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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Yusuke’s Route Event 4: Preparations For The Culture Festival (English Translation)

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Ema: (It seems the preparation of the cultural festival is reaching its final stage!)
Ema: (Lately our classmates have been staying afterschool until late to continue working on it.)
Ema: (I asked Ukyo what the preparations for dinner were, and stayed after school as well.)
Mahoko: Hina~ After today’s work, I’m going shopping so we can paint the sign board.
Ema: Okay.
Mahoko: Since I’m going to go shopping,I’d like it if you continued to work on it.Is that all right?
Ema: Sure, I don’t mind.
Mahoko: After I’m done I’ll be returning home though. So once your done with you’re work here, you should return home too, okay?
Ema: I will!~
Mahoko: Ah, it’d be better if you had a guy to help you for more manpower. Is there anyone in particular you have in mind?
Ema: Anyone in particular…?
Mahoko: Like, maybe Asahina or Sasakura?
Ema: (I wonder who would be best to help…Who should I ask?)

1: Yusuke-kun (hearts)
2: Sasakura-kun

1: Yusuke-kun
Ema: …Well I suppose I could ask Yusuke-kun?
Mahoko: Oh right! You two can go home together, so that’d probably be for the best.
Mahoko: Hey! Asahina!!
Yusuke: What?
Mahoko: Now, I want just you and Hina to work on coloring the sign board!
Yusuke: Huh!? Just the two of us!?
Mahoko: Yes. I’m counting on you!
Yusuke: H-Hey! Wait a minute!
Ema: …Um Yusuke-kun, do you not want to work together?
Yusuke: N-No, it’s not that…
Ema: I’m sorry…
Yusuke: W-Why are you apologizing?!
Ema: Well, it was actually me who wanted to ask you…
Yusuke: You chose…me?
Ema: I’m really sorry…!
Yusuke: You…and me…
Yusuke: L-Look don’t worry about it. Now come on, let’s hurry up and get this work done!
Ema: Okay…
Ema: (I wonder… could Yusuke-kun be mad? Well, even if does bother him he still intends to help. Its things like that show he really is kind…)

2: Sasakura-kun
Ema: …Then, I guess I could ask Sasakura-kun.
Mahoko: Hmm, I was certain you were going to choose Asahina.
Ema: Huh?
Mahoko: Well, doesn’t matter. Either is fine with me!~
Mahoko: Hey! Sasakura!
Sasakura: You called?
Mahoko: I want you to color the sign with Hina.
Sasakura: I don’t mind. Rather, I’d be happy to work with just Hina!
Mahoko: Hina picked you personally! So I’m counting on you!
Sasakura: Right! Rodger that.
Sasakura: I’m honored that you be picked me, Hinata.
Ema: R-Really? So it wasn’t too much trouble to ask you?
Sasakura: Not at all! If we finish early,would you like to walk home together? I’ll send you back.
Ema: What…? Oh, there’s no need for you to do that.
Sasakura: Don’t say that. There’s no way I couldn’t let you work till late and walk home by yourself.
Ema: …Thank you.
Ema: (The work with Sasakura-kun was soon done in no time.And in the end, I was sent to the station by him.)

