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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Masaomi Event 8: Miwa’s Request (English Translation)

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Ema: (I’ve cleaned up after dinner, so I can probably go to my room now?)
Wataru: Oneechan! Can we watch TV together?
Ema: TV? Oh, alright.
Kaname: A good show is on right now.
Ema: Really, what kind of show?
Miwa: I’m home.
Wataru: Hi, mom!
Miwa: Hi, Wata-chan! I haven’t seen you in a while. Have you been a good boy?
Wataru: Yeah! What were you doing?
Kaname: You don’t usually visit us at this time. Did you have a fight with Rintarou-san?
Miwa: Of course not, Kana-chan! Today, I’m here to talk to Maakun!
Ema: (To Masaomi-san?)
Miwa: Is he here?
Ema: He just arrived home from work, so he may be resting in his room…
Miwa: Really? Then I should probably head there.
Ema: (I wonder what this is about… But…they’re not going to tell us, right?)
Wataru: Onee-chan, are you okay?
Ema: Oh, no! I’m okay. We can go watch TV.
Kaname: You can wait here, Mom. I can call Masa-nii.
Ema: (……!?)
Ema: (Just now…Kaname-san looked to me… does he know what I’m thinking?)
Miwa: Really? Then I’ll leave it to you, Kana-chan.
Kaname: Sure.
Ema: Miwa-san, I can make you some tea.
Miwa: Oh, no need. I plan on going home as soon as I’m finished.
Ema: I insist, we also have tea cakes.
Miwa: Ah, alright…thank you. I thought you would have been good, too.
Ema: …Excuse me?
Miwa: No, it’s nothing.
Wataru: Mom, what are you gonna tell Maa-kun?
Miwa: You’ll know when he comes here.
Wataru: Hmmm…
Kaname: I’ve brought Masa-nii.
Masaomi: Sorry to make you wait, mom. Is something the matter?
Miwa: Are you alright, Maa-kun? Ema-chan made us some tea, so would you have some with me?
Masaomi: Really? I…suppose I can.
Ema: Have a drink, Masaomi-san.
Masaomi: Thank you. Aaah, this is really good.
Miwa: Anyway, Maakun. I have one request of you.
Masaomi: What is it, Mom?
Miwa: Go on a date for me!
Masaomi: Pfft!!
Kaname: Masa-nii, that’s messy.
Wataru: That’s messy!
Ema: M-Masaomi-san, are you alright?
Masaomi: Y-yeah! I’m good, sorry.
Masaomi: Mom?! What is all this?!
Miwa: What do you mean? A date is a date.
Miwa: One of my client’s a company president, and he has a daughter. When I told her about you, she became very interested.
Miwa: She’s very sweet, and very pretty. I have no objections towards her personality or her family, either.
Masaomi: Mom, I haven’t given a thought to marriage. Besides, I still have work to worry about.
Miwa: What are you saying? It’s because of work you that you haven’t met anyone! And you’re 30! At any rate, I’ve decided.
Masaomi: What do you mean, you’ve “decided”?!
Miwa: I came to tell you the details and the venue. Take this, it’s all written there. You don’t have work that day, right?
Masaomi: Wa-wait a second, Mom!
Miwa: We’ve discussed it so much, there’s no room for a decline. Could at least, just see her?
Miwa: And if you didn’t like it, I can tell them so.
Masaomi: Ahh…all right.
Miwa: Oh, thank goodness. Since you’re pushing through, I’ll be rooting for you! Bye!
Kaname: …She’s gone.
Masaomi: …………
Kaname: Still, good luck?
Masaomi: Why are you so interested, Kaname?
Kaname: I’m not! It’s just that I saw Mom fretting over her eldest’s future. That means she loves you.
Masaomi: Haah, I guess that’s true… Sorry, I’ll head back to my room.
Ema: (Masaomi-san’s going on a date? And…why am I feeling gloomy about it?)
Wataru: Maakun’s going a date? Is he getting married? Who will he marry?
Kaname: Not immediately! But I think the girl is thinking about it…Wataru, want to come and see?
Wataru: You mean I can go?
Kaname: It’ll be a secret from Masa-nii.
Wataru: Okay!
Kaname: How about you, imouto-chan?
Ema: What…?!
Kaname: You’re interested in Masa-nii’s date, too, right? You want to see it for yourself?
Ema: (See for…But can I really do that…?)

1: Go (hearts)
2: Don’t go

1: Go
Ema: …I’ll go.
Kaname: I hope you’d say that. Once I get the details, I’ll call you.
Ema: …Okay.
Ema: (I said I was going to go…)
Ema: (…to Masaomi-san’s date…I wonder what kind of girl his date will be like…)

2: Don’t go
Ema: …I don’t think I will. I can’t do that to Masaomi-san.
Kaname: Oh, that’s too bad. So it’ll just be me and Wataru, then.
Ema: Yes.
Ema: (And after that…Kaname-san mailed me saying that he saw the date, and that there was no marriage proposal.)
Ema: (I don’t know a lot of other details, but I somehow still feel relieved…)
Ema: (But with that over, everything will return to normal…right?)

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