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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Subaru Event 8: Shooting Practice (English Translation)

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Ema: (Since that talk with Papa, while thinking deeply, my feet would somehow lead me to the park…)
Ema: (…I ‘ve been thinking a lot about Subaru-san.)
Ema: (Even though there shouldn’t be anymore ill feelings with Subaru-san… All I’ve been thinking about is him…)
Ema: (Haa… I’ve been really weird these days…)
Subaru: You…. Why are you here….?
Ema: ………Hyaa!!??
Subaru: Wah!?
Ema: Su, Su-Su-Subaru-san…!?
Ema: (Th-the real person suddenly appearing like that… It’s bad for my heart!)
Subaru: …So-sorry. …I didn’t mean to scare you.
Ema: Ah, it’s okay! I’m sorry too. Uhm, what are you doing here Subaru-san?
Subaru: …I came here to practise shooting. There’s a shooting ring a little further in this park.
Ema: (I, I see… That surprised me.)
Subaru: I’m really sorry. …Then, I’ll be going. I’ll go home around dinnertime.%K%P
Ema: Ah, Subaru-san…!

1: I want to wacht you practice (hearts)
2: Do your best

1: Watch practice
Subaru: …Hm? What is it?
Ema: Uh, uhm… If it’s okay with you, can I watch you practise…?
Subaru: Eh? Y-you?
Ema: Ye-yes…..
Ema: (Why I keep thinking about Subaru-san… I want to figure out that reason…)

2: Do your best
Subaru: …Hm? What is it?
Ema: Uh, uhm. …Please do your best with practise.
Subaru: Ah, yeah… Thanks… See you.
Ema: (I actually wanted to watch him practise…)
Ema: (But if I’m with Subaru-san with my feelings like this, I feel like I won’t be able to hold a conversation…)
Ema: (I’ll just go home.)

Continue for choice 1
Subaru: …Could you wait a bit longer?
Ema: Ah, okay!
Subaru: I want to get 10 more shots in. If you wait until then…we can go home together.
Ema: Okay. Do your best.
Subaru: Yeah.
Ema: (Subaru-san holding a basketball and facing the goal like that, he really looks cool…)
Ema: (That’s right, I’ll buy some drinks while waiting.)
Ema: (Ah, looks like he just finished shooting practice.)
Subaru: Phew.
Ema: Subaru-san, here are some drinks.
Subaru: Ah, thanks.
Subaru: …Is it okay to sit next to you?
Ema: Yeah.
Subaru: Haaa…
Ema: …Good work. You’ve been shooting the whole time haven’t you.
Subaru: Yeah…
Ema: It’s amazing you can get so many baskets in like that.
Subaru: …Well, that was just today.
Ema: Eh?
Subaru: Lately, I’ve been out of shape…
Ema: (Out of shape…?)
Subaru: ….No. Forget I said anything.
Ema: Subaru-san…
Subaru: …..
Ema: (…I should change the topic. Uhm…)
Ema: Ah, by the way, Subaru-san, why did you start playing basketball?
Subaru: Eh? Ah, ahh, me? I…
Ema: Yes.
Subaru: …Since I was small I loved being active, and when I was with Natsu-nii, we did a lot of sports.
Ema: With Natsume-san?
Subaru: …Yeah.
Subaru: When we were kids, basetball, soccer, snowboarding, swimming… the two of us tried out all kinds of stuff.
Ema: Ehh, that many…!
Subaru: But, the reason I chose basketball was…
Ema: Yeah.
Subaru: Do-don’t laugh okay?
Ema: …..?
Subaru: …Well, when I read a basketball manga in Tsuba-nii’s room, I was seriously touched…so then…
Ema: …Basketball manga…could it be…that really popular one?
Subaru: Ye-yeah…
Ema: (I see! So he started because of that basketball manga…)

1: That’s cute, Subaru-san!
2: I love that manga too! (hearts)

1: That’s cute, Subaru-san!
Ema: Starting it because of manga…Subaru-san, that’s kinda cute!
Subaru: Wha…! Cu-cute…!!
Ema: I mean, I thought there was a more honest and serious reason.
Subaru: So-sorry about that then…being that simple!
Ema: It’s fine…hehe.
Subaru: You… I told you not to laugh!
Ema: Sorry, I just had to.

2: I love that manga too!
Ema: I also love that manga!
Subaru: Eh? Really?
Ema: Yep! I was really touched by the lines of the guy who has the same position as you.
Subaru: Me too, actually.
Subaru: I admired that character, and thought I’d try out the position I’m in now…
Ema: That’s right! That guy, didn’t he always shoot three-pointers during tough times? I thought that was really amazing…!
Subaru: Hahaha. You seriously really like that manga.
Ema: (Ah…I’m actually talking and laughing with Subaru-san. It might be the first time I’ve seen this side of him…)
Ema: (Eh…what do I do now. I’m getting kind of nervous…?)
Subaru: …Haa.
Ema: (…I wonder why…)
Subaru: …You know, I actually wanted a bit more.
Ema: …Of what?
Subaru: …Height.
Ema: Eh? But Subaru-san, you’re already quite tall aren’t you?
Subaru: This height…is nothing when I’m on the court.
Ema: …..
Ema: …You can still grow taller! It’s not too late…!!
Subaru: I wonder. The past few years I’ve almost stopped growing.
Ema: …. I got it!
Subaru: Eh? What are you saying all of a sudden…
Ema: So you can grow taller, I’ll think of a super nutritious menu for you everyday!
Subaru: Hah?
Ema: I’ll buy a lot of milk, and always have it ready in the fridge!
Ema: So! Subaru-san, do your best with basketball from now on!
Subaru: …You.
Subaru: …Kuh. Hahaha!
Ema: Wha, why are you laughing!?
Subaru: Well…I was just wondering why you were so serious.
Subaru: But…thanks.
Ema: …..!
Ema: (Again… When I see Subaru-san’s smile, it’s hard to breathe, and my heart beats faster…)
Ema: (…Is this…)

Subaru: …It’s getting cold now. We should head home.
Ema: …You’re right.
Subaru: I’ll go get my stuff, so wait a bit.
Ema: Okay.
Ema: (I’m glad I got to talk with Subaru-san today. I want to see him practice again…)

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