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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Fuuto Event 6: Teasing (English Translation)

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Louis: Chii-chan, thanks for visiting my shop today. You look very cute.
Ema: Same to you. Although its styled rather than cut, I didn’t think it’d change my appearance this much!
Ema: This hairstyle is really nice! Thank you very much!
Louis: If there’s something you need help with you can always come to me.I don’t mind styling it at home.
Ema: Thanks! That’d be a big help!
Louis: Good. Anyway I must return to work. I hope you’ll come again. Be careful on your way back.
Ema: I will. Thank you very much for today.
Ema: (Louis-san is really good at styling hair.)
Ema: (Anyway, I don’t have any plans after this. Perhaps I should just go home and relax today.)
Ema: I’m home! Huh? Is nobody home?
Ema: (I wonder if everyone left somewhere because its Sunday…)
Fuuto: …I’m back.
Ema: Oh? Welcome home, Fuuto-kun. You seemed to have finished work early today.
Fuuto: Yeah, were you out somewhere too?
Ema: Yep, I just came back now.
Fuuto: …Hmm.
Ema: W-What is it?
Fuuto: You changed your hairstyle.
Ema: Y-Yes, I had Louis-san do it.
Fuuto: Oh…?
Ema: (W-Whats with that reaction?)
Fuuto: …Nee-san.
Ema: (What did he just say?!)
Ema: Um…F-Fuuto-kun?
Fuuto: That hairstyle suits you well my dear sister. It looks very beautiful…
Ema: (His face is so close…! Its making me nervous!)
Fuuto: How foolish of me not to notice until now.
Ema: Huh…?
Fuuto: My dear sister is absolutely beautiful…
Ema: F-Fuuto-kun…?
Fuuto: …Nee-san.
Ema: W-What?
Fuuto: Lets just forget about us being siblings right now.
Ema: Whaaaat?! N-No way, F-Fuuto-kun! You can’t…!
Ema: (Fuuto-kun can’t possibly…!)
Fuuto: Pftt!
Ema: (…What?)
Fuuto: I got you.
Ema: (What?!)
Fuuto: Did you think I was serious just now? I can’t believe it! Did you really think your hairstyle would make me fall for you?
Fuuto; How does it feel? Being treated as a princess? Haha, you really fell for that one!
Ema: (S-So he was just making fun of me…?)
Fuuto: Well, seeing your panicked face was quite entertaining.
Ema: How could that be entertaining…!?
Fuuto: Oh? Did I make you angry?
Ema: Of course I am! Jeez, I was planning on cooking dinner for you too! You can forget about it now!
Fuuto: Ah, that sounds nice. I’m really hungry! Go ahead and make something.
Ema: …What?
Fuuto: Please? My beautiful older sister?
Ema: Ugh…!
Ema: (He’s definitely making fun of me.)
Fuuto: So? Will you make it for me?
Ema: (Should I make it for him…?)

1: I’ll make it (hearts)
2: I won’t make it

1: I’ll make it
Ema: I guess I have no choice. What do you want to eat?
Fuuto: Something delicious.
Ema: *sigh* I see…

2: I won’t make it
Ema: I told you to forget me making you something. I’ve decided I’ll go back to my room.
Fuuto: Oh, I see. So you won’t listen to my request?
Ema: Next time maybe. See you.
Fuuto: ……..
Ema: (He’s in the wrong for teasing me like that. I’ll let him reflect on it for now.)

Continue for choice 1
Fuuto: As expected of my beautiful older sister.
Ema: …I get it so stop saying that.
Fuuto: Oh? You’ve gotten sick of it already?
Ema: It’s not that, it’s just…
Ema: (Its because I know he’s not serious…)
Fuuto: I’ll say it anytime. As many times as you want.
Ema: Please don’t!
Fuuto: Hmm? But a little while ago you seemed really happy when I said it.
Ema: Ugh.
Fuuto: Heh!
Fuuto: Looks like I really got you that time.
Ema: (Am I that easy to read…?)
Ema: (But, laughing with Fuuto-kun like this does make me happy.I wonder if that means I’ve gotten more closer to him?)

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