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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Basketball (English Translation)

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Iori: Ah, Ema-chan. What a coincidence. Are you going home now?
Ema: Yes. What about you, Iori-san?
Iori: Yes. Seeing as we’ve met up, how about we go home together?
Ema: Okay! Ah…but you go home by bike…
Iori: I’ll push it while I walk. It’d be really awkward if I called out to you, then went home by bike alone, wouldn’t it?
Ema: That’s right…hehe. Sorry about this. Let’s walk then!
Iori: Alright. There’s still time before dinner, so let’s take our time and talk. Right, why don’t we stop by the park?
Ema: Ah…in that case…
Iori: Hmm?
Ema: Subaru-san might be practicing basketball there around now. Could we go and see?
Iori: Subaru-niisan is…? Sure, let’s go.
Iori: I wonder if Subaru-niisan is here…?
Subaru: Iori? And you too… What are you doing here?
Ema: I thought you’d be practicing again today, Subaru-san.
Iori: We bumped into each other on the way home from school. We decided to stop by here because you might be practising.
Iori: I’m glad we came by.
Subaru: Ah, I see.
Iori: How are things going?
Subaru: I don’t really know…
Iori: ……? They’re not going well?
Subaru: No…it’s alright.
Iori: I see.
Iori: …You’re amazing, Subaru-niisan.
Subaru: How come?
Iori: I think it’s amazing how you can practice the same thing everyday.
Subaru: Is that so…? I’m not good at everything. One of the things I can do is basketball… I think that’s all it is?
Iori: That’s what I’m talking about.
Subaru: …Hmm?
Iori: I think being able to devote yourself to one thing is a happy thing. Aren’t there less people who find something they can do?
Iori: I think I’m a little jealous…
Ema: (So Iori-san felt that way…)
Subaru: Iori…
Iori: Hmm?
Subaru: Don’t you have anything like that…? Something you’re devoted to…
Iori: I wonder about that? I hope I can find something.
Subaru: Why don’t you try different things? Like sports…
Iori: Hah… You think about sports all the time.
Subaru: …………
Iori: Sorry I laughed. I’m not cut out for sports though.
Subaru: …That’s not true. You’re athletic.
Iori: The competitive side isn’t just about being athletic.
Subaru: You won’t know unless you try. Hey, why don’t we work out together for once?
Iori: Eh? We’re going to play basketball?
Subaru: That’s right. We played a lot when we were kids, right?
Iori: Haha. I’m sure I still won’t be able to beat you now.
Subaru: Well, how about we try shooting?
Ema: Ah, I want to see Iori-san play basketball too!
Iori: You too? …I suppose I haven’t got a choice. Just for a little while then.
Ema: (Iori-san’s throw went right into the goal.)
Subaru: …You did it in one go.
Iori: It was just a coincidence.
Ema: (Despite what he said, Iori-san probably has a talent for sports.)
Ema: (It’s amazing how he’s perfect at studying and sports.)
Subaru: It really is a shame.
Subaru: Couldn’t you become a regular in a team? I don’t think it’s too late.
Iori: Hehe. I’m studying for my entrance exams, Subaru-san. I’m concentrating on my studies right now.
Subaru: I see…
Iori: Right… Rather than sports…
Subaru: Hmm?
Iori: I’ve got a feeling there’s something else I’m going to be passionate about.
Ema: (…………? Why is Iori-san looking at me?)
Iori: Right. Shall we go home, Ema-chan?
Ema: Eh? Ah, okay…!%K%P
Iori: Sorry for bothering you, Subaru-niisan.
Subaru: Iori! If you’re interested, then I’ll teach you anything!
Iori: Thank you. I’m grateful for the thought.
Iori: Let’s go, Ema-chan.
Ema: Okay.
Ema: ……Subaru-san! Do your best at practice! See you later.
Subaru: ……Alright.
Ema: (If Iori-san played basketball, then he might become Subaru-san’s rival…)
Ema: (I think I’d like to see them play.)
Ema: (……But who would I cheer for if they did?)

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