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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Something Important (English Translation)

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Ema: (When I returned, my brothers all left me alone with Papa.)
Rintarou: …Where do I start?
Ema: …I’m ready. You can tell me anything.
Ema: In fact, tell me everything.
Rintarou: Okay…
Ema: ……
Rintarou: You saw Kenji-san’s picture?
Rintarou: Himi Kenji was my senior at a club from university. He was a nice guy…
Rintarou: He treated his unders and his peers equally, and was always at the center among others.
Ema: (Is that man my…?)
Rintarou: We saw each other often, even after I graduated, and we explored the world together.
Ema: ……
Rintarou: Kenji-san married right after his graduation. His wife was Yukie-san.
Ema: So, I…
Rintarou: You’re Yukie-san’s child…as well as Kenji-san’s.
Ema: ……!
Ema: (I told Papa I was ready, but this was still a shock…)
Ema: (But I have to know…This is still my business.)
Rintarou: As you already know, Yukie-san died soon after you were born. I could still remember Kenji-san’s grief.
Ema: Mama…
Rintarou: Kenji-san said he would raise you by himself, but he couldn’t take you along to work.
Rintarou: So he asked me to look after you whenever he left…
Ema: And…what happened to him?
Rintarou: He had an accident…when you were just two…
Rintarou: Neither Kenji-san nor Yukie-san had relatives, so you would have been taken to an orphanage…
Rintarou: As the child that Yukie-san bore and that Kenji-san raised, I couldn’t leave you alone. So I adopted you.
Ema: So that’s what happened…
Rintarou: This must be painful for you.
Ema: No…thank you for telling me.
Rintarou: There’s something else…something you must never forget.
Ema: ……?
Rintarou: …You’re my daughter, Ema.
Ema: Huh…?
Rintarou: We may not be related by blood, but you are my daughter still.
Rintarou: There is no replacement for the time we’ve spent together.
Ema: (Ah…why was I so scared?)
Ema: (There are people who love me, and they’re so close…)
Rintarou: …I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.
Ema: …No, thank you for doing it now.
ema: And…I believe you.
Rintarou: ……?
Ema: You’re my papa. You’re my kind papa, Hinata Rintarou…
Rintarou: Ema…Yeah.
Ema: Papa, can we visit Kenj-san’s grave soon? There are some things I want to tell him.
Rintarou: Sure…that would make him happy.
Ema: (It’s a quiet feeling of wonder. It’s because I now know that I’m not alone anymore.)


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