Continue for choice 1
Ema: We’re finally done!
Yusuke: That took much longer than I thought it would.Ah, I’m really hungry right now!
Ema: Wow, it’s already this late? I didn’t even notice…!
Yusuke: What? Seriously!?
Ema: We should hurry and clean up so we can return home!
Yusuke: Right. Still…isn’t it a bit too quiet? Now that I think about even the classrooms seem empty.
Ema: (Come to think of it…)
Ema: (I can’t hear a sound and it’s deathly quiet in here.)
Ema: Hey, Yusuke-kun. Do you think maybe, we’re the only ones left in the school right now?
Yusuke: What?! You’re kidding, right?!
Ema: I don’t know but… it’s completely silent. Could it be that… the teachers are gone too?
Yusuke: You think so?! I’ll check the staff room!
Ema: O-Okay…
Ema: (I wonder if Yusuke-kun’s all right?)
Ema: (Oh, he came back!)
Ema: So…?
Yusuke: …Damn! It’s like you said…
Ema: What!? You can’t mean…
Yusuke: Yeah. There was no one in the staff room. And the school gates are closed.
Yusuke: …It seems we’re stuck in here.
Ema: No way…! What should we do…?
Yusuke: As for what to do…I guess we have no choice but to wait for someone to come help us…
Ema: But if no one comes to help us, does that mean we have to stay here until morning…?
Yusuke: Whaaaaat?!
Yusuke: S-Stay here… together until morning…? There’s noooo way we can do that!!
Ema: I don’t want to either! But it seems we have no choice…
Yusuke: ………
Ema: (Just me and Yusuke-kun…spending the night together?)
Ema: (I can’t believe this. What should we do?! What can we do?! My head is such a mess right now…!)
Yusuke: ……….
Ema: …Ah! I know! Maho-chan!
Yusuke: W-What’s with you all of a sudden? What about Imai?
Ema: Maho-chan is an executive committee member of the of the school festival. So maybe she’d be able to contact a teacher!
Yusuke: O-Oh…she is isn’t she?
Ema: I’ll try to email her.
Yusuke: All right. In the meantime, I’ll try and look for any other exits besides the school gate!
Ema: (Once Yusuke-kun leaves the classroom, I send my email to Maho-chan.)
Yusuke: It’s no use. I looked everywhere but there’s no other exits…
Ema: I see… I even sent an email to Maho-chan, but she hasn’t replied yet.
Yusuke: I guess it can’t be helped. Do you want to wait for her to reply?
Ema: Yeah…
Ema: (Usually Maho-chan would respond immediately if I email her…)
Ema: …Achoo!
Yusuke: …Hey, are you okay?
Ema: Yes. I’m just a little cold, but I’m oka…achoo!
Yusuke: And how exactly is that okay? …Jeez. Here, I’ll lend you my school uniform. Put it on.
Ema: I-I really am okay! If you do that then you’ll catch a cold!
Yusuke: While I may not be like Suba-nii, I have done some training exercises with him. I can handle something like this.
Ema: B-But…
Yusuke: B-Besides… it’s a man’s duty to protect a woman.
Ema: Huh…?
Yusuke: Its like I said! Don’t go all quiet on me!
Ema: You’re right, thank you… However, I’m still worried about you.
Ema: So I can’t take it from you.
Yusuke: …Jeez, your unexpectedly stubborn.
Ema: …Hm?
Yusuke: I-It’s nothing!
Yusuke: F-Fine…then I’ll…h-hold your hand…i-instead…
Ema: What…!?
Yusuke: I-I’m not doing it because I want to!
Yusuke: Y-You said you wouldn’t use my uniform so…
Yusuke: T-T-T-That’s why, I-I’ll do it this way b-because it’d be b-bad if I d-didn’t warm you up in some w-way right now…!
Ema: (Just then, his speech was pretty strange…)
Ema: (But it is true that I’m cold… along with my hands.)
Ema: (Does that mean, he noticed…?)
Yusuke: J-Just give me your hand already!
Ema: …Okay
Ema: (His big hands wrap both of mine completely and immediately become very warm…)
Yusuke: Because of the situation we’re in… I-I’m only doing this for today…
Ema: I know… Thank you, Yusuke-kun.
Ema: (Soon after Maho-chan contacted me and a teacher was notified.)
Ema: (Yusuke-kun held my hand the entire time before the teacher arrived.)

The next morning, at home
Ukyo: Good morning, Ema. Hey now, you don’t look like your feeling too well. Are you all right?
Ema: Yeah… my body just feels a bit heavy…
Ukyo: That doesn’t sound too good. Did you check your temperature?
Ema: No…not yet.
Ukyo: I’ll be fine taking care of breakfast today, you should go rest in your room.
Ukyo: If it’s a fever you should rest for today. I’ll contact the school to inform them of your absence.
Ema: …Alright. Thank you very much.
Ema: (As I take in Ukyo’s kindness, I decide to return to my room to rest…)
Yusuke: *Yawns* …Morning.
Ema: Oh, Yusuke-kun. Good morning. Are you fine from yesterday? You didn’t catch a cold did you?
Yusuke: Jeez, how many times do I have to tell you? I go training everyday, so I’m fine!
Yusuke: And speaking of which, are you okay?
Ema: Actually…I’m a bit feverish…
Yusuke: Whaaaat?!
Ema: S-Sorry.
Yusuke: That’s why I told you to borrow my uniform…!
Ema: B-But, I’m sure if I try my hardest, I can still go to school today.  There’s still a lot of preparing to be done.
Yusuke: Gaaah–! What are you talking about?! You need to keep quiet and rest for today. I’ll take care of it all in your place.
Yusuke: If I see you try and go to school with a fever, I’ll kick your butt all the way back home!
Ukyo: …*Sigh* Yusuke, you shouldn’t say something like that to a woman.
Yusuke: S-Shut up!
Ema: Thank you, Yusuke-kun. I’ll try and get better as soon as possible.
Yusuke: G-Good.
Ema: (His words may be sharp, but he is certainly one of the most  kindest people I know…)

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