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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Truth (English Translation)

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Juli: Hmm. Considering that they’re busy, this place is pretty tidy.
Ema: Ah. Rather than it being tidy, doesn’t it just mean Papa and Miwa-san are so busy they’re hardly at home…?
Juli: I guess you might be right.
Ema: (Today I’ve borrowed the key to Papa and Miwa-san’s new house.)
Ema: (As usual, they’re busy working, so Juli and I are the only ones at the house.)
Juli: You got asked to sort out the photos from the wedding today, right?
Ema: Yes. Papa said there are so many photos of my brothers, he hadn’t even started.
Juli: Sorting out the photos would certainly be tough when you get that many people together.
Ema: Yes. If we don’t start soon, it’ll be dark before we know it.
Juli: You’re right. How about we get started right away?
Ema: Okay!
Juli: Well, let’s see.
Juli: Haha! Don’t you look cute in this one, Chii?
Ema: Huh, which one? I want to see too!
Juli: Here you go.
Ema: …Why am I eating cake with such a serious look on my face…?
Juli: You’re quite a greedy person.
Ema: Uh…
Juli: Ah, Kaname looks good in this one. He looks good when he doesn’t say anything.
Ema: Ahaha, you’re right! Hey, Wataru-chan looks really cute here!
Jul: That’s…a photo of when Wataru and Masaomi were making a speech, isn’t it?
Ema: Yes. Wataru-chan started to adlib halfway through and Masaomi was panicking that he couldn’t keep up.
Juli: This is a photo of Tsubaki and Azusa singing.
Ema: Come to think of it, Tsubaki-san and Azusa-san were really good at singing!
Ema: I was amazed at the beautiful harmony.
Juli: Ah, here’s a photo of Yusuke.
Ema: …Why is Yusuke-kun eating in all his photos…?
Juli: Haha, he’s probably as greedy as you are, Chii.
Ema: Jeez, Juli…!
Ema: Oh…? There don’t seem to be many photos of Iori-san and Fuuto-kun…
Juli: They were surrounded by female guests all the time, so there probably weren’t any chances to take photos?
Ema: I guess so…
Juli: …But having all the brothers together really is an amazing sight. Even just looking at these photos is fun.
Ema: You’re right.
Ema: (I couldn’t have imagined this situation last year. Surrounded by a big family… I really am happy now.)
Juli: Unfortunately, we’ve gotten so caught up in this, we forgot what we were meant to be doing.
Ema: Hehe, you’re right. Let’s finish up quickly and look at them after we’re done!
Ema: I’m sure that Miwa-san said “The unused albums are on the shelf”…
Juli: I don’t see anything like that though…
Ema: Hmm, did they forget to put them out…? Ah, perhaps they’re in this box?
Ema: (A new box in the corner of the shelf. There were several envelopes and one notebook inside.)
Ema: …Hmm? I wonder what this is?
Juli: Hmm, a child’s record book?
Ema: The child’s full name is “Ema Himi”…?
Ema: My name is Ema… But who is “Himi”…?
Juli: ……!
Ema: (…What is this uneasy feeling…?!)
Ema: Hey, Juli… Here…it says my parents’ names are…Kenji and Yukie Himi…
Ema: …”Yukie” is my mom’s name. …But who is “Kenji”…?
Juli: ……
Ema: Huh… I don’t get this…
Ema: My dad’s name is Rintaro Hinata. It’s Rintaro Hinata, right…?
Ema: What is this…?
Juli: H-Hey! What are you doing, Chii?!
Ema: …I’m going to look for something else! There must be some kind of mistake!
Juli: Chii… I think you should stop…
Ema: This is…?
Ema: (A few old photographs came out from an envelope that was in the box.)
Ema: (A photo of Papa and a man I don’t know… And that man is holding a baby… The man looks really happy…)
Ema: There’s something written on the back…
Ema: …This is on my birthday… “Kenji and Ema…”?
Juli: Chii…
Ema: …What does this mean…?
Rintarou: I’m home.
Ema: …?!
Rintarou: Ah, Ema. You’re still here.
Ema: Papa…
Rintarou: I finished up earlier than I thought I would today. I hurried home because I heard you were coming here.
Ema: ……
Rintarou: …Ema?
Ema: ……
Rintarou: …! Where did you get those photos from…?!
Ema: …I was organising the photos from the wedding, and I found this box by chance…
Rintarou: That box is…!
Ema: Hey, Papa. The child record book in that box isn’t mine, is it…?
Ema: Because I don’t know the name “Himi”… Who is “Kenji Himi” anyway…?
Rintarou: W-Well…
Ema: Ema and Yukie… That was just a coincidence,right…? They just happen to have the same name asmom and I, but they’ve got nothing to do with us, right…?!
Rintarou: ……!
Ema: Hey… Tell me it’s not true, Papa… Tell me it’s not me…! Tell me this isn’t my child record book…!
Ema: Your name isn’t here, you see…!
Ema: My dad is “Rintaro Hinata”, my mom is “Yukie Hinata” and I am… I am “Ema Hinata”, right?!
Rintarou: Ema…
Ema: I don’t understand this photo either! Who is the person next to you…?
Ema: Why are my birthday and name written on the back…?
Ema: I don’t know anything about this photo! I don’t know this man! The baby in this photo…
Ema: …isn’t me!
Rintarou: ……
Ema: Because…because…my dad is…!
Rintarou: Ema… I want you to let me explain.
Ema: ……No.
Rintarou: Eh…?
Ema: No! I don’t want to hear it!
Rintarou: H-Hey! Wait, Ema!
Ema: (Even though I was laughing so “happily” earlier…)
Ema: (I ran out of the room, as if to escape from reality…)
Ema: (How long am I going to do this…?)
Ema: (Even though I felt that way, I couldn’t bring myself to leave the park bench.)
Ema: (…I couldn’t stop crying. I was sure Papa wasn’t my dad. That was probably what Papa wanted to say.)
Ema: (The child’s record book and the photo. Even though I understood after seeing them, I was scared to hear it directly from Papa…)
Ema: (But if I hear it directly from Papa, I’ll feel as if I’ll be alone…)
Ema: (No matter how much I cried, the tears just kept coming.)

