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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Soon The Culture Festival (English Translation)

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Ema: (The cultural festival is next month, huh. It’s so soon.)
Mahoko: Hina! Are you going home now?
Ema: Yes, I was planning on it. What’s the matter?
Mahoko: We start preparing for the cultural festival today, remember? I’m part of the executive committee, so I’ve gotta go buy a few things~
Mahoko: Can you help me out a little?
Ema: Oh yeah, you’re on the executive committee. Okay, sure.
Mahoko: Thanks ♪ I was sure you’d help me. Hehe.
Ema: Yeah, of course! You can treat me to cake or parfait sometime ♥
Mahoko: …Looks like getting your help will be expensive…
Mahoko: But don’t you think that doing a cafe is too ordinary?
Ema: The majority wanted a cafe, so we can’t do anything about that… It does seem like they’re playing it safe though.
Mahoko: I wish we could have done something that’d have more impact!
Mahoko: Like “Guys and Girls Body Swap Show!” Or “Girls Only Extreme Pro Wrestling Championship!”.
Ema: (T-Those definitely would have more of an impact, but I’m not sure everyone would want to take part…)
Ema: I’m looking forward to preparing for the cultural festival though. Let’s do our best.
Mahoko: Right! We won’t get anywhere if I start complaining now! The best thing you can do at these school events is to have fun.
Ema: Yeah.
Mahoko: Hehe! Well, seeing as I’m on the executive committee, you can look forward to me organising the best cafe ♪
Ema: (Maho-chan is really fired up. I hope things don’t get out of control…)
Mahoko: Hey, hey. An ordinary cafe wouldn’t be much fun, so how about a costume cafe?
Ema: Huh?! W-What kind of costume?
Mahoko: How about maid costumes?
Ema: Hmm, that seems a bit ordinary…
Mahoko: I see. I thought you’d look good in a maid costume though.
Ema: M-Me?
Sasakura: I think so too!
Ema: Sasakura-kun!
Sasakura: You’re cute, so I think you’d look good in anything, not just a maid costume!
Ema: Ahaha…
Ema: (Isn’t Sasakura-kun embarrassed to say things like that…?)
Mahoko: Sasakura! You should help prepare for the cultural festival when you’re not busy with club activities!
Sasakura: When I’m not busy, huh. Unfortunately, I’ve got practice after this today!
Mahoko: I see…
Sasakura: We’ve got a match coming up. Sorry. I’ll help after the match though!
Ema: Good luck in the match, Sasakura-kun.
Sasakura: Yeah, thanks! I think I’ll be able to work super hard now you’ve said that to me!
Mahoko: Do you act differently around Hina, or is it just my imagination?
Sasakura: Just your imagination! Haha!
Sasakura: Hey, Imai! I’m really looking forward to the costume cafe!
Mahoko: Yeah, you can count on me!
Sasakura: Alright, I’m going to practice, so see you tomorrow~!
Ema: Okay, see you tomorrow.
Mahoko: What’d he come here for…? Did he come to see you?
Ema: Huh? No way!
Mahoko: Huh? I’m sure he did! I can’t think of any other reason.
Ema: No way… You’re thinking too hard.
Mahoko: …You’re actually pretty popular, you know?
Ema: Huh?
Mahoko: So why haven’t you got a boyfriend? You don’t want one?
Ema: I-It’s not like that…!
Ema: I’d like to have a boyfriend. I think I’d be happy if the person I liked felt the same way as I did.
Mahoko: Hmm…
Mahoko: So…there’s someone you like?
Ema: (Huh… Someone I like?!)

1: There isn’t.
2: There’s someone I’m interested in. (hearts, at least the sound was there)

1: There isn’t
Ema: T-There isn’t!
Mahoko: Really~?!
Ema: Really!
Mahoko: Huh~ I’m not so sure about that~ One of the Asahina brothers must have caught your eye, right?
Ema: O-Of course not, they’re my brothers…

2: There’s someone I’m interested in
Ema: Hmm… I guess I could say there’s someone I’m interested in…
Mahoko: Is it one of the Asahina brothers?
Ema: Uh…!
Ema: (Maho-chan is really smart…)

Mahoko: You don’t have to hide it! I told you we don’t keep secrets from each other, right?
Mahoko: So, are you going to invite any of your brothers to the cultural festival?
Ema: Hmm, I’m not sure. I’ve told them when it is, but they’re all pretty busy.
Mahoko: Well, if one of them turns up, point them out to me ♪
Ema: O-Okay…
Mahoko: Alright! I’m excited now! The cultural festival is going to be fun!
Ema: Yeah!
Ema: (I wonder if they’ll come to the cultural festival?)

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