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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Maniac 3 (English Translation)

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Shopping District
Yui:  (I almost never get to go out at night, but now I’m walking in the city. It’s been ages since they let me go outside!)
Yui: (I’m so happy. They finally left me alone.)
Yui: (Now’s my chance…to escape…Maybe I can lose his familiars in the crowd.)
Yui: ….Oh…
Yui: (That’s right, I could run away…and then what? I’d be homeless. Where would I go? What could I do?)
Yui: No, I’ll worry about that later. I can’t think about it now. I’ve got to get away.
Yui: Anything is better than this!
Yui:  Huff…huff…I’m here. Which means….
Yui: (Alright…Now to call people I knew from church, and enlist their help. They knew Papa, they knew me. We’ll come up with a plan together!)
Yui: (The brothers destroyed my cell phone, but this alley has a public phone booth with a phone book. I can look up their numbers….)
Yui: (…I’m scared, why am I so scared?  No, I’m going through with this…)
Yui: (But my fingers won’t stop shaking. If they catch me now….oh, God…my heart’s about to burst.)
Yui: (- Yes, I found the number…! This man is Papa’s colleague. He was a priest of my church, just like Papa.)
Priest: […Yes?]
Yui:  H-hello, sir! I’m the daughter of the Komori household. You helped Papa take care of me when I was little. I’m Yui.
Priest: [….What?!]
Yui:  I’m so, so sorry to call you out of the blue. But I’ve been captured, and I don’t have anyone else to turn to…
Yui: Please help me!
Priest: [What? But you…? You’re not supposed to have access to a phone. Hang up, and get away from me!]
Priest: [Understand?]
Yui:  What? Wait, wait please….
Yui:  ….what…what just happened?
Yui: (This man…I’ve known him since kindergarten. I hadn’t talked to him for ten years…but he sounded like he knew what was happening to me….)
Yui: (And he didn’t help. Why?)
Woman: – Eek! No…not in a place like this…Ah!  …Idiot…not here…
Yui:  Eh…!?
Laito: No, it’s time now. When you’re struck with the throes of passion, anyplace will do. Won’t it?
Yui:  Ack…!! L-Laito-kun?!
Yui: (Maybe he hasn’t seen me yet? No, how could that be? We’re in the same alley! Who’s that woman?)
Woman: Ehhh…but…
Laito: Don’t you want me?
Woman: Heehee, of course I want you.
Yui:  (What…! He’s looking right at me…he’s doing this on purpose!)
Laito: Now, come here.
Woman: Heeheehee…oh…!
Yui:  (No, no…!)
Yui:  ….Oh….
Yui: (What am I doing…it doesn’t matter to me what he does with other people)
Yui: (I’m trying to get away from him! Yes, I’ve got to run away…)
Yui: (To a place where no one can find me. )
Voice: – Bi-tch-ch-an.
Yui:  Kya! H-how…!? Laito-kun?
Laito: Yoo-hoo~ What a rare sight: You alone in a place like this.  Let me guess…are you fishing for other men?
Yui:  Ew…! Don’t lump me in with you!
Laito: Heehee. Is Bitch-chan mad at me? How scary.
Yui:  – No! Let me go…!
Yui: (He smells like perfume…!)
Laito: Don’t be so cold~ Come on, lean into me a little.
Yui:  Hmph…
Laito: Fufu. So mad. That’s right, you’re jealous.
Yui:  …jealous?

Choose No way!” (Correct choice)
Yui:  What…! No, of course not! How does that even make any s-
Laito: Bingo! It looks I’ve hit the mark, hehe…
Yui:  No…!
Yui: (It’s not true! Of course it’s not true! There’s no way it could be true!)

Choose …maybe I am
Yui:  …I guess that’s possible…
Laito: Hmph. Admitting it so easily. How dull.
Yui:  I have no reason to keep you happy, Laito-kun….
Yui: (Am I jealous…? Oh God, something must be wrong with me.)

Laito: – Listen carefully, Bitch-chan. This is my punishment for you.
Yui:  Eh?
Laito: These words are your punishment for trying to leave my side.
Yui:  How…!
Laito: You care about me, you like me. That’s why you tried to leave me. You want me so much, it terrified you.
Yui:  That’s just…!
Laito: The evidence speaks for itself, Bitch-chan. You looked so miserable when you saw me with my illusion of a woman.
Yui:  (Wait, illusion of a woman…!?  So that was just one of Laito’s spells…)
Laito: I bet your insides are writhing with anger.
Yui:  Stop jumping to conclusions!
Laito: – I understand exactly how you feel. Yes, I remember it well – A hatred so vile, you could kill them and it wouldn’t be enough.
Laito: Like…you’re being burned alive…
Yui:  …Laito-kun?
Yui: (He’s…furious…)
Laito: Bitch-chan. Do you know? Love is a lot like glass.
Laito: With a little flame, glass will change into any shape you want it to be. No matter how many times you apply the heat.
Laito: And love will contort you, maim and mutilate you. The hotter the fires, the more you’re completely deformed.
Yui:  But, but…that’s what you’re saying. But that’s not how I feel at all. What you’re saying has nothing to do with how I actually feel…I…you…
Laito: – So you don’t love me? Not even a little bit?
Yui:  I…!
Yui: (Why can’t I make a sound…what’s wrong with me? I’m trying to run away from him…)
Yui: (But…why can’t I walk away? What if everything he says is true? What am I supposed to do?)
Yui: (No, that won’t happen. I have to trust my own feelings. Once he makes me lose sight of myself, he’s got me.)
Laito: It’s no use, Bitch-chan. It’s too late for you. You will never have the willpower to leave my side again. Surrender.
Fun fact: Once a butterfly is caught in a spider’s web, thrashing about only entangles it more.
Yui:  Ah….
Yui: (What’s…going to happen to me?)
Laito: Now let’s go back home, and I will give you some love. So be nice to me, ok?

 – In the end, I never did shake off his hand.

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