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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Brotherhood Quarrel (English Translation)

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Louis: Chii-chan…Are you finished?
Ema: I just did. Do you need anything?
Louis: There’s a special on TV…you want to watch?
Ema: What sort of special?
Louis: It features a large family…
Ema: A large family…I’m actually a little interested.
Louis: Let’s watch, then…together.
Ema: Sure!
Iori: Oh, you’re here, too.
Ema: I hardly see you here at this time, Iori-san. You’re not studying now?
Iori: I’m preparing for exams, so this is a break.
Ema: I see you’re working hard. But you have to rest well, too.
Iori: Yeah, I will.
Ema: I’m excited to know what kind of family they are!
Ema: (It’s finished…there was a big fight between siblings, but there were some funny moments, too…!)
Iori: I remember that happening as a child.
Ema: You guys have fought like what happened in the show?
Louis: …We did?
Iori: Definitely…but Louis-niisan and I didn’t really get into those.
Ema: (They don’t seem to like fights, anyway…)
Ema: (So that means they’ve been kind and caring since they were kids…)
Louis: Remember when Ukyo-niisan got angry at Kaname-niisan?
Ema: Ahaha, things never change.
Louis: Yup.
Iori: And there is Yusuke and Fuuto.
Ema: …So they’re always like that too.
Iori: They always quarrel when they’re together.
Ema: Though in a way, the fights draw them close…
Iori: Though neither of them would give in.
Ema: Hahaha…
Louis: I’ve never seen Tsubaki-niisan and Azusa-niisan argue though…
Iori: Me neither.
Ema: Really?! Are they really that close?!
Iori: Azusa-niisan usually puts up with Tsubaki-niisan’s behavior, so I suppose that’s why.
Louis: And when Tsubaki-niisan mocks or lies, Azusa-niisan always corrects him.
Ema: Tsubaki-san and Azusa-san haven’t changed either.
Ema: …It’s fun to listen to you reminisce.
Iori: We can do this whenever you like.
Ema: Really?
Iori: Of course, right, Louis-niisan?
Louis: …Certainly…but…
Ema: …But?
Louis: Chii-chan is part of our memories now…
Iori: That’s true. And you’ll always be.
Ema: …Ah, you’re right. Thank you so much!
Ema: (I won’t lose to them…I’m gonna make memories of my own, too!)

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