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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Truth (English Translation)

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Juli: Hmm. Considering that they’re busy, this place is pretty tidy.
Ema: Ah. Rather than it being tidy, doesn’t it just mean Papa and Miwa-san are so busy they’re hardly at home…?
Juli: I guess you might be right.
Ema: (Today I’ve borrowed the key to Papa and Miwa-san’s new house.)
Ema: (As usual, they’re busy working, so Juli and I are the only ones at the house.)
Juli: You got asked to sort out the photos from the wedding today, right?
Ema: Yes. Papa said there are so many photos of my brothers, he hadn’t even started.
Juli: Sorting out the photos would certainly be tough when you get that many people together.
Ema: Yes. If we don’t start soon, it’ll be dark before we know it.
Juli: You’re right. How about we get started right away?
Ema: Okay!
Juli: Well, let’s see.
Juli: Haha! Don’t you look cute in this one, Chii?
Ema: Huh, which one? I want to see too!
Juli: Here you go.
Ema: …Why am I eating cake with such a serious look on my face…?
Juli: You’re quite a greedy person.
Ema: Uh…
Juli: Ah, Kaname looks good in this one. He looks good when he doesn’t say anything.
Ema: Ahaha, you’re right! Hey, Wataru-chan looks really cute here!
Jul: That’s…a photo of when Wataru and Masaomi were making a speech, isn’t it?
Ema: Yes. Wataru-chan started to adlib halfway through and Masaomi was panicking that he couldn’t keep up.
Juli: This is a photo of Tsubaki and Azusa singing.
Ema: Come to think of it, Tsubaki-san and Azusa-san were really good at singing!
Ema: I was amazed at the beautiful harmony.
Juli: Ah, here’s a photo of Yusuke.
Ema: …Why is Yusuke-kun eating in all his photos…?
Juli: Haha, he’s probably as greedy as you are, Chii.
Ema: Jeez, Juli…!
Ema: Oh…? There don’t seem to be many photos of Iori-san and Fuuto-kun…
Juli: They were surrounded by female guests all the time, so there probably weren’t any chances to take photos?
Ema: I guess so…
Juli: …But having all the brothers together really is an amazing sight. Even just looking at these photos is fun.
Ema: You’re right.
Ema: (I couldn’t have imagined this situation last year. Surrounded by a big family… I really am happy now.)
Juli: Unfortunately, we’ve gotten so caught up in this, we forgot what we were meant to be doing.
Ema: Hehe, you’re right. Let’s finish up quickly and look at them after we’re done!
Ema: I’m sure that Miwa-san said “The unused albums are on the shelf”…
Juli: I don’t see anything like that though…
Ema: Hmm, did they forget to put them out…? Ah, perhaps they’re in this box?
Ema: (A new box in the corner of the shelf. There were several envelopes and one notebook inside.)
Ema: …Hmm? I wonder what this is?
Juli: Hmm, a child’s record book?
Ema: The child’s full name is “Ema Himi”…?
Ema: My name is Ema… But who is “Himi”…?
Juli: ……!
Ema: (…What is this uneasy feeling…?!)
Ema: Hey, Juli… Here…it says my parents’ names are…Kenji and Yukie Himi…
Ema: …”Yukie” is my mom’s name. …But who is “Kenji”…?
Juli: ……
Ema: Huh… I don’t get this…
Ema: My dad’s name is Rintaro Hinata. It’s Rintaro Hinata, right…?
Ema: What is this…?
Juli: H-Hey! What are you doing, Chii?!
Ema: …I’m going to look for something else! There must be some kind of mistake!
Juli: Chii… I think you should stop…
Ema: This is…?
Ema: (A few old photographs came out from an envelope that was in the box.)
Ema: (A photo of Papa and a man I don’t know… And that man is holding a baby… The man looks really happy…)
Ema: There’s something written on the back…
Ema: …This is on my birthday… “Kenji and Ema…”?
Juli: Chii…
Ema: …What does this mean…?
Rintarou: I’m home.
Ema: …?!
Rintarou: Ah, Ema. You’re still here.
Ema: Papa…
Rintarou: I finished up earlier than I thought I would today. I hurried home because I heard you were coming here.
Ema: ……
Rintarou: …Ema?
Ema: ……
Rintarou: …! Where did you get those photos from…?!
Ema: …I was organising the photos from the wedding, and I found this box by chance…
Rintarou: That box is…!
Ema: Hey, Papa. The child record book in that box isn’t mine, is it…?
Ema: Because I don’t know the name “Himi”… Who is “Kenji Himi” anyway…?
Rintarou: W-Well…
Ema: Ema and Yukie… That was just a coincidence,right…? They just happen to have the same name asmom and I, but they’ve got nothing to do with us, right…?!
Rintarou: ……!
Ema: Hey… Tell me it’s not true, Papa… Tell me it’s not me…! Tell me this isn’t my child record book…!
Ema: Your name isn’t here, you see…!
Ema: My dad is “Rintaro Hinata”, my mom is “Yukie Hinata” and I am… I am “Ema Hinata”, right?!
Rintarou: Ema…
Ema: I don’t understand this photo either! Who is the person next to you…?
Ema: Why are my birthday and name written on the back…?
Ema: I don’t know anything about this photo! I don’t know this man! The baby in this photo…
Ema: …isn’t me!
Rintarou: ……
Ema: Because…because…my dad is…!
Rintarou: Ema… I want you to let me explain.
Ema: ……No.
Rintarou: Eh…?
Ema: No! I don’t want to hear it!
Rintarou: H-Hey! Wait, Ema!
Ema: (Even though I was laughing so “happily” earlier…)
Ema: (I ran out of the room, as if to escape from reality…)
Ema: (How long am I going to do this…?)
Ema: (Even though I felt that way, I couldn’t bring myself to leave the park bench.)
Ema: (…I couldn’t stop crying. I was sure Papa wasn’t my dad. That was probably what Papa wanted to say.)
Ema: (The child’s record book and the photo. Even though I understood after seeing them, I was scared to hear it directly from Papa…)
Ema: (But if I hear it directly from Papa, I’ll feel as if I’ll be alone…)
Ema: (No matter how much I cried, the tears just kept coming.)

