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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Masaomi Event 4: Losing My Physical Condition (English Translation)

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Ema: (Oh…this is pretty bad…)
Juli: Chii, how high is your fever?
Ema: Oh, it’s nothing to worry about.
Juli: I’m not asking if I should worry. I’m asking how high your fever is.
Ema: Oooh…
Juli: Let’s see…
Juli: Th-thirty eight point five degrees…?!
Ema: Ah…ahahahaha!
Juli: Now I have to worry!
Ema: (I was preparing for the Culture Festival with Yusuke-kun…we stayed up too long…)
Ema: (I guess I overdid it…)
Juli: You’re not going to school today. We better call Ukyo!
Ema: Y-yes…
Ema: (It’s been a while since I’ve caught a cold…My head and throat hurt…)
Ema: Mm…mmrgh…
Ema: (Oh, when did I fall asleep? Even Juli’s napping…)
Ema: (The fever seems to have gone down from this morning, but now I’m thirsty…)
Ema: …Who’s there?
Ema: Masaomi-san!
Masaomi: Ukyo told me you were resting. How are you now? Take this, too, if you can.
Ema: This is…a sports drink. Thank you.
Ema: I was just thinking that I should drink something. Thank you.
Masaomi: That’s good. You’ll need to keep hydrated if you want to recover from a cold.
Ema: Yes. Um…did I disturb anything? Weren’t you at work?
Masaomi: I have the night shift. If you don’t mind, could I examine you for a bit?
Ema: (Masaomi-san brought his work bag, and he’s wearing his stethoscope…
Ema: Thank you very much.
Masaomi: Right. I’ll get ready.
Ema: I’m sorry if my room is messy…
Masaomi: Don’t worry about it. Although I did hear that you buy a lot of video games.
Ema: Oh, um…
Masaomi: Wataru was very jealous.
Ema: (…That makes this really embarrassing…!)
Masaomi: Okay, I can start now. I hope.
Ema: Mmph!
Ema: (His face is so close…!)
Masaomi: Ah…so you do have a fever.
Ema: M-Masaomi-san…
Masaomi: Have you eaten anything?
Ema: Not yet for today…I don’t have an appetite.
Masaomi: You’ll need to keep healthy if you’re sick. I’ll bring over some food so you can take your medicine after.
Ema: Okay…sorry…
Masaomi: It’s alright. Let me check your throat next. Say “aaah”.
Ema: (“Aaah…?”)
Ema: (Oh, right, he’s a pediatrician… this must be his routine with the children…)
Ema: (Does that mean he’s…treating me like a child, too?)
Ema: Aaah…
Masaomi: Wow, it’s really swollen. Are you okay? Does it hurt to use your voice?
Ema: A…a little…
Masaomi: I see…that’s okay, it’ll be over soon.
Ema: (I feel really calm listening to Masaomi-san’s voice. That voice…and his smile, too… they can put the children at ease…)
Masaomi: Okay, now show me your tummy.
Ema: Eh?!
Ema: (He meant my stomach, right? For the stethoscope…)
Ema: (But, that’d be so embarrassing…!)

1: Show him (hearts)
2: Don’t, it’s embarrassing

1: Show him
Ema: (This is an examination, so I can’t let embarrassment stop me…Okay, here we go…!)
Masaomi: Ahh!
Ema: Huh?
Masaomi: Er…I think you…raised your clothes a bit too high.
Ema: What?!
Masaomi: Well…the stethoscope has more than enough room to move here…
Ema: I’m sorry!
Ema: (Did he…see my bra?! Oooh, this is so embarrassing…I want to die…)

2: Don’t, it’s embarrassing
Ema: (This is really too embarrassing!)
Ema: Um…Masaomi-san?
Masaomi: Yeah?
Ema: Um, I’m okay now! You don’t have to make a big deal about it…
Masaomi: Hm? Are you sure? Then I’ll bring you a light meal, and the medicine.
Ema: Thank you.
Ema: (Masaomi-san was only being kind…I guess I reacted badly…)
Ema: (I should at least listen to him, and rest. Good night…)

Continue for choice 1
Masaomi: Okay….. I’ll be checking….. your stomach now.
Ema: (Y-you don’t have to say it, Masaomi-san…!)
Ema: (I’m getting even more nervous…!)
Ema: Ggh! Nnn…
Masaomi: S-sorry! D-did I touch you at a bad place?
Ema: N-no, that’s not it! I was only surprised…!
Ema: I’m sorry for alarming you!
Masaomi: …Okay, that’s…alright.
Ema: ……
Masaomi: ……
Ema: (Now this feels strange…what should I do…?)
Masaomi: Well…”It seems your fever’s gone down, but you still have to rest,” says Usa-tan.
Masaomi: Here, see?
Ema: Usa-tan…
Ema: (Oh…the stuffed rabbit in his pocket.)
Ema: Um…do you carry Usa-tan around the house, too?
Masaomi: Oh, this was a coincidence. I wanted to fix him up, so I brought him home.
Ema: …Fix?
Masaomi: Yeah. I’ve always wanted to make him talk, and he’s a success at work. I want him to try other things.
Masaomi: For example, I gave him 20 pockets.
Ema: 20 pockets?!
Masaomi: I’m glad that surprised you.
Masaomi: Look, I made a little one in his ear.
Ema: Wow, you’re right…
Masaomi: He’s more than just pockets, too. He can record sounds, play it back, and can even calculate!
Ema: (I understand recording, but who needs a rabbit-calculator at the hospital…?)
Masaomi: And when you twist his right arm, it’ll come right off.
Ema: What?!
Ema: (T-twist?!)
Masaomi: And when you reach in, you get a notepad.
Ema: …Masaomi-san?
Masaomi: Yeah?
Ema: I don’t mean to offend, but that wasn’t necessary…
Masaomi: Hmm, I guess you’re right. Even the nurses tell me not to pull his arm off in front of the kids. Hahaha…
Ema: (I knew it…)
Masaomi: This time, I’m thinking of stuffing him with things that I could use at work.
Ema: Okay, good luck.
Masaomi: Yeah…Here I am speaking with you, which would only make your throat more painful. I’m sorry.
Ema: Oh, that’s alright, it was fun speaking with you, Masaomi-san!
Masaomi: …Thank you. But I really am sorry. A doctor shouldn’t be the one letting this happen.
Masaomi: So…I’ll go get some food.
Ema: Okay. Sorry for imposing.
Masaomi: No problem. We’ll continue once I come back.
Ema: Huh? Continue…?
Masaomi: What?
Masaomi: Wh-wha?! I…I hope that didn’t come out weird!
Ema: Um…you mean the examination, right…?
Masaomi: Yeah, so I’ll head to the living room for a bit!
Ema: Ahh…That surprised me…
Juli: Hm…n? Chii?
Ema: Juli?!
Juli: Why’s your face so red? Ah…! Is your fever getting worse? Get to bed, hurry!
Ema: O…okay.
Ema: (My face is still warm where Masaomi-san touched me…)
Ema: (He’s my brother, so I shouldn’t have to feel so strange…)
Ema: (Wait, no! No! Thinking about it makes it worse! Let’s change the subject!)
Ema: (…Change…the…)
Ema: (…………)
Ema: (…………)
Ema: (Wait a second…did Masaomi-san make Usa-tan?!)

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