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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Culture Festival (English Translation)

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Ema: (Today’s the Culture Festival, and our class is having a cafe! I hope we get a lot of customers.)
Mahoko: Psst, Hina, C’mere for a bit!
Ema: What is it, Maho-chan?
Mahoko: Will you try this on for me?
Ema: Huh? But this is…!
Mahoko: It’s a rabbit costume, complete with ears, a fluffy skirt, and a tail!
Ema: But I didn’t know we were supposed to wear this!
Mahoko: When the male customers see it, our profits will soar!
Sasakura: Wow…good job Imai!
Mahoko: Right? This is my producer power! Besides, Hina, if I did tell you about the costumes, you wouldn’t wear it.
Ema: Of course I wouldn’t!
Mahoko: C’mon and change already! All the other girls are done!
Ema: (Wow…the girls really are wearing it…)
Sasakura: It’s okay, Hinata-san, it really suits you!!
Ema: Whether it suits me or not isn’t the point, though…
Ema: Don’t you have a costume, Maho-chan?
Mahoko: I’m the producer here, so I don’t need to wear it right now. Later, maybe.
Ema: (I don’t really have much choice…haaaah…)
Ema: (This is more embarrassing than I thought!)
Ema: I’m finished, Maho-chan…
Yusuke: H-hey? Wh-why…why are you dressed like that? Are you an idiot?!
Ema: I-I’m not a…!!
Ema: Even I’m embarrassed about this…! But Maho-chan said all the girls have to wear it…
Yusuke: Huuuh?! When did she ever say we gotta dress up?!
Mahoko: Hello, Asahina. That is for the great Mahoko’s Bunny Cafe. You’re mad now, but you actually like this, don’t you?
Yusuke: Huh?! What are you talking about?!
Mahoko: You don’t get to see Hina wearing bunny ears very often.
Yusuke: W-well, you’re right…
Mahoko: See, I said you’ll like it! Also, hand me over some juice, won’t you?
Yusuke: I…I don’t like it! Who would?!
Ema: ……?
Yusuke: It’s nothing!
Mahoko: Dishonest as always, Asahina.
Ema: Maho-chan, what were you saying about Yusuke-kun?
Mahoko: Oh, nothing. Well, we’re about to open. You treat our customers well, okay, Hina?
Ema: I…understand.
Ema: (I guess I just have to prepare for the worst…)
Ema: (It’s finally my break…)
Ema: (Maybe I should check what the other classes are doing.)

Option 1:
Mahoko: Oh, Hina. You’re on break?
Ema: Just now.
Mahoko: Okay, then why don’t we go around? I’m on break, too.
Ema: Sure, thank you.
Mahoko: Wow, now I’m starving! Though I don’t think there’s much of a place to eat other than our cafe.
Ema: It’s been pretty busy.
Mahoko: Nothing beats the power of rabbit ears!
Ema: I didn’t think I’d have to be wearing them, though…
Mahoko: Still, we’ve been having steady income all morning! We’ll have to keep this up until later.
Mahoko: So, you still want to see what the other classes are up to?
Ema: Okay!
Ema: (By the end of the festival, our class was awarded for being the most valuable.)
Ema: (I’m glad I could make a good memory out of it.)

Option 2:

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