An event can happen now! If you’re not close with anyone this will happen instead:

Juli: Chii! I’ve finally found you!
Ema: …Juli?
Juli: Don’t ever leave me behind. I was really worried! It was hard work chasing after you too!
Ema: (Right… I left Juli behind when I ran out of the room…)
Ema: Sorry…
Juli: It’s alright. I’ve found you safe now.
Juli: Come on, let’s go home. You’ll catch a cold if you stay here.
Ema: ……
Juli: And…
Ema: ……?
Juli: And… Those guys… Your brothers are worried about you too.
Juli: Rintarou got into contact with them. He’s waiting at the house too.
Ema: But… I’m scared to hear the truth from Papa…
Juli: What are you so afraid of?
Ema: Huh…?
Juli: What’s the matter with Rintarou not being your real father?
Ema: …Well! It means I’m alone! Papa isn’t my real dad, and mom passed away…!
Ema: It means…I don’t have any blood relatives, right…?
Ema: I’m… I’m…all alone, aren’t I?!
Juli: …You’ve got lots of brothers now, haven’t you, Chii?
Juli: They’re all doing their best to find you right now.
Ema: Huh… Everyone is…looking for me?
Juli: You can’t be too careful because they’re interested in you…
Juli: But I’m sure that they honestly care about you.
Ema: ……
Juli: And…I’m here too. We’ve been together since you were little, right? I’ll continue to stay with you…
Juli: So you’re not alone.
Ema: …Juli…
Juli: Let’s go home, Chii. I’ll stay with you when you listen to what Rintarou has to say.
Ema: …Okay… Thank you, Juli…
Juli: …Have you made up your mind?
Ema: I’ll hear what Papa has to say…
Juli: Okay.
Ema: (It’s okay… I think I can accept what Papa has to say if Juli is with me.)


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