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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Tsubaki’s Route Event 3: The appearance of 2 people (English Translation)

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Ema: Ah…
Juli: What’s wrong, Chii?
Ema: I forgot my phone in the living room…
Juli: Then shouldn’t you go get it?
Ema: I will. Do you want to come too?
Juli: Yeah. I wanted to take a couple of sweets from there anyway.
Ema: It’s already past 12:00. You’re going to get fat at this rate.
Ema: If you get too heavy I won’t be able to put you on my shoulder anymore.
Juli: What?! That’d be bad… In that case I’ll only take one.
Ema: (But he still intends to eat it…)
Ema: (Hm? I hear some voices. I wonder who it is…?)
Tsubaki: Listen…
Azusa: Yes?
Ema: Isn’t that Azusa-san and Tsubaki-san…?
Juli: Yeah, seems like it.
Ema: I don’t want to interrupt them. What should I do?
Juli: Hmm…It’ll be hard to leave with this atmosphere.
Tsubaki: Actually, there’s something I want to tell you.
Azusa: Hm? What is it?
Tsubaki: We’re always together.
Azusa: Yeah, you’re right.
Tsubaki: But these past days I’ve been together with you…
Tsubaki: My heart just won’t settle down. And when I see you getting along with other guys…I get really irritated.
Azusa: Huh?
Tsubaki: I’m in love with you!
Ema: (Huh? W-Whaaat?! H-He’s in love with…?)
Juli: (W-What the heck is that guy talking about…?!)
Ema: (B-But they’re brothers! Not to mention they’re both guys! S-So why…?!)
Juli: (C-Calm down, Chii! They’ll hear you at this rate…!)
Tsubaki: I can’t hold back these feelings any longer. I’ve been thinking them for far too long…
Tsubaki: Everytime I see your face these thoughts cross my mind. I can’t hold back anymore!
Azusa: Nii-san…
Tsubaki: I’m sorry for throwing these terrible feelings at you…
Azusa: No…Your feelings make me very happy.
Azusa: But…
Ema: (But…?)
Azusa: But, we can’t. Because a relationship between siblings is forbidden. You should know that already.
Tsubaki: I don’t care! I love you!! So…please become mine!
Ema: (W-What the heck does he mean by that?!)

1: I’m really curious (hearts, only the sound)
2: Lots of things happen between brothers…

1: I’m really curious
Ema: (I know I shouldn’t be listening to this. But I’m really curious about it…)
Ema: (This is that so-called “forbidden love” right?)
Tsubaki: Even now, I’ve always been supported by you. I don’t want to hand you over to anyone!
Azusa: Nii-san…
Tsubaki: Or could it be that…you don’t like me?
Azusa: That’s not it at all!
Azusa: There’s no way I could…
Tsubaki: So does that mean…you love me?
Azusa: Yes…I also love you.
Tsubaki: Then…!
Azusa: I’ve always held the same feelings for you. But I…!
Tsubaki: It’s okay. I’ll protect you no matter what! I’ll persuade everyone to accept us, no matter how long it takes!
Tsubaki: So please…! Let’s find happiness together.
Azusa: Okay…

2: Lots of things happen between brohters….
Ema: L-Lots of things happen between brothers. This must be some sort of special circumstance.)
Ema: (B-Besides, those two get along really well. Yeah, that must be it…)
Ema: (I-I should stop overthinking it!)

Juli: Chii, I don’t think it’d be wise to stay any longer….
Juli: Something is bound to happen at this point…
Juli: And I’d rather not be here to see it…
Ema: I-I agree! Let’s go back to my room!
Ema: I barely got any sleep…
Juli: Yeah…
Ema: (That conversation was really intense. It was a sort of sensation I’ve never felt before…)
Ema: (But there’s no way those two…! Ah…!)
Ema: (Could it have been a practice performance? They are voice actors…)
Ema: (Yeah, I’ll leave it at that. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to face them! Alright, let’s put on a brave face today!)

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