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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Coolness (English Translation)

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Ema: I’m home…!
Wataru: Hey, Yuu-kun! So what do you do at times like that?
Yusuke: Ah, well…
Ema: (Yusuke-kun and Wataru-chan…?)
Ema: (That’s an unusual combination. What are they talking about…?)
Yusuke: …Then raise your chin slightly and pick a fight with them!
Ema: (Pick a fight?!)
Ema: H-Hey! Yusuke-kun! What are you trying to teach Wataru-chan?!
Wataru: Hey, big sis. Welcome home~!
Yusuke: Oh, you’re home late.
Ema: Yes, I’m home… That’s not what I wanted to say!
Yusuke: What is it?
Ema: Don’t teach Wataru-chan about strange things like picking a fight!
Yusuke: Huh? Should I have used “glare at someone” then?
Ema: They’re pretty much the same! That’s not what I’m trying to say…
Yusuke: Haha, you’re pretty knowledgeable about how gangsters talk! Were you in a girl biker gang?
Ema: Of course not!
Yusuke: D-Don’t get so mad… It was a joke…
Wataru: Umm, big sis… I asked Yuu-kun to give me a “lecture”!
Ema: Lecture?
Yusuke: Yes! That’s right!
Yusuke: It was because he asked how to be cool like me! So I was teaching him!
Ema: Cool…?
Yusuke: It was smart of him to ask me! So we’re having a “men’s lecture” to make him cool!
Wataru: Yes, a men’s lecture! I’m going round to ask everyone now!
Yusuke: That’s right, a men’s lecture… Oh? Huhhh?! I’m not the only one you’re asking, Wataru?!
Wataru: Yeah! I asked KanaKana, Tsukkun, Iorin and the others too.
Yusuke: I see… I was sure that…
Ema: (Yusuke-kun… You’re getting too depressed…)
Yusuke: …So what did the other brothers say?
Wataru: Hmm… KanaKana said…
Wataru: “Be kind to women”! and “It’s better to have money”.
Ema: Money…?
Wataru: Yes! “Money isn’t everything, but there are many kinds of happiness you can buy”!
Yusuke: What’s with that…? Is he being mean to people like me who have no money…?
Ema: Sounds like something Kaname-san would say…
Yusuke: What about the others?
Wataru: Tsukkun said “A man who doesn’t understand ‘moe’ is no good”!
Yusuke: “Moe”? What’s that?
Wataru: He said that men who don’t understand “little sister moe” don’t have any charm! Hey, Yuu-kun. What’s “little sister moe”?
Yusuke: I dunno. I should be the one asking that!
Ema: (Tsubaki-san… Please don’t teach Wataru-chan to be like an otaku…)
Yusuke: What about Iori?
Wataru: Iorin said “I wouldn’t know anything about being cool”…
Wataru: After he thought about it for a while, he told me “Doesn’t it make you cooler if you don’t focus on being cool?”.
Yusuke: It’s easy for a popular guy to say that! Damn it…
Ema: (Putting the subject aside, this kind of thing shows everyone’s individuality. It might be pretty fun…?)
Wataru: So you teach me too, Yuu-kun!
Yusuke: Ah, leave it to me! I’ll teach you everything! I’ll raise a true man who isn’t about money or “moe”!
Wataru: Thank you, Yuu-kun! I’m going to become a man!
Yusuke: Alright! First of all, the most important thing is duty and compassion! Always have them!
Ema: (Hehe, that’s just like Yusuke-kun.)
Wataru: “Duty and compassion”, got it!
Yusuke: That’s right. But you’ll be strong and brilliant too. A strong man mustn’t be underestimated. So that doesn’t happen, he should be the first one to glare!
Ema: (Huh?)
Yusuke: So the next time someone underestimates you, give them a long stare from head to toe. Then glare at them once more. Got it?
Ema: That’s no good at all!
Yusuke: Waah?! Why’d you shout all of a sudden?!
Ema: I told you not to teach Wataru-chan weird things, right?!
Ema: You’ve failed at giving a “men’s lecture”! I’ll give a lecture on “the type of man that capture’s a woman’s heart” instead!
Wataru: Waah! You’re going to teach me, big sis?! I’d like that better!
Yusuke: W-What?!
Ema: You mustn’t learn how to speak and act like a gangster, alright, Wataru-chan?
Wataru: Okay! I already forgot what Yuu-kun taught me, so it’s okay~
Ema: That’s good! Come to my room, Wataru-chan. Let’s talk while having some snacks!
Wataru: Yay ♪ I love you, big sis~
Yusuke: A-Ah…
Yusuke: T-Teach me too… I don’t know how to capture a girl’s heart…

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