure all of your fans too…
Tsubaki: …..
Ema: And you love voice acting more than anything…!
Tsubaki: Ema…
Ema: So as difficult as it may be…please smile. If you don’t, I know Azusa-san will worry about you.
Tsubaki: Yeah, you’re right. I was only thinking about how I felt. I never considered Azusa’s feelings at all…
Tsubaki: I still need to sort out my feelings but…I can’t act all depressed in front of Azusa.
Ema: That’s right.
Tsubaki: If it’s him, he probably turned down the role anyway…
Ema: –!
Ema: (It’s just like him to understand Azusa-san so well…)
Tsubaki: Thank you, Ema. I feel a little better after talking with you.
Ema: I’m just happy I could be helpful in some way.
Tsubaki: Hey, Ema. There’s something else I want to ask you.
Ema: What is it?
Tsubaki: Would you like to stay in my room tonight?
Ema: U-Um…What?!
Tsubaki: What I’m trying to say is…
Tsubaki: I don’t want you to leave right now, Ema. I’d like you to stay with me so I don’t feel so lonely.
Tsubaki: How about giving me a hug too?
Ema: T-Tsubaki-san…!
Tsubaki: So I can’t…?
Ema: Huh? Er, Um….
Tsubaki: Ah, I just can’t hold myself back! Here’s a big squeeze!
Tsubaki: I won’t let you sleep at all tonight!
Ema: Um…that was a joke, right?
Tsubaki: Who knows?
Ema: (Jeez…)
Ema: (But, I feel relieved to see him smiling again.)
Ema: (If I can somehow encourage him, I don’t mind lending him my strength…)

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