An event can happen now!

Masaomi’s Sixth Event
Kaname’s Sixth Event
Tsubaki’s Sixth Event
Subaru’s Sixth Event
Yusuke’s Seventh Event
Fuuto’s Fourth Event

If you’re not close with anyone this will happen instead:

Juli: Chii! I’ve finally found you!
Ema: …Juli?
Juli: Don’t ever leave me behind. I was really worried! It was hard work chasing after you too!
Ema: (Right… I left Juli behind when I ran out of the room…)
Ema: Sorry…
Juli: It’s alright. I’ve found you safe now.
Juli: Come on, let’s go home. You’ll catch a cold if you stay here.
Ema: ……
Juli: And…
Ema: ……?
Juli: And… Those guys… Your brothers are worried about you too.
Juli: Rintarou got into contact with them. He’s waiting at the house too.
Ema: But… I’m scared to hear the truth from Papa…
Juli: What are you so afraid of?
Ema: Huh…?
Juli: What’s the matter with Rintarou not being your real father?
Ema: …Well! It means I’m alone! Papa isn’t my real dad, and mom passed away…!
Ema: It means…I don’t have any blood relatives, right…?
Ema: I’m… I’m…all alone, aren’t I?!
Juli: …You’ve got lots of brothers now, haven’t you, Chii?
Juli: They’re all doing their best to find you right now.
Ema: Huh… Everyone is…looking for me?
Juli: You can’t be too careful because they’re interested in you…
Juli: But I’m sure that they honestly care about you.
Ema: ……
Juli: And…I’m here too. We’ve been together since you were little, right? I’ll continue to stay with you…
Juli: So you’re not alone.
Ema: …Juli…
Juli: Let’s go home, Chii. I’ll stay with you when you listen to what Rintarou has to say.
Ema: …Okay… Thank you, Juli…
Juli: …Have you made up your mind?
Ema: I’ll hear what Papa has to say…
Juli: Okay.
Ema: (It’s okay… I think I can accept what Papa has to say if Juli is with me.)

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