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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: A Real Kankei (English Translation)

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Ema: It’ll be awkward to see them at breakfast…
Juli: It’s no use thinking about what Tsubaki and Azusa were doing last night. Come on, you’ll be late making breakfast if you don’t hurry.
Ema: You’re right… I’ll act normally so things don’t get awkward.
Yusuke: Ah, today’s breakfast looks good! Let’s eat!
Ema: It’s unusual for you to eat breakfast with us all, Yusuke-kun.
Ukyo: You should tell him that more often, Ema-san. Once Yusuke relaxes a little, he’ll never wake up.
Yusuke: S-Shut up!
Wataru: I’m happy I got eat breakfast with you, Yuu-kun ♪
Louis: Me too.
Kaname: Everyone’s happy just to eat breakfast with you. You’re a lucky guy, Yuu-chan.
Tsubaki: Isn’t he actually unlucky because he always misses out on the breakfast our sister goes to the trouble of making? You really are a dummy, Yusuke ★
Azusa: You can’t really say anything when you could never get up in the morning during high school either.
Tsubaki: Isn’t it mean of you to say that in front of our sister?!
Ema: (Ah, I’m glad they’re acting like normal…)
Yusuke: Y-You’re all exaggerating! I can get up everyday if I’m serious about it…!
Ukyo: Hmm… Can you really get up in time for breakfast like this everyday if you’re serious about it?
Wataru: Can you?
Louis: Can you?
Yusuke: S-Shut up! Just let me eat!
Ema: Hehe.
Azusa: Ah, Tsubaki. You’ve got rice on your face.
Tsubaki: Hmm? Really?
Azusa: Jeez, I guess I’ll have to take it off for you.
Tsubaki: Oh, thanks, Azusa.
Ema: (…I take back what I said. They really are acting strange. Why are they being so flirty…?)
Ema: (Seeing that reminds me of yesterday…)
Louis: What’s the matter, Chii-chan? Are you feeling unwell?
Ema: Huh…?
Louis: Look, you’re furrowing your brow…
Ema: Huh? Ah! S-Sorry…!
Louis: There’s no need to apologise. I was just wondering if something happened…
Wataru: Are you okay, big sis?
Ukyo: If you’re not feeling well, then maybe Masaomi-nii-san should take a look at you…
Wataru: Maa-kun is a sleepy-head, so he’s still in his room.
Kaname: Shall I call Masa-nii?
Yusuke: I… I’ll go and do it!
Ema: Huh… Ah… Umm…!
Ema: (What should I do?! This conversation is heading in a funny direction…)
Ema: (…Uh, I think I’ll just ask them directly and set things straight!)
Ema: U-Umm… Well…!
Louis: Hmm?
Ema: I want to ask Tsubaki-san and Azusa-san something…!
Tsubaki: Hmm? You want to
Azusa: ask us something…?
Ema: U-Umm… W-What exactly is your relationship?
Azusa: What is our relationship…?
Ema: Umm… A-A-Are you going out or something like that…?
Yusuke: Ugh! *cough* *cough*
Kaname: Whoa! That’s disgusting, Yu-chan. The miso soup got all the way over here.
Yusuke: B-But she asked something weird all of a sudden…!
Kaname: I guess you’re right. Of all the things she could suddenly say, she asked if Tsuba-chan and A-chan are going out…
Ema: B-But…!
Yusuke: Going out… You mean dating, right…?
Kaname: You’re talking funny, Yu-chan… Umm… So you think Tsuba-chan and A-chan are lovers?
Wataru: Tsukkun and Akkun are all lovey-dovey?
Louis: Are they?
Tsubaki: …That’s what she said, Azusa.
Azusa: …It’s no good saying that.
Ema: But when I came to the lounge last night… I heard your conversation…!
Tsubaki: Last night…?
Azusa: Our conversation…?
Ema: Y-Yes…
Azusa: …Ah, so that’s what you meant.
Tsubaki: Haha, I see…
Tsubaki: Yes, that’s right! We’ve decided to start dating!
Azusa: …T-Tsubaki!
Yusuke: Huh?!
Wataru: Waah!
Louis: Oh…
Kaname: Hmm…
Ukyo: ……
Ema: (I… I knew it! The conversation they had last night was the truth…!)
Tsubaki: I’ve always loved Azusa, and although he was just my younger brother at first, I began to see him romantically without realising it…
Tsubaki: Then simply having contact as brothers wasn’t enough and I wanted to touch him more deeply…
Tsubaki: So I plucked up the courage to confess to him last night ★
Azusa: Hey, Tsubaki…!
Tsubaki: And Azusa felt the same way too!
Azusa: U-Umm…!
Tsubaki: We shared the same feelings, so we decided to become lovers in the end.
Tsubaki: Because of that things got really passionate last night! …Oh? D-Did you see anything…?
Ema: I… I didn’t! I… I went back to my room before anything happened!
Tsubaki: Oh, did you? Too bad ★ We’ll re-enact what happened last night right now…
Azusa: Hey… Stop that, Tsubaki…!
Tsubaki: Don’t be embarrassed, Azusa ♪ Let’s repeat what we did last night ★
Ema: (Tsubaki-san isn’t just hugging Azusa-san, he’s kissing his cheek too…?!)
Yusuke: N-N-No way… It’s weird for guys… for brothers to do something like that!
Kaname: Well, I think it’s wonderful for two people of the same gender to love one another. When it comes to love, gender, age and race don’t matter. Of course, being family doesn’t either… Right, little sis? ♪
Ema: (It’s no good saying that to me…!)
Tsubaki: Azusa~ Let’s hug!
Azusa: ……!
Ukyo: Alright. That’s enough playing around. You’ll be late if you don’t hurry up and eat breakfast.
Ema: (Huh…?)
Ema: P-Playing around?
Tsubaki: Ahahaha! Nice reaction, Ema!
Azusa: Haa~ Don’t do these kinds of things so early in the morning.
Ema: (W-What’s going on?)
Azusa: You look like you’re not convinced yet.
Tsubaki: You see…
Azusa: We were reading out a script last night. What you heard in the lounge then were lines from that script.
Tsubaki: That’s right, we were practicing for work!
Ema: Practicing…for work…?
Azusa: We were practicing the performance by immersing ourselves in the role and speaking the lines out loud.
Tsubaki: Last night… I’m sure it was a drama CD about a romance between an older brother and his younger sister.
Azusa: Tsubaki read the older brother’s lines and I played the part of the younger sister for practice.
Tsubaki: Yes, that’s right ★
Ema: Ah… Eh?!
Ema: (Oh, so that’s what it was… I was sure Tsubaki-san and Azusa-san were in a relationship, even though they’re both guys…)
Ema: (I’m so embarrassed I made that mistake…!)
Tsubaki: Of course I love Azusa! Isn’t that right?
Azusa: I’m going to leave you behind if you don’t eat your breakfast quickly, Tsubaki.
Tsubaki: Huh?! We promised to go to the studio together today, right?
Azusa: I’ll leave you behind if you keep playing around.
Tsubaki: Huh? You’re so mean, Azusa!
Ema: Hehe.
Tsubaki: Hey… Are you uncomfortable seeing guys flirt with each other?
Ema: Huh?! Well… It’s more like I don’t know anything about it, so I’m not sure how I feel.
Tsubaki: Hmm? I thought all girls were into BL. So they’re actually not… Right, I’ll try to remember that ★
Ema: (BL…? W-What’s that?)
Tsubaki: Ah! Well, I’ve been in that kind of drama CD! So listen to them if you like ★
Ema: H-Huh….?
Ema: (I know they’re quite close, but I’m glad the misunderstanding about their relationship was worked out… I’m really glad!